Kingdom Come Deliverance A Friend in Need Quest Walkthrough

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“Really is ignoring it i m glad to see ya. Matthew fritz your life of of course. We re alive you can t get rid of us that easily i almost surprised how happy i am to see. The pair of you are alright.

We are now yeah yeah. It was hard fritzsche around like a little girl really bloody cow can tell us what happened to you they gave me a pretty good to rushing as well. It was only a rat. I got i got back in my right mind.

And i see you re not doing too badly for yourself..

What are you up to right now. I m a squire for cirrhotic. I see you ve worked your way up how are you to get involved. It s you sinner.

We re still chopped after bits. Oh. The monastery a bubble and there s no work here not for anyone with more than a forebrain anyway. No one s interested in good carpenters and suss out no one and we looked everywhere.


You wouldn t happen to know of anything it will really help us out right now well i can ask around. But i m not promising anything don t shame me we ll pay off the debt don t you worry and where would they hire you well we were carpenters in the mines so wherever they work with wood. I suppose forget about construction after scarlets. No one will be building for a long time just hearing suss out and they don t want us here.

The best chance. We have is to work at a mill. People always have to eat ideally we re looking for a job. That pays a lot and doesn t require much work you you a tu.

What do you need it wouldn t happen to be any work here for carpenters were there some extra pairs of hands would be useful..

What do you have in mind my friends to survivors of scallops are looking for work. And why should i take them they re experienced carpenters. Why not carpenters won t be healthy. There s a lot of work here at the mill and i m not as spry as i used to be thomas my foreman tries his best.

But he ain t up to that kind of work. But they are idlers and drunks are they i only taking people or willing to do our honest work they re good men from scallops. Basically your neighbors you have to help them that s god s own truth. Love thy neighbor as thyself tell them i ll give their chance.

We ll talk about pay and a roof over their heads..

When they get here. I m honored these should come to me god be with the miller in the dutch code would be happy to meet you he really found work for us of course compared to look at those sour faces of yours a moment longer thanks henry only what the reward. We talked about well we haven t got to gross them to rub together. Yeah that doesn t matter you ll pay me when you have it that we will stop by and visit us in a week.

We ll pay you back as soon as we get our first wage. I d like you to teach me how to be better at stealth suddenly. I d like to have first you have ” ..


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