It s always sunny in philadelphia bloopers season 11 and 12

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” m gonna go over to the can make my morning move. If you want the the cash come on in you can have it any way the hard way easy. And i mean yeah. What s that like first thing.

I said was probably she was responding to cuz you know she couldn t imagine a life without me right mom. She meant the first part she meant the first part where because she can t imagine a life without me right mom. I don t riding along in the bike. All of a sudden you re thinking.

Oh god i m so tired. I m so tired i want to i want to sit down i want to relax alright yeah. Well you re gonna have to draw real pov. If you want you re just just dog dicks is what you mainly see in the dog.

He s gonna need the red. I can t see a heads of fails literally i see tails and i see heads..

I don t know what s what the river was it that raping me they take me yeah basically the right either way something i don t know what but i m not just talking about it is the weird thing not i mean my dad knows who i am. Hey can you do the voice again and say i love you son it s alright dude. It doesn t lie to you anymore probably cuz you never wrote a back buddy you want to sit down. You want to relax you go to sit.

And then it pushes you back okay um frank. What year do you think. It is and who might you be and who are you what s amasuite. The stuff that washes up on the shore.

Now i m good look right out. Yeah. He s kind of the man. Yeah.

He s gotten no not really oh you know yeah. No oh you guys they they want to have sex with their dads..

Oh. I m a dad little teeny tiny baby. So i m a dad. So uh.

Yes. So i m a dad. Oh really nervous. I ve only hey.

Frank you know. It s like a bull run balls to goes around you got all the muscles and the curves. Frank. I should alright my daddy you want to sit down you want to relax how do you go to sit and then it pushes you back i had a cold i cold mixer about a month ago.

Why a while ago. I had a diet cola mixer a while ago no i get that i understand you know at my age you have to wait until she s at least 21 years old before you can you know do you think and sometimes..

It s an analogy in this case it s it s both before a full maturity. Yeah i get it i got it yeah legal yeah yeah we go legal look sometimes it s a load. Sometimes it s not a load in this particular case the load yeah it s alone but what are the what are the eggs represent eggs hey hello andres aglow begin the art collector and now andre pikal you know you say a line on go go up come on go go go peon good bloke let andre go blow he in the art collector listen i m gonna invite you to i m charmed. Sure let s do that again andre go blow keegan on go on go love.

You what are you talking about man. It s been a lifelong dream of mine to open my own ski school. It has yeah and if not you ve never once mentioned it you ve taken knows. It has yeah michelangelo was told to draw babies with two dicks out flying around sistine chapel.

He did just do it do they make a certain if you get hit your quota. You can draw all kinds of shit. But then you also had to make sure you drew like you know ten times they got into the catholic church babies were flying that was their version of a summer blockbuster. They didn t have movies that would line up you ski at night without a helmet on skis at night.

So he doesn t have to wear huh. That s crazy yeah..

And also it s free. I took a quick dip in blood semen. No it was it was a sweaty club. I m just trying to make my way through and maybe.

It was a crazy cause. It was a lot going on it was the crazy cause. It was a lot going on yeah okay on that extra mile and now you want to relax. So you want to sit back on the seat and it says notice cuz.

It s going up into my asshole. ” ..

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