Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Interrogate the bandit and deal with the sickness in Merhojed (Quest).

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“Pray to god the worst is over are you men a car oh aye that that s me i need to speak with the prisoner. My is henry envoi of kabbala. I m here to investigate the attack. I m sorry i have other things on my mind right now in case.

You hadn t noticed we have no news has reached retire of any disease here. But i m here now and i can help you well since you sera sera dig you might be as some mules. If anyone can be tell me what to do there s a stablehand living with us here mathias yes. I know and he knows some girl who helps out in the monastery infirmary your hand car.

I think her name is she might know someone to turn to if she s actually there very well i ll go to the monastery probably our best hope thank you at least for taking the trouble. But then even if you cared nothing for us. The prisoners got the pestilence too he ll die without help if i have to go to the monastery. I need to know as much as possible about the disease.

I ll definitely need to know its symptoms. They re bound to ask me that it s hard to say. My wife is feverish. Others have the chills.

I heard some are throwing up others still are breaking out and sores. Why don t you see for yourself people talk a lot and i don t know what to believe anymore. Very well i ll make the rounds. I ve daubed lime on the afflicted houses.

But don t stay too long in those homes that i can promise you hell are you doing you you you god be with you what s happened to things in bad. Very bad plague indeed. So some please i m looking for a mattias matthias. The brigands got in poland.

Who are touch. I don t know some band aids. I heard the pop loli young straw saw them still over boy. The cross and what the old villain tell me more than you can imagine the old stud lifestyle.

She check ins old dead or dying. I m sorry i d like to talk. I see well if you stand at the main gate of the state. Thanks how you re a sight for sore eyes.

What are you doing here it s good to see you too mattias so rad cig sent me here to investigate the rain. Sir adzick. Looks like you ve come up in the world mate you re here is his envoi. He took me into his garrison hal.

The blacksmith s boy in the service of his lordship. Who d have ever thought it my luck hasn t been so good did you survive thought something to thank god for true enough. If i were in your shoes. I d get the hell out of here there s some disease spreading disease.

Focus saying it s the plague whatever. It is it s bad. It s sort of the day after the rain doc are you all right well at least. I but you ve been hurt it happened during the raid.

One of those damned bandits fell on me horse and all my arm tell me about what do you want to know can you describe i don t know they came at dusk. So you couldn t see their faces have you talked to them no they were shouting at us. They re very sure of themselves to begin with but when we hid them in the woods. They didn t look so.

I hear one of the raiders was taken captive by old mel aha. Let him have it over the head with a flail and now he s locked up arthur. That fucker killed. Young straw and his old man s sharpening.

His sickle form melek are still hasn t decided i understand old straw wants revenge. But first i have to question that pandit good luck. Then i know you ve got courage enough for any man. But how did a bunch of untrained villagers managed to hold off armed bandits one of the village lights caught sight of them coming through the woods.

And told melek ah. Who roused the whole village. And what you mounted an eye. And that was the key a few of them still managed to break through to the village probably wanted to torch it.

But even the women here were armed with what they could find tell me about the what do you want about this when did this the day after the raid. The horses were lying out by afternoon. They were all dead than other animals stop what are the signs. I don t leave the house much but folk complain of fever and shakes there s anyone joyful.

I old verba although he was already on his last legs. So no one either way the animals are drop. Who s ill now i don t know what with my arm the way..


It is i don t go outdoors much. But i know melek are and straw has can i ask you i haven t been here long hmm. Who are you my name is henry. It s long past time.

And what do you want i need to know how the yes. I ll tell you everything but first help me bury my husband are you mad woman. I m not touching a plague carcass my god a man trying to stall right my husband had the fever all over anything else he had great pains in his belly. He said it felt like it d been stuffed with rocks.

He was arriving all night through he must have hurt terribly thank you what have you come from my wife you re out of luck. I won t straw that you know straw you ve taken my son i ve come to help your wife till helper. Over to the other side isn t that god s own truth. I m sorry that they killed your son i truly am sorry.

