Istalling edizon save editor(mods) atmosphere cheats latest Nintendo Switch 2019

botw save editor switch This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Istalling edizon save editor(mods) atmosphere cheats latest Nintendo Switch 2019. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s it going everyone welcome back to another video in today s video. We will will be using edison and atmosphere cheats on a nintendo switch now this would be brief introduction of how to use it and what it does because i m still learning as well. I just thought i d like to show what i ve learned so far. And what it can do and hopefully opens doors to others that want to use it as well and do more with it so with that being said let s go ahead and get started.

Now the first thing. I d like to mention is that i will be using something different today. Which is a build called cosmos. I have never used it on this channel.

So it d be nice to show that off as well however. I m using cosmos because they are setup with edison and atmosphere cheats already so that s why i m going to be using it however. If you do not have cosmos or do not want to be using this build you can still get a design on your own and use it separately with your cfw because i ve been using the atmosphere on by itself. Without cosmos just fine.

And you can add edges on as well so i ll leave a link to this page to see if you decide if you want to have cosmos as well. But also you can scroll down here and you can find this source link and you can click on it on eddas on right here and then click on releases and here you can find etta s on and by itself and you can put it on your sd card. Without cosmos. So that ll be there in the link in the description down below and talking about etta s on edison is a save editor and what you can do with it is once you put the script file inside your it is on you can access the save edit and pretty much it s like modding your game.

So you can change functions and i ll show you right now as we go along so i ll leave a link to this page as well because this has this the configs and scripts and atmosphere cheats. Lists. So that way they are pre installed and you can use them already for these games. Only however if they give your games name on here you can probably do a google search or you can use a this script called python and hopefully you can make yourself.

If you want to try that as well. But as far as here we have config files and we have the games here. So if your game is here. I know a lot of people been asking me about breath of the wild and i ve been getting questions about fire emblem.

It s right here and you can config. If you were to click on something like like super smash bros. You can click on the link. Here and you can see the script of what you can do so you can add gold and it ll have a value that you can add a max value of this and there s a lot of things you can unlock all primaries or all supports and change the values so that s what pretty much eddie s on does and that s what we will be doing today.

Now also if you scroll all the way down to this page. You can see the list of cheats here for atmosphere cheats. And i ll go through them. As well.

So. This is a through z. And it has a pretty decent big list also if you want to google. It you can find it for yourself.

But has a lot of games. So i m gonna be showing cap it so if you click on this same thing here it has a text file of the script that you ll be using for the cheats and it has like player infinite hp you can put no damage on and things like that so let s go ahead and continue with this process. Now. I m gonna put my sd card in so that way we can have a view of this there we go now.

I created a folder like i usually do on all my videos and named it thirteen point one. So i have thirteen point one. Here..


It is the latest version of cosmos was released like four days ago. And i have the cig patches because it s gonna be a doing like if it s a fresh install so i have my sd card and pretty much you re gonna want to use a 7 zip or or other software that you use to unzip things but. 7. Zip is very common free and easy so i right clicked and opened opened up the archive and then i highlight all and i m gonna drag and drop to my sd card just like so now once i m done with that you have your cosmos already this setup in here.

Now. What you can do is wait for this to finish obviously. But i ll catch up to you when it s done this is a fresh install you can you wouldn t have to be replacing. I mean if this is not a fresh install you re just copying over older version of cosmos.

Then you ll receive that message and you can just click the replace all files. It won t change anything on the things that you ve done already. But it s good to update. Sometimes ok.

So now we have cosmos successfully put on our sd card. And now if it s your first time using this cosmos and you re gonna want to have your signatures. So that way you re able to install games. So it s gonna be one file here.

But inside there xf and k patches and we re just gonna get this one folder and drag and drop to the root as well and there you go mine saying replace because i ve already done it. But if it s your first time. It won t be saying that any any replacing at all so now we have our sd card fully setup and functional and last thing we want to do is have our product keys as well so open up your switch folder and put your parties. In there.

I ve already have mine. And now your sd card is good to go so. I m gonna go ahead and switch to my switch view. So that way we can continue okay so now that we have entered our switch.

And we loaded up cosmos here. We are i already have my games pre installed so that way i can show you how to do today. And with the video won t be so long. But when we get here.

And you have your games already installed. It is best to have a save file created so if it s your first time. Using like zelda you can go in and create a save file. It s just better that way so that way when you do a save editor.

You can edit that save file and edit it with the script that you that edison has downloaded for you so that s that being said you create your save file. Initially and then once you re ready with your save files. Already created you can go into the home brew menu. And then go into eddie s own and if it s your first time using eddie s on it is best to update.

So you push the minus sign like it says on the bottom. And it ll say updating configs and it is on okay. So the latest scripts and configs have been i already installed aren t already installed so that s good to know that we ve been updated and let s go ahead and check out a game so for today s video. I ll do all the videos.

But we ll start with the ones that i m going to talk about first so i m gonna go into super mario deluxe. So if we want to do the the modding or the save edited. You just press a to go into it you check you use your username and here..


If you get this option to press to load your edit files and you re good to go. But sometimes you ll get an error. Saying that this file has no configurations and will not work with this version that pretty much means that your game is not available. As a script already and you would have to go find it somewhere online or see.

If you can make it yourself also you ll get an error saying that it is outdated version. So sometimes you might need to downgrade in this case. I had the same error that asking me to update. So oh i don t have i m an outdated version.

