Lenovo Ideapad 110 15ISK Laptop Core i3 6100U – Review Better than other laptops under Rs.30,000

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“Everyone welcome to vicki channel. If you haven t subscribed to my channel please do do so by click on that subscribe button also click on the notification bell. So whenever i upload my videos you will get notified so welcome to my full review of the lenovo 110 ideapad. 15.

Is k. This is a linear laptop. And it is a ideapad model. 110 15.

Is k8 e ut. If you want to complete details. I will leave that in the description of this video. You can also check out the recommendations in the link of this video description box.

This is a lenovo it rocks. I 360 100 year processor. Which is what i am very excited about this laptop because it it performs pretty much on par with the i5. 6200 you at 23.

Gigahertz. So this is a far superior than the eye 3600 6u processor. And i m also excited about the 4gb of ddr2 ram. Which is running at 220 133.

Megahertz of frequency rate..

So everything is good going. For this laptop. And have been testing it for a while this is really performing well and about this build quality. We have got this smooth rubbery finish on the top and at the bottom.

We have got some grills for the ventilation as well as the memory card or the sd card slot is also located on the front bottom of this laptop. Along