But if you don t want that disease to take your wife you ll let me see her right away. I can help her hey. I don t undertake it no there you see what are you a quack. Something like that go to it go.

Mmm fever. Just like melek housewife. You re not allowed inside. If you want to go in talk to melek ah good day to you i need to talk to sorry.

But i m cirrhotic gobblers envoi and i urgently need to question the captive. I don t care if you re if you want to talk to the captain. You what if you want to go in dr. Millican.

I need to talk to you it watch it you can t draw your weapon. You re not allowed inside if you want to go in talk to melek. Ah. It looks like he s caught that sickness.

What am i gonna do if he dies. I ll be right. But where i started jesus he sipped jesus. He sneezes he sick i ll have to try and keep him alive jesus he sick i ll have to try and keep him alive jesus lud.

What are you doing here i m here because of god bless you bought i need to know it. Oh. I see well i have a dreadful fever. My wife is there any well forgive me for saying.

So the shit just paused. You have much like wait a minute will you were so tell me i need to write my will or might manage that excellent yes. I vincent son of vincent s grandson of vincent of met her yet mmm hmm. I bequeath walter my cousin at this time the cobbler in no event shall.

My prodigal son alya the layabout yes and then write the executor of my last. Will is to be my good friend. Father fabian president. This will was written to henry presently.

Well. I never that will add some weight here take my rings work not well. Where do you think all right. Yes.

Go now are you serious well what the hell are you doing rather deep. Yes. I don t is nearly here wait yeah you re not my brother brother don t you recognize me. I was gone for a long time.

I ve come back home for advent. Remember yes seriously terribly. I hope they leave soon your honker henry. I m glad to see you me too.

I heard that you re doing well not right now. Mattias sent me mathias. Oh. My god did something happen.

I don t know if you ve heard about it. But man holy ed was attacked how is matthias wounded in the arm. He s being brave about it. But his injury looks bad well i need to see him before you go.

There s something else some kind of disease has taken hold in marion. Their livestock has died off and now the people are coming down. With her too..


I thought maybe someone here might know what to do it s a good thing. You ve come here. There s any hope this is the place to find it you need brother nicodemus. The monastery physician.

He may know how to deal with it very well i ll try to find him come back when you know more thank you your hunger. What is it i d like to look hmm a bit of everything can you now to be on it so wasn t my support well never go to the hood clear not so far those plants have their use but they ve no but how can i you see this is the part where you learn something i see once you ve cleared the don t worry some kind of diseases. Your hunka said that you might be a disease. Intriguing.

It s terrifying. I m sorry i didn t mean to sound unkind. The important thing is whether you can help us. I can t say at this point.

Tell me no i mean not yet several households have around half the village mayor whole yet. Isn t there a study farm there and what of the animals did they get infected. Too yes. There s a stud farm and they ve all died off the horses.

The cattle chickens and now it s got to the people. That is most intriguing sorry i mean to say it s most unusual do you know the symptoms yes more or less excellent. I have several extensive volumes here in the library describe the epidemic. Including the simpsons and we could take some guidance.

There can you read yes. I can excellent so follow me to the scriptorium. So we re evidently there s something amiss in there. What the digestive.

The trouble lies between the mouth and the arsehole uh huh. Sure just so we can rule nothing out at this stage. You look in the breviary to sickness gaza. It s a renowned manuscript from soulard by don t know lattic fortunately for you our brother librarian is try slating.

These momentous medical works into the common tough study of the breviary carefully and compare the symptoms with the recorded case. I ll try the proven classics. Avicenna and his canon medicine eye. And what what did i put those books.

Damn i think i have it yes and what do you make of it it s poisoning from tainted water. Really that sounds rather unlikely. But if master johan of st. Paul s says so who am i to contradict him we shall have to prepare some medicine at once i can help with that really yes i know my way around the alchemist decartes.

