Kingdom of Ferelden Dragon Age

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“Ago drifting tribes of the alamarri npeople. Ventured south in search of a new home home after an arduous journey they were rewarded nwith a lush and promising land. Which named ferelden or fertile valley in ntheir tongue in the dragon age. The kingdom of ferelden nstretches from the frostback mountains in the west to the amaranthine ocean to the east nationhood has undeniably tamed this once nsavage country.

But the coarse wilful and fiercely independent nature of their alamarri nforefathers can still be recognized in the ferelden people the kingdom of ferelden exhibits. Many of the ncharacteristics of a traditional feudal monarchy. Including an anointed sovereign and a variety nof royal and noble ranks. Unlike its rival kingdoms across thedas.

However npower in ferelden derives from the consent of the governed a lingering remnant of alamarri ntribal culture that prized skill and ability above bloodline and birthright. It is the freeholders one of the kingdom s nlowest social classes who are responsible for appointing their respective bann or arl nto ferelden s noble structure. And this appointment is revisited each year while each freehold tends to entrust the same nfamily across generations to represent them within the nobility creating de facto noble ndynasties there remains the ever present possibility of change freeholders dissatisfied with their local nbann or arl might revoke their patronage and instead support a nearby rival even the power of the king is subject to the napproval of those below a custom demonstrated in the yearly landsmeet in which all the nnobles of ferelden gather in the capital city of denerim to take part in a grand council. The landsmeet acts as ferelden s official nlegislative body.

And while a particularly popular or powerful king can usually enjoy nbroad support from the nobility. The council can override the king on any matter as such the reigning monarch must continually nwork for the support of lesser nobles dividing the freemen and the nobility lies nthe crafthouses semi formal groups of skilled labourers and tradesmen who have come to exert na great deal of power over various industries. While the crafthouses have no formal political nauthority. The control they have over local economies allows them to extend their influence nacross.


The nobility and their words tend to carry great weight. Even the lowest levels of ferelden society. Nenjoy. Numerous privileges when compared to neighboring kingdoms slavery and serfdom is forbidden and even nthe most menial of tasks is payed for in coin or barter this right extends to the displaced elven npopulation living within the country who enjoy a significantly better quality of life than nelsewhere in thedas.

The unusual style of governance practiced nin ferelden is widely seen as crude or barbaric by outsiders and the fereldan people as a nwhole are considered disorganized dirty and obstinate. But also capable of great strength nand determination loyalty is prized above all by fereldans. Even nat. The expense of wealth power.

Or even reason. This trait has perhaps somewhat curiously nmanifested in the unique relationship between the fereldan people and their dogs who are nroutinely employed in hunting games. Routing out vermin herding livestock and guarding nhomes. The mabari.

A unique breed of highly intelligent ndog magically bred by members of the circle of magi are highly regarded within ferelden ntheir likeness even gracing the kingdom s royal family s crest. This reverence for wildlife is a trait that npredates the modern kingdom its roots in the earliest alamarri settlers who bonded nwith wolves and worshipped a wide variety of deities based in nature legend states that the first werewolves were ncreated during this time. The result of a broken pact between a wolf and his alamarri nmaster regardless of the validity of these tales nthe alamarri were plagued by werewolves as they spread across ferelden finally driving nthe beasts back into the darkest forests. Where they are whispered to linger still over time the alamarri faced other foes.


Including na bloodthirsty rebel tribe known as the avvar and the mysterious chasind who dwelt deep nwithin the korcari wilds. It was the tevinter imperium. Which presented nthe greatest threat. However and time and time again attempted to exert its influence npast.

The frostback mountains. While the imperium was able to build several nfortresses and even extend the imperial highway. As far as lake calenhad their tenuous hold. Non ferelden was broken after a century of constant raids and the far greater threat nof.

The darkspawn which spread across the tevinter homeland during the first blight in the aftermath of the first blight and the ndestruction of much of the imperium. The tribes of the alamarri truly united for the first ntime under the prophet andraste who led her people on an exalted march to the realm of ntevinter itself. The imperial armies were shattered. But andraste nwas betrayed and killed her martyrdom leading to the formation of the chantry.

Which grew nto become the dominant religion in thedas. But reduced the alamarri to a collection of nwarring tribes. Once more ferelden had been united in purpose. If only nfor the briefest of moments centuries of strife.


Passed before calenhad ntheirin known to history as calenhad. The great finally achieved what only andraste nhad done before united. The alamarri tribes into a single nation and became the first nferelden king his descendants would go on to lead ferelden nfor centuries enduring rebellion and hardship and even occupation by the orlaisian empire. The liberation of ferelden by king maric theirin nis.

Considered the beginning of the golden age of the kingdom. Bringing with it renewed nprosperity and power while faraway lands struggled to contain a nseries of blights and the darkspawn that spilled forth ferelden was left in peace and able nto reach the height of its power in the year 9 30. Of the dragon age. The grey nwardens returned to ferelden after a prolonged exile and brought with them a warning that nthe 5th blight was slowly spreading from the korcari wilds.

The kingdom now ruled by cailan theirin mustered nits armies in the hopes of stopping the blight in its infancy. But were decimated in the nbattle of ostagar during which cailan was slain his death plunged ferelden into a civil war nas. The opportunistic loghain. Mac.

Tir named himself regent to the throne against the wishes nof much of the nobility and freeholders with darkspawn ravaging. The country and the nblight spreading ever outward ferelden loyalists together with a growing alliance led by the ngrey wardens called for a landsmeet. The council ended with longhain defeated in na duel against a champion of the grey wardens. Stopping the civil war and restoring the kingdom in the final battle of the 5th blight.


The nnewly reunited ferelden army marched alongside the dwarves of orzammar. The nomadic dalish nand. The circle of magi to counter attack. The darkspawn as they plundered denerim amidst the fighting in the burning capital nthe last two ferelden grey wardens.

Slew the archdemon urthemiel ending. The 5th blight nand saving. The kingdom. Ferelden has never been a land of enduring npeace and while the threat of the darkspawn has been broken their influence remains across nmuch of the land to neighbouring orlais.

The kingdom is seen nas weak and ready to be retaken while strange and dangerous magic continues to leave its nmark across the whole of thedas. The kingdom of ferelden faces an uncertain nfuture as it enters the last half of the dragon age. The templin institute investigates nations norganizations and factions from alternate worlds and realities. If you ve enjoyed this video.

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