Kingston flash drive -Why you should buy it

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“Now before we get started if you nlike these videos make sure you kids cheering cheering hit that thumbs up button nand while you re down there hit that subscribe the more people that nknow about this channel. The better decision people can make before they go nout and buy these products now today. We re going to talk about a portable flash ndrive that you might want to consider getting if you re scared of losing ninformation. Today s review is going to be on the 64 gigabyte flash drive from nkingston kingston is one of the top manufacturers of flash drives.

They are a nknown brand in this industry and i said i have to have one now let s jump right nin to pro 1 if you re looking for portability this flash drive is what nyou re looking for this is super small. And it s smaller than the size of my npinky. It goes on a keychain it fits in your pocket. And it s something that you ncan carry everywhere you go now pro 2.

If you have an older computer nor a newer. Computer it doesn t matter because this is usb data. 30 but it also nworks on. 20 devices so if you have an older computer that only allows usb 20.


Ndata transfer this will work for that. Computer and it also works on the 30. Now nas you re gonna see here i m going to demonstrate how i m transferring an nolder video that i uploaded that s a little over 3 gigabyte and let s see nhow long it takes to transfer this video pro 3. When i talk about nportability.

I needed something that i could carry around and i didn t want to nworry about losing. Now the one thing that i truly love about this is that nthis is solid metal. The casing for your keyring is also part of the frame nmeaning that it is one piece and it is solid and it being metal also gave me nthe security that i didn t have to worry about the plastic breaking off like some nof. The other usb.

Flash drives out there had now pro 4. There is no nsetup. There s typically 2 formats that come when you get these usb flash drives nthey normally come in fat32 or ntfs. Now.


These also come with a nnewer format as well. Which is called exfat now exfat which you re gonna see nright here is a newer file format now for me personally when i format any nflash drive or hard drive. I m formatting in an exfat because that nway. I will be able to use pc and macs together utilizing this now pro 5 nthe price.

When i looked at kingston knowing that they re a top brand and saw. Nthat this was only running for 1299. For a 64 gigabyte flash drive. I had to nhave.

It now when you look at some of the competitors. You see this is 64 gigs this nis 128 gigs from samsung and this one s running for 2799. But these are all 32 ngigs and these cost if not more some cheaper than this one running at 1299. Nbut again this is half the gigabyte storage that you have on this particular ndevice pro.


6. This is perfect if you re looking for something to back up nthose personal or those sensitive files. If you have files that you need for work nor you have pictures that you just want to keep in a safe place just in case nyour computer or something crashes on you. This is perfect for that i have a nlot of my pictures and everything else backed up just on this in case.

I ever nrun into any issues that way i can easily upload them and put them right nback on my computer. Once i get things resolved now with all of those pros you nguys know me my videos wouldn t be the same. If i didn t talk about the cons. Con n.

1. Even though. I can utilize this on mac or pc. I can t use this for nandroid or i can t use it for my iphone device what that means is now with the nnewer technology you can plug cables into your androids or your iphone.


Ndevices and you can transfer data right to flash drives this particular flash ndrive. I can t use that with now. I m also throwing this one into the con section. Nbut.

It s not a big con for most this doesn t come with a cap that you see nhere so again. I don t know if you can call that a con. But i m adding it to the ncons because i wish it would have come with that cap to protect nthe inside from getting dust and things like that now with all the pros and all nthe time. If this is definitely something you re looking to go get i m going to put a ndescription below.

So you can check it out on amazon and while you re down nthere make sure you hit that subscribe button again the more people that know nabout this channel. The better decision people can make when they go out and buy nthese products. This has been another ” ..


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