An ordinary fellow who knows the arts of physic who would have thought it excellent. I ll give you the pocket started to rock. I mean while she ll hit metal. Yet.

Oh yes mayor yet. I ll take your hankel with me. She has thank you brooke. There s one man.

There who needs your care. More urgently than anyone out of the question. I shall spin you you you control your weapon here can i take a look what s got into you boy big. I ve been sent here from talbert that ll be the master builder.

It has to do with our then that s a matter of supply. He studies right and hurry brother a lot what he what a little thank you what the hell good man may i disturb you for a moment. What is it then it s a felt this i challenge you to a duel. Sir.

What you heard don t try to wriggle out of it let s get to it i ve no time for dueling. Now. Ah. Then we hope some christian soul will give me a proper burial and haunt the flesh pick from my bones by ravens davus father.

What s the matter. I m bringing vincennes last or marchi father master vincent has been taken yes. I did hear that people are sick in some village here about. But vincent is that yes let us hope.

The good lord will leave him here with us. A while longer. Thank you you you is that all you got wow come on alright enough. I give up you hear you you you you it s done did you read the beds and i m a if it s only i m going to chew.

So here i it doesn t look good at all michael yes. Here it is i ll take four doses you take the rest. And let s split up up..


They wouldn t let me go near that prisoner they want him to suffer. Perhaps. I ll be able to convince them i promised. I d bring them i hope so but in the short.

While i ve been here hmm are you alright well that but you ve been hurt you know business here clear off or you ll be sorry can you hear me don t move a finger. Surrender. You ve committed a violation. You re.

Under arrest go get one for hey. Hope. You that stop surrender you closed. The time.

And i m arresting you your jet. Yeah come i m going to enjoy this yeah. Take that how jumpy to pieces. You ve rat yeah.

No fucker wow. I m going to la you hey. Where s your torch. You i ll find you you cur you can t hide from me look where you re going.

What s happening. Oh my god yes we re actually well now you know me and nicodemo just the two um certainly. I was in a bad way myself. But then how s it holding up people we don t have enough food or all right look last week.

Bohuslav died. We desperately need help i ll do what your back yes. I could load it birth drink. This and give it to everyone in the house.

What thank you you welcome back to the land of the living. That s not your concern or no one. Asking questions here you ll have an easy job how so i won t give you any not sensible of you i m a sensible man. Only i d like to get it over quick and not keep the rat.

A executioner busy too long if you catch my drift. I understand what do you want to know everything first tell me who s behind all this who do you follow i follow the coin lad. We all do that s not news to me. But who pays the coin.

I got my pay from runt like all the men in previous lovitz and runt got his money from the chief and the chief had the coin minted so you knew the coin was counterfeit of course. I did i brought those grolsch interpreted you like where were they made i don t know we used to meet at the charcoal piles near rovner by the cross there men horse. What might be might not when there s this man hartnett. How should i know to me.

He s just another link in the chain. I deal with him for sure so we re suppose. There s no it d be a waste of breath. Who else no apart from the chief men heart runt and me there was a few others you said you used to bring up letters men heart would give them to me for that we still got high they give it to me then i d beetle.

What were the if i knew how to read i wouldn t be trusted to carry letters. Why did he with huck. The chief himself gave us the order. I reckon so.

He s planning. What the chiefs always planning son who s the chick bandit. If he heard you say that he d have your head on a spike. That s the kind of man.

He is nobody knows much about him. Though only that he ain t check. Where is that chief. I have no idea after previous lovett s he ordered us to raid miller yet.

But he wasn t with so. He s referred don t think so for sure. He ain t check judging by how he looked more by the way he talks any man. So the chief is in command of all these operations you could say i d say you re looking at all wrong.

