Is This The Best Cheap GPS for 2019? Alfawise 7″ Car GPS Review

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” s new gps d. New gps. Day for us today. I don t even know know which brand it s from it just says if you look here gps gps navigation navigation.

But it was cheap and if it s any good that s a win so we re gonna take a look at what comes in the box. We re gonna take it on the car go for a little rip see how it is see if it s seeable and let you know what we think coming right up. Oh yeah coming right up okay. So here we go.

This is it i got this. Online i think it came in around the 6000 mark. If you look at it gps. That s what it is optional major brand of electronic navigation.

Mapped don t know what that means do not have any access. No other charges. So i think what they re talking about here is more people are using their cell phones. Now.

But of course. You get dinged for like cell. Phone. Data.

Usage. Targeted high sensitivity receiver error of two to five meters. So that s not bad. That s pretty standard two to five meters.

So that s alright this one came with the north america maps. And i think that s kind of it what does i say in the back here has fm text mp3 mp4 ebooks voice prompts pictures video player my guess is this is running the standard like windows ce ii that we see a lot in these less expensive. I want to say budget friendly maybe chinese you know kind of gps is gps is sure and that s okay as long as they work you know i don t care. I don t need to spend two or three times the amount for gps that does the exact same thing so let s open it up.

And what do we get inside here so number one we get the gps. I m gonna put that off to the side here really good looks like one of your mounts. I m guessing so amount we get suction. Cup daily stuff amazing cigarette lighter 12 volt.

Adapter cool usb charger and the manual. Awesome. That s what s in the box..


So just kind of spread this out here. So you guys can take a look. There you go inside box peltier. So nice thing is the gps actually comes in this little like air package.

So it s not foam. But air package which i appreciate because hey save the planet styrofoam not as good as probably hopefully. Maybe make a recycled air plastic could be good do we open this up err plastic is that a thing did i make something up trademark maybe i don t know this opens like this and here you go. This is the alpha wise now this is a seven inch gps.

So this is i don t even know what that says front this sticker helps to remove the mask from the screen guard. Please peel off mask with this sticker. Oh okay so it s saying use this sticker. Don t go digging your fingernails in there to try to get this little protector off so i m going to do that actually right nice stuff alright.

So there it is looks good. What do we have reports on here not a lot so on this side here. We have the headphone jack. We have the micro sd card.

We have the av in looks like an a micro mini mini usb port on the top. We have our power button and you also have these little notches top and bottom. And that s where this is gonna mount on to this and this of course is gonna mount spod to this so if we turn it on doesn t have any power. Let s just see shall we this is bottom disa s top click alpha.

Wise mediatek okay. I m with you first boot. Let me take a bit longer. I m hoping and i m guessing that we re not gonna get a gps signal here in the house cuz.

I don t usually oh it starts right up into the gps app. That s kind of nice now just so you guys know viewing distance wise. Because i m kind of sitting. I m sitting back from it this viewing distance not so good i have to kind of tilt.

It at me to about there till. Really i can see it but in the car that s gonna be fine cuz. You re gonna be looking at straight. So it s not you know like an ips panel or anything at that again 50.

I think was 50 bucks or something like that so we got a show map more route destination everything looks good my guess is again that we aren t gonna get a gps signal here. Because if i hit this. I m pretty sure it ll say yeah looking for gps signal..


So we ll go back here. We also have a power off button. Which are you sure to exit. I do and this should take us back out to our main menu.

Where we ll have our navigation music right all this kind of fun extra stuff that you could be using full charge so that s alright that s good music desk do you have anything else volume back light for store calibration gps info probably nothing yeah see i got three i got three of them that s like four of them not great though and yeah windows ce ii good enough you ve seen what s in the box let s go outside and try it let s do that right now alright guys so we re in the car. I got the gps mounted up here hopefully you guys can see that straight beside my phone. Which is recording here good turn this on you see a boot. Hopefully we get it gps signal.

Fairly fast can i see that well so far it can it s a big screen media tech. I don t know if you guys can see it well in here because they re everything. But there s a navigation starting up. Which is good what we re gonna do is we re going to first off it to show nap.

Does it have me looking for gps signal. Let s see how long it takes to get a signal is that can be important all right so it found us one of the cool things if you go into your settings. Which i did is you can choose what your icon is so up looking for gps signal. All right.

It s found it it found me okay. So let s let s let s do a quick little drive. See how it does we re not gonna go too far. But screen visibility so far looks good.

I don t have any direct light on it. But it s definitely daytime. I don t know if you guys can pick that up as well and the camera cuz. I m sure the camera is exposing for outdoors.

But i can definitely see it okay we re not gonna do a long drive. Here. We re just going to go around the block a bit and then what we ll do is i ll put in my home address. So that it wants to bring us home.

But i will go a route that makes it recalculate. It s important to make sure that it knows how to do that kind of information and then it recalculates fairly quickly so that if you re out and about and miss your turn that you don t have to wait forever. While it s recalculating because that s no good it s warm out today and of course. I have everything turned off.

So you can get as good audio as possible so i m cooking a little bit a little bit of cooking. Which is why i m not going to stay here too long. I just want you guys good to see this alright..


So we re just going to come up here around the block. It s a simple putting the home address and see what it does and see how the voice sounds to rate. Because i think it should have some voice prompts. So we ll do is we will come up here to our first intersection.

Which is here. I m gonna do a little spin. I m gonna come in nobody comin nope nope. I mean nope bonus having a little car all right so we re gonna stop right here what i m gonna do is rid of the menu.

We re gonna say destination find an address canada yep. We re gonna put it in ottawa yep. We re gonna put in my address. Murkland yep and this all right go okay.

It wants me to turn back out here to the left of course. Which would be faster. But i m not gonna do that so we re going to nope not taking the cleft. We re taking to the right because this should confuse us a bit more how to calculation that was fast it s gonna cut through residential again not gonna do that we re gonna bypass that take next right against constantly so first screen is good you re not gonna have direct sun coming into this way because of course you get a roof.

But i can see that screen. No problem and the touch was really good yeah. No problem seeing that screen well yeah. I m ready going alright stop.

I got a little much in my window. It s kinda hard to see anything that s happening over here haha. Now you sevens. It s a big gps to be honest with you but we re gonna end up probably putting this in our tucson.

Which means we have time to meet our check right yes. Ma. am. Which is a much bigger vehicle and because of that i think we re not gonna have all this stuff on the dash.

Which will be good as well. We re gonna be taking a trip from ottawa this summer to nova scotia. I think this will work beautifully actually i think this would be really nice long as it keeps working so we re gonna bypass this one as well so it recalculates. We will follow it from now on right.

That was a little behind calculation 30 meters to kinda came up when i was actually at alright that sounds right we are gonna follow that seems we come up on it however doing should be warning me soon turned right here take next right then take next left copy in this one. Okay take likes to left with you arrive to destination in 350 meters. Yeah..


It s pretty much dead on not just you guys know this camera up here just ran. It at oops. So we re only on this one. But you ve seen it so it says you know where we re coming up on the destination.

Which we are so let s see how close it is when it gets home. I ll tell you what i m right there. And we ll see how close it is to my address. Oh my life to destination arrive to destination.

Yeah. It s i it was pretty much dead on. I think this is good you know you can spend a lot more money on things like a garmin or you can have you arrived at your destination. Yes.

I have thank you very much you can spend a lot more money on a garden or a magellan or any of the other big brands and will you get a better unit. I don t know i understand if you will i don t think you will this is really good especially coming in at like 50 bucks. Now one of the things i don t know and i ll throw this out there for sure is i don t know how it is for map upgrades. Because i haven t had to do it.

So i m gonna throw that out there it may be something that you want to look into. But for me of this thing last like a year or two or whatever i can just still get a different gps after than anyway. So as long as the maps stay fairly current for the next you know couple years one year two years. I m ok with it especially for 50 bucks.

There you go guys i m gonna leave you there i think it s kind of a cool little unit. It s big no problem seeing the screen. I have no issues at all you can see by the video. Hopefully and around that it s nice and bright out.

But of course you re shaded in the car so that helps a lot and that s all i m gonna leave a link down below to where i got it from and if you want to get it follow the link and if you don t want to then don t i guess that s your choice. But if you came here looking for this follow it do it do it up right. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Guys. That s it like comment share and subscribe. I m going inside because it s hot out and we will see you in the next video later my friends. ” .


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