Klipsch icon speakers unboxing

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“With another video boy 8 28. And i m sorry i ve been doing any any videos. But i ve been waiting for this to get in and doing a unboxing first we start off. I ordered these actually got hell of a deal on these uh.

These are five speakers. It comes with two clips icon ks14 surrounds. There there s two in there in that box you got your eclipse icon case e25 center and your eclipse. I can t k.

F28 floor standing speakers. I know let me tell you this this is a hell of a deal you can these speakers. They change. The name of these these are now reference.

I think our 28 p. Something like that i know something i m close to the 28. I got something to do between the reference. But uh these have the same specs.

I think maybe there s like maybe like a number two difference on both of them. But nothing like the wattage high output wattage on these icons is uh. I think 150 rms and a 300 for 600 peak..


And so are the new was anyone s had this exact same wattage and harness on and so i got these hell of a deal on newegg. I had never really when you egg until you know i seen him and i wasn t i was up in denver trying to get some off craigslist. I was gonna get some rf threes. You know i didn t i don t really want something to you know too loud because i mean you could only go you know listen to music real real loud.

I like to listen to music loud. But you know i m not gonna say like exaggerated. Loud. But um yeah they were trying to sell me some for about 700 bucks.

I got all these five for like a five hundred sixty dollars on you egg and like i said they were a hundred and seventy five bucks 480. When i bought him just. The floor standing the surround was a hundred in the center was a hundred but uh. I went the other day i looked at the the floor standing the floor standing went back up to 250 surround is back to 150 in the center s 150 as well.

But you know just just pay attention you know every once in a while just go look. And like i said you ll get a really good deal. A better deal than amazon amazon had him for like around 250 as well. But like i said i ll leave the link up in the description.

But uh. I already got the big one. I already got the big one opened up cuz..


It takes a little bit of time and i m here by myself. So i really had no help nobody you know record me. While i while i won t pin this but check this out real quick has a the track ticks horn tweeter by clips i got to dual eight inch woofers the nicely built doesn t feel real cheap at all it just has a the bottom hole in the front which i like the you know the hole. I d rather have it in front and in the back.

But i got your icon. Loved one and like i said these are the exact same thing. Except for the color of the cones of the reference series which go about five hundred dollars just for one drawer standing speaker in the back just got your connectors. Some information 150 watt.

Excited these go up to a 600 watts top. And i guess we ll get opening these up the clips ks14 surrounds. You open these up real quick like i said you know it s a hell of a deal. I spent 500 bucks.

Some dudes off craigslist was trying to charge me like around 900 bucks for the exact same system. I also seen this exact same system they wanted like nine hundred dollars. If you could get a brand new for cheaper than go ahead. And do that because.

But um. Cover your usual instructions. Uh shows..


You all the five speakers that came with it i was like i said. I m just missing the book shows which i m trying to get. But there s also the smaller version of the kf 26. Which is six inch woofers but i mean if you re gonna spend the money just might as well go all out you know don t don t get smaller stuff.

But your usual harry potter instruction is the manual top that to the back and i m styrofoam. We should you like to keep that around just in case you know we sell it. But i really doubt it so i don t know if it s gonna go to my box click nicely rap cause we sleep styrofoam packing and i don t know if these are removable or not but let me check real quick remove these i think you can but not even gonna try to with it right now you see just uh nice finished black finish to it it s not word. And then you got a hold a hang.

It and you use your connectors and and the model information. This is a maximum put it s like 50 and i think this the highest was 150 you correct me if i m wrong. But um nick said got the other one in there. But oh we got one open three guys check it out i always say we re gonna do these videos raw no waiting opening this the centerpieces.

I m doing this on the floor. Because this i mean this unboxing you can t really do it on the table. You know and the shipping was pretty good i ordered him on friday and they got here today. Which there was no sipping on monday.

So took three days which first this is shipping with two dollars on each that was a good deal to usual harry potter instructions a wonders manual give me a sec. So there it is 25. And this is a prediction just to cover the front cover just a front cover to cover up the speakers..


You have little kids. But i got a word about that yet so this opinion as you know just doing it by yourself. But um. Some other should i got to do today.

So here s the centerpiece. Which is a five and a quarter sort of woofers and then you guide your track takes tweeter on there nice wood finish veneer. I think that s what it is and uh you don t got you don t got holes to mount this one. And you use your connector this this one is a 100 watt max input and i think it was like 300 pundit on the highest.

But um like i said for a good deal i got all these for 500 bucks. They even match they even matched my basement. But uh try get these set up i still need a send you to buy the two woofers. I need got by the two woofers and then get this book show if i m gonna do a stand point to surround sign of my base man so like i said.

It s pretty clean straightforward based on the sorceress. I m pretty good like i said i ll leave the link up in the description. So guys cop. This price probably gone like i said gone up higher.

But uh thanks again for watching and like i said before you guys who want me to view anything just just leave it in the comments and until next time guys. ” ..

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