Though how s that you ask who s in charge and who answers to who there was all sorts of gangs in previous love. It s big and small robber barons. Who had their own brigades calling them up men came men went lots of squat was supposed to it was one big muddle. I didn t give a damn who the chief wazzle what he had in mutton or her how did you know a fellow by the name of moorcock.

We met me a couldnt burg. I was robbing burgers who were fleeing the town from sigismund s army. I thought it for now for the love of christ boy don t for cirrhotic harry..


I think old stores come for the brigand step back from that eden young fuck. But you can t kill me not just like that shut the fuck up your ways alike. Favorite fucking. Shots.

You don t even get a say calm down straw. He won t escape justice after all he s don t stand in my way. Malika let henry decide. He s the one who saved his life is coming with me.

He cirrhotic prisoner and only cirrhotic has the right to decide if he lives or dies. I don t give a fuck about you or sir isaac fucking kabira that bastard killed boy boy and i ve got a karen you ll have to deal with me first oh godless orson. Oh. My god he s stiff.

Oh god god quick you learn more easter poof can i ask i haven t wear doesn t when you take the main gate out of the stables you ll see jesus christ be pray we found out what and you should check where your water s coming from it d be hard to poison the spring. But what about the web or her moises bastards weren t satisfied with killing young s welcome back my name are you laughs. How sad i thus all right what every part does not i come who took more what he popped that men was supposed to it was i didn t hurt how did why did he didn t. But who are you i think whoa harry.

I think i ll stools come for the brigid let s talk to our da. I understand straw truly i lost my parents they were slain in front of my eyes unto the day i die on and if you got your hands on a man who i see you you you you and rain. I m glad you came greetings. What do you need sir ah jig.

I believe i do we once had a rather and amusing and it happened before we went to poland. I heard wolfman s a mercenary to help deal with the royal matter. We were laying siege to hersh tynecastle. Because the lord there had been collecting tolls on the royal highway.

It was winter and the mountain passes were knee deep in snow. There was no way to get reinforcements or supplies to us so by chance the lady of the castle. A philia arrived and wanted to get inside her carriage. Got stuck in a snow.

Then wolfing got the idea we would hold lady a philia hostage in exchange for lord ashdown. Surrender along with his men. But they could easily have broken their promise once the lady was of course. We expected it and we had something up our sleeve.

It was snowing heavily and the visibility was low so they didn t notice. It wasn t lady aphelion as soon as the gate closed behind the carriage lord had only in the meantime. Wolfman killed. The whole escort and opened a side gate in the walls.

Where we were waiting after that it was all over in minutes. So tell me i think he ll be hanging from the battlements soon. I don t suppose you stayed out of it how could i sir wolfen asked me to give you his regards and he said if you re gonna march. Again my god it s a fight because it s not such a bad thing.

My lord no problem i ll be going i ve returned from how does it look. I brought them help from the monastery. Fortunately nicodemus was able to cure the disease well thank christ what about the captive. He was in fact they seemed.

Fortunately he survived and i had a chat. What did you fight he was transporting the false coins to previous lovett s he got them from some merchants. I don t know neither do i. But i know where the money s handed over excellent henry.

We mustn t let this opportunity don t go yet you haven t disappointed me nothing against bernard robert or any of those others. But none of them could find out as much as you at least not with that beatings and torture and that doesn t always work you re a godsend lad. Thank you sir now go and find out who s behind everything and then we ll deal with them yes. Sir so what is it sometimes i ask myself fourth what it all means why does god allow such things to happen or this slaughter and revenge over and over it s a hard question.

I m no theologian. But long ago. I came to the conclusion that the only thing that makes sense is that it s all a trial life is one long series of problems to solve the more you solve the better a man you become. I never thought about it that way but just look at the pampered ones.

Who have no concerns in life like young lord cape on for instance. I shudder to think how he will rule. When his time comes tribulations spawn in life over and over again. We must stand our ground and face them.

So i got a sasso and solve this one hmm you can rely on me. Sir good luck son you ” ..

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