Kailyn Is Torn Teen Mom 2 MTV

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“Music kailyn. I talked to jo and vee and i m meeting the crew at at nlincoln s basketball game jo started a real estate nbusiness over a year ago. I learned that a lot of nhis money is going to that hi n. Hey.

How s it goin . N. It s goin. laughs hi n.

Here. Hello. Mr. Russell.

Are you gonna run around. He wants to play on the team so bad patrick. He gets cuter nby the day..


Honestly okay so n alright so we how did it go walk me through you walked in walked in it was awkward as hell. I didn t want to see him i just looked at vee maybe you re fine him being joe yep him being joe what were you n. I was heated how were you feeling n. I was so heated were you nervous no.

I was so mad n. You were just really pissed yeah. I was so mad. I was like i have this nthis and this and this and i don t understand nhow nobody sees my point and chris was just like let him talk cause.

I wasn t letting njoe talk because i felt were you just kind of going going spitfire n right because i was so angry chris just was honestly ntelling me to shut the f woman. You re fine shut. The heck up i guess i understand i nsaid. I was gonna take you off child support and i ndidn t get around to it.

I said. But that being said ni offered to write you a check for those months. That ni didn t take you off that you were paying anyway for as a reimbursement basically yeah..


I was gonna pay him back right n he never came to me and was like it s x amount of dollars. This is the amount i came up with he s putting his income into the business. So therefore. He doesn t have a whole lot of extra money for isaac okay.

He doesn t have the funds nbecause. He s been putting his money into his business. I want to have the freedom nto make my own decisions as far as buying properties and stuff out of curiosity. How much nis this property anyway.

Closer to 280 or something like that mm hmm. You had to put in nat. Least. A hundred grand.

More i also have a business nthat. I just started that s not fair for me to nfinance stuff. Because of that so i was like i ll pay you nthe money that you were paying in child support for they nyear..


Which is a lump sum of six or seven grand. Okay n. I ll write that check what else could you possibly need and he s like i might still need help if you need help i guess nwith you re 100 short on the water bill. I can help with that because my son lives there right did he say that he would nnot continue moving forward with the child support from what i understood at first no.

He said that he still would need help then it changed to he s okay nwith me writing the check. But he still might need nhelp here and there but that being said i m less mad at him mm hmm n. But now i m just uneasy about the fact that i nmay write him this check. And he still takes me that s what i m worried about now how did it end.

How did things kind of wrap up it ended fine. I guess vee really she really was neutral. She really saw both sides nand. I texted her afterwards well she texted and was nlike.

How are you feeling hollers ah. Patrick so after you nguys met she texted. You yeah and she s like nhow are you feeling..


And i was like i feel okay. And honestly you re the best thing nthat s happened to jo. Because i don t know how this nwould ve went without her cause. She was really nthe one that was like you need to call me and we nneed to figure this out if it wasn t for her i don t nthink.

We would ve done today. It s like i m torn because ni. Understand that you need a little bit of help for nisaac. But at the same time it s like i didn t start nthis business for you that s not you know what i m saying imagine if i went to chris jave or jo and i was like hey i nstarted this business.

So now i don t have money for the kids could you imagine no. Oh thank you muah intense held music slam. ” ..


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