Kades Silicone Replacement Bands for Samsung Gear Sport and other 20mm Watches

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” s going on youtube. This is jabber tech thanks for stopping by my channel. Today. Today.

We re gonna take a look at some high quality replacement bands for your gear. Sport watches. And also any watch that uses a 20 millimeter style. Band and if you do have the gear.

S3 frontier or classic. Or any. Other watch that uses a twenty two millimeter style band make sure to check out my video on replacement bands for that as well from cades really high quality. I ll leave a link in the description where you can purchase either the 20 millimeter or the 22 millimeter bands.

But let s get into these replacement bands and see what they look like on the gear sport to start off. I want to say i purchased these bands for my gear as three frontier and i was so impressed with the quality. I wanted to buy them from my gear sport as well. I m really impressed with this and let s go over these bands together.

They have a couple options and different color options so make sure to check the link down below or you can find all their offerings. Let s take a look at what we get and the packaging together so it says kade smart watch band superior quality enjoy every moment. I do like that saying. I do try to enjoy every moment.

And that s basically it let s open this together and see what s inside ok. So we have here. Thank you very much for purchasing our kade s band..


You do have some replacement. Quick release pins and a little sim ejector tool probably to help change those pins out. If you need to and this is the red band. I do like a nice red and black band.

The quality is really really nice not stretchy at all the band feels really soft and then you do have this stainless steel clip. I m going to call if you notice on top it s just a little wider. So that helps clip in the other part of the band and it won t come off easily. So let s install this and see what it looks like on the gear sport.

Again. These quick. Release pins make it super simple to install. And that s basically it this band looks really really nice definitely changes up the look of your gear sport and i like that the back of the band is black.

So kind of matches with the back of the gear sport let me install this and show you what it looks like on the wrist to install it it s very simple all you have to do is clip. It in first and then just tuck the other half of the watch band underneath and that s basically it feels very soft. Very high quality. I definitely like that and it does not come off easily still tightly secured after tugging on that so let s check out some of the other colors that i have so in this three pack.

I chose a different style well let s check what we get in the box. We get some more thank you cards. We also get some more quick release pins extra just in case. I chose to get this 3 pack.

In there. A couple other three packs to choose from i got the old black white and blue and then the white and black. I think these will look really nice with the gear sport as well and again all of them are super high quality..


Really nice bands. So this is the old black one on the gear sport matches really nicely with the watch in my opinion and putting this on the wrist is very simple if you notice the band tucks into itself so that s also extra security. But again very nicely secured here. I m not even worried about that at all so.

This is the old black model. Let s check out some of the other colors together this is the blue one white. One which i think is really stylish as well so let me put this on the wrist. Really nice design very very soft.

There s been no irritation while wearing these for a long period of time especially. Now that summers in coming in new york city. And it s been hot the last couple days. No irritation with these bands at all definitely great quality and then the next band.

We re looking at is the white and black and this one is definitely my favorite especially with the gear sport looks really really stylish and again now that summer is coming. This is gonna be the band that i wear the most but i will be swapping them out i can guarantee you that and i m sure if you re watching this video. You like a nice band as well. So this is what the white and black one looks like really really great.

I think. It s super stylus changes up the look of your watch completely and for the price. I definitely recommend them this has been a look at the cades premium soft silicone replacement bands for your gear. Sport and again.

Any watch. That s a twenty millimeter or 22 millimeter. I recommend going for the three pack as you re basically paying for two and getting one free..


So you really can t beat. It and these bands are super high quality. Very soft you will not be disappointed with them anyway let me know what you think about these bands in the comments below and as always i appreciate you guys watching thumbs up subscribe as that helps me out the most and i ll catch you guys in the next video. ion.

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