Kali NetHunter Rom – Hacking OS Used By Mr. Robot

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I am very excited to show you the most advanced hacking noise..

Or a custom roam called kali. Nate hunter for redmi note. 4. And many other devices.

Now this room is available for audio. But it has so many bugs that i would prefer to install android nobody instead. But still i would have the link for audio as well as android no good. 712.

That i am going to install so you might be wondering..

What is kali. Nate hunter and what s so special about this room that i m installing android loaded in 2019 and if you re like me there is a very popular show called mr. Robot in that show that guy always used his smartphone to head other people so this is the kind of os. He uses on his phone in fact with this custom home you can hack your neighbor s wi fi.

But i won t recommend that now this room is mostly used by hackers and it s available for oneplus nyx s and samsung phones. You can find roam links for all supported forms in the description box below this room can be used in hacking attacks like wireless frame. Injection. One click access point setups hid keyboard attacks and many more so keep watching this video till the end because i am going to show you kali liner chroot and some hacking applications that comes with this rope.

So as you can see we have successfully installed kali need hunter now let me put all the useful apps on the home screen..

So i can explain you what each app does so first of all you need to install kali chroot. And it s very easy just go into app and follow some commands allow all the permission and you re good to go along all of these callin fantasy at root is my most favorite app with the help of this app. You can bypass somebody s wi fi again this video is only for educational purpose. And you should only use this for ethical hacking.

Also this room is pre routed. So supersu is pre installed in this room. So you don t need to worry about routing this room. And this is callen 800.

She ll same like windows command or terminal in mac..

Os and with the help of shell you can do stdp tunneling at any place of the world and then there is a fraud app. Which is similar to google play store. Only thing is it s run by developer and you can find many developer apps on this app. So with this room you can learn more and play around with this os.

And that s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did don t forget to like this video. This is nice signing out and i will see ” ..


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