So what i did was i just simply updated with the hpg shop and now i have this option right here. Which is telling me to press. Too low. So if you do have this option.

Then your good purse and you re gonna want to push okay. And now that we re here with that you ll see all your save slots that you have and my first save slot is this one. And you can go into it and you can change the lives to up to 99. Is the highest amount and you can info start with power up you can start with power up on the stage.

You can start as mario from here you can have your inventory filled up with so many things. And that s what this has here all star coins. Unlock all levels. So that s what you can do.

Here. So just for. Example i have edited 299. Lives and i m gonna go into my game.

Just so you can see that it s 99 lives okay. I might off the sound. So that way i won t get in trouble. But as you can see on my first save file.

I have not 99 problems i have 99 likes so that s how pretty much edison works. If you want to adjust different things. So i m gonna go ahead and exit out. It is best to exit out of the game of the software you can go back into your home brew.

Go back into eddie s on find the game. That you have and go into it again push again and enter your save slot. So let s say now my save slot. I want to change it to 69 lives and now once you re done you will see on the x.

At the bottom. It ll say press x. To apply changes so i m gonna go this and then i m gonna press. Yes so now.

It says successfully injected modified values so now if we go back into our game. We should have 69 lives on our next save state. Okay so now as you see on the before when i first started..


I had 99x here and i had three lives here. But now i changed it to 69. So that s how you that is own it s pretty simple to use it s pretty straightforward. But now that we re here.

I will go through briefly on the other ones that you can do as well. I won t show them again just for time purposes. But it ll be the same process. But this close out of here and if you go back into edit zone.

I hope i m saying edits on right. But if you were to push zl like it says in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. And they will show all the games that are edited with save funds that you have installed so i ve installed all these games just to show you so i know a lot of people that use dark souls that want to had some mods on to it you can push and then use the save editor here so i have only created one save state. But here i can change my hp to a max value and change it to whatever i want i guess and my max hp.

I can change that i can change my stamina and here are all the kinds of mods and edits that you can do with here. If you have your own script. You can add it to your eddie s own on your sd card and do your own modding with dark souls as well so i m gonna get out of here. Just so we can see others so let s do it zelda and i m gonna push and this one has two different ones.

Which might have two different things. But uh here you go we can change the stats you can have hearts and stamina to a different value we can have our collectibles and just edit for collectibles on that as well and this playtime seconds. So that s how you would use for zelda and if you found a different script. You would have different options as well and i was so on and so forth for the rest of these kind of things push and here you can change how many coins you have your drifts number.

I don t know why you would want to change that all night stats you can change and things like that as well. So that s pretty much how it goes guys on on the same editing now we re gonna talk about the atmosphere teens. So that s how we go here now we re on smash bros. I can unlock all characters if i wanted to and now.

Let s talk about atmosphere cheats on push the cl. To do all titles. So on on the page that we were earlier. We were talking about these atmosphere cheats.

So i talked about cuphead briefly. But i have sonic mini here. If you want to use atmosphere. Cheats.

You would look on the bottom of your amazon. And you ll see why is cheats. So we push it it ll kill you here that a title needs to be running in the background. To use the ram meta.

Turn. So let s just do what it says. We re gonna go into cup hit. And once it s running like like this we can actually get out of the screen and go.

While it s still in plane. We can go into our eddas on and go into our cup. Head and we re gonna want to push why now instead of a for cheats..


And you ll be having your list of cheese right here. So you have infinite specials and infinite hp. So let s try just doing one this will erase after every game. So you have to enable the cheats every time you play if you want to be using them.

So. I m gonna just do this and push back and now if everything works well our cup head should have infinite hp so i should have done okay i m gonna pick my save edit and all these kind of things so let s say i wanna play this level. I gonna put it on expert and if everything goes well i should not be able to die. So i have full function of everything i can shoot that can kill well let s see if i don t die.

So there you go i have two hit points. But now look at now every time i get hit. I don t have any hit points taken off i will not die. So that s the kind of things you can do with it is on this is atmosphere cheats that are running on real time.

And there you go so. If you re interested in these kind of things. This is how you would use it and the same thing goes for you know all the other games on the list of atmosphere cheats. That are available you can do that as well.

So you mean for the cheats. You need to remember you need to play the game. First or edison will give you that error so just to show you i won t play the game. Because we ve been recording for a while.

But if you were to poke on oops it puts wrong one if you push why for cheats. We d show all these things here that we can do so i can add a 99 lives. I can have this many rings and and yeah. That s how you would use it so i hope you enjoyed this video guys if you have any questions you can let me know in the comments down below.

If you want to find me on social media. That would be better you can find let me look for me on my twitter and if you want to know my content ids. I always show them in the back of my of my videos. My entrance in my videos will show my ids for my social media.

But if you like this video. A thumbs up is appreciated also if you like this video and leave a comment down below that it was helpful. It worked for you also if you need help will leave a comment down below. If you like what you see here do you like this kind of content as subscribers.

Appreciate it i do cover other things on the switch as well and that s pretty much okay so before we end. I like to thank everybody that s been watching my videos on this channel. I really appreciate all the feedback that i ve been getting all the nice feed as well in particular. But thank you again for watching also the people that have been donating to me it is very helpful.

And i really appreciate that as well so thank you everybody thank you for that and let me know what you think and as always i ll see you on the next. ” ..

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