Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working (5 Fixes)

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“Speed demons so what do you do when nyour keyboard shortcuts aren t working so so maybe you find a cool new nshortcut online like paste special new slide in or full nscreen web browsing in chrome but once you get on your keyboard nand hit it nothing happens which is not only frustrating because nyou want use that keyboard shortcut. But then you have to spend a bunch of ntime hunting around trying to figure out why it s not working so i ve gone ahead and pull together nfive combinations i see to help you fix your keyboard shortcuts and nhelp get you to happy hour and the very first issue is nan inversed function key and by that i mean most new computers nthis is my keyboard on my lenovo start with these media nkeys set to the default. Which is fine. Except that you lose out non your f2 to edit.

A formula in excel your f5 to present full nscreen in powerpoint your full screen web browsing in chrome nand to turn anything into a pdf in any of the microsoft office programs. So those don t work when your nmedia keys are set to default. Which to fix that you need nto do one of two things the first thing is you either nneed to throw in the fn key so shift f5 to present from the current nslide in powerpoint becomes fn plus shift plus f5 and to full screen web nbrowse in chrome or internet. Explorer.

Becomes. Fn. Plus. F11 nso.

You have to throw in this fn key. Which is why i typically recommend ninversing your function keys back to the default. So don t have to have that extra nkey and by that i mean you basically need to restart your computer and set nthese function keys up top. So that they re not the media keys they re just nthe excel powerpoint full screen web browsing pdf and some nof these other cool things and then when you do want to use the nmedia key.

Then you throw in the fn key for example this one would be mute nso. Fn plus f1 would be the mute once you ve inversed your function keys nand..

If you need help inversing your function keys. Just let me know in the comments section. Nbelow. Here on youtube.

And i ll shoot a video to help you out so that s the nfirst issue that trips up your shortcuts inversed function keys the next thing that can trip up your nkeyboard shortcuts are your language bar settings so if you re using nmultiple languages on your ncomputer. I have english french and chinese all set up nas keyboards on my computer. What happens is the hotkeys to flip nbetween your different languages can override your default keyboard shortcuts nso what you need to do and i ll show you how nto do this in a second you need to come find the nadvanced settings of your nlanguage bar. And you want to come and double check that your hotkeys nare.

N t overriding your default office hotkeys. So what you need to do just nhit. The windows key to get there just type language you want to come nand. Find your language keyboard options once it opens nyou re going to scroll down to the bottom advanced date.

Time and region settings nyou. re going to click language. Again. This is a lot of clicks to get there you want to come to advanced nsettings here on the left.

And if you just scroll down. You can nsee..

The language bar hotkeys. There here s where you can change the sequence first though just eyeball to see if nyou re hotkeys are being overridden. So for example in the chinese keyboard in powerpoint ncontrol space bar is the shortcut to change your formatting back to nthe slide master s formatting. So here.

I would need to change that nif. I was going to in chinese be using powerpoint. So this shortcut nwasn t overwritten. So that s the next thing to double check the next thing that can trip up your nkeyboard shortcuts are international keyboards.

So most keyboard shortcuts online. Nare quoted. Using the us keyboard. Which looks just like this nso for example.

If you re nusing. A french keyboard notice all of the different accents on nhere that do not exist in the english keyboard. So you need to double ncheck. What your keys are you can also see that the q and a are ninversed down here on the french keyboard so if you do use an ninternational keyboard.

You just need to make sure you double ncheck. What the keystrokes are on your computer as all the shortcuts online nwill be quoted using the us keyboard standard nnow similar to international keyboards..

The mac keyboard is entirely ndifferent than the pc keyboard. Which is how most shortcuts nare quoted online. So if you re on a mac. You just need to npay attention to your command option control.

Fn. And your shift key the pc. Shortcut. You re looking at is nprobably.

Some combination of all of these keys and whatever is being called nfor on the shortcut for example. The pc shortcut for group in npowerpoint is control g to group on a mac. It s fn option command. Plus ng.

So it s four keys instead of two so if you re on a mac that might be ntripping up your keyboard shortcuts now another common thing that can be ntripping up your keyboard shortcuts are what i call program trolls so these are nprograms you install on your computer like evernote ngotowebinar. Skype and camtasia that overwrite your ndefault programs. So this happens to you all you to do is go find the nprogram that you recently installed so for evernote for example ni would open it up you want to go and find the options nsetting for that program and you want to find the shortcut keys. Which also nmight be called hotkeys in your program.

Once you re there njust like the language bar. Setting you want to see what the default nkeyboard shortcuts are because these as you install them will become nthe primary keyboard shortcuts so once you find them nyou can see here for create new note..

I ve cleared that out npaste clipboard. I ve cleared that out because ni m using it in another program. If you wanted to change the this is win na so windows plus a to copy selection. If you wanted to use this nin.

A different program you d want to clear this out and either nwrite your own keyboard shortcut whatever it s going to be or just leave nit blank like i ve done here so again. That s what i call program trolls and nfor sure evernote gotowebinar. Skype and camtasia are four programs that nwill overwrite your default programs. So if you ve lost a keyboard shortcut ngo check those programs first so those are five common shortcut nissues that will trip up your keyboard shortcuts and you can share this video nwith your colleagues if they get stuck so you don t have to ntroubleshoot it on your own.

If you found this video nhelpful or learn something new please let me know by giving me. A thumbs nup here on youtube. So i know what kind of content to continue to add to my nchannel and if i missed a good fix please share your fix below in the ncomment section. So that everybody can keep learning.

If you re just looking for powerpoint nresources to help get you to happy hour. Including pdf cheat nsheets and video series just look for the links ndirectly beneath this video. ” ..


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