Lenovo E555 Thinkpad Review

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“You re in the market for a new or used computer. Chances are you came came across the lenovo e55. But i think pain is this the right laptop for let s find out our reviews by this guy alright today. I m refused by this guy.

We re checking out their lenovo e55 thinkpad. Now i ve had this computer for about two to three years. So it s obviously showing its year. That s pretty long in the technology world.

But anyway you might be looking for a new or used computer. You can still find these guys new now. Let s get into the specs of this before i go into any of the dislikes and likes that i have for this laptop. And whether it s right for your.

Situation a little nova e55 thinkpad has an amd. A6. 700 22. Gigahertz processor as an amd radeon r4 gpu this particular model has 4 gigs of ram.

I believe it does come in eight and it maxes out at 16 gigs. So you can upgrade it to 16 gigs. Which is nice it is not soldered on which is pretty annoying in my opinion 64 bit operating system now this computer came with windows 7 and everything function correctly and as intended when i first got it up until i upgraded it to windows 10. But we ll get into that later on in this video.

It comes with a 500 gigabyte hard drive some models do come with a solid state. So if you re looking for solid state..

You can find it if you search around it has a dual layer dvd. Burner it s got a b tooth wi fi combo adapter screen 56 inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768. Pixels it has a 169. Aspect ratio.

There s a 4 1. Card reader. Unfortunately this current model now for some odd reason has broke it will not you used to be able to hit the card. And it would pop out it does not go anymore.

The card reader still reads cards. But i have to pull it out with a pliers let s get into the ports pass to usb. 30. S it has one usb 20.

As vga app and as hdmi out has an ethernet port as a combo audio microphone jack he were to spill resistant it has six rows and keys that has the fn multimedia keys and a numeric keypad personally i ve never liked the new keys. I think it has a really short travel which i get annoyed at i like the old mechanical keyboards. This for me they work better. It also has a trackpoint trackpad with multi touch.

I am not a big fan of new age track pads they get annoying. I think that they do random stuff at times. You can be clicking them and they re zooming in on something constantly when you re trying to read a you know a website and you re scrolling down and all of a sudden. It s zoom in to 200 or it zooms down the 25.

It ll click things randomly. I m not a big fan..

I personally just hook. A traditional mouse to my laptop. Yeah battery is lithium ion 6 cell battery lasts up to about six point three hours depending on what you re doing. I mean.

If you re standing. There. Doing intensive multimedia projects. Such as i do occasionally it does last.

A little less. The screen can get pretty bright. It s bright enough in my opinion. But now let s get into my likes and dislikes of the laptop.

And what i got it for what i use it for now. If you re in the market. Looking for something that s basically going to search the internet for basic graphic. Design projects such as i do like low design.

You know a little web design stuff. This laptop is perfect. I haven t had any problems in that department now when it comes editing video. I have been having some issues.

The laptop is not powerful enough phone for a couple days. I actually received it on friday today sadly since what was it thursday..

I received this phone on thursday and today saturday. So it s only the two days. But use it enough to realize kind of annoying it doesn t deserve my name your galaxy alright as you can see in premiere video is choppy. It starts off fine and then it starts to slowly get out of sync.

And it is kind of frustrating to record video and that s half the reason why on the wii theme channel videos are later than i d like to put them up i don t know if it s the processor. Now i will say that ever since i upgraded to windows 10. I have been having some compatibility issues. I ve tried upgrading everything and and doing with microsoft suggests going on you know.

Andy s website and upgrading the processor and everything to try to conform to windows 10. And it s helped a little but not much i ve had video that s choppy. I am in the future gonna upgrade the ram and hopefully that will fix it because i am gonna get a new laptop. But i d like to still keep this so i have two laptops doing one thing and the other one doing another.

I don t have to have my computer hosed up when i m rendering video so for if you re looking to edit video. I personally stay away from this laptop. If you re looking to just do some web design. Some searching of the internet s and logo design stuff like that this computer works great just keep in mind that if you do get a model that has windows 10 on it you re probably gonna have some issues.

I personally have tried everything like i said and haven t been able to you know tweak it or work out the kinks obviously if you re looking to play some pc games stay away from this this is not even close to being powerful enough to play games. I knew that and i ve tried some and it it s a little choppy to the point where it s unplayable doesn t have you know robust specs required to play games. Which does go hand in hand. With you know editing video.

And some graphic. Intensive software..

Such as 3ds. Max. The cd drive on it works pretty great. The burner whoops works.

Great it s fast enough. I also had the drive pretty much break. Sometimes i have to pull it out it will not completely eject. But like i said in the beginning of this video this laptop is about two three years old so this stuff is gonna happen mechanically things are gonna start to break down i haven t had any issues with the harddrive yet it s still functioning.

The way it did when i first got it i have since folded up. I m gonna have 12 gigs out of 500 gigs. I have thought about replacing me with a solid state. These laptops if you look around do common solid state.

So if you re into that make sure you specifically look for that overall. It s not a bad laptop. If you have any questions about the lenovo e55. 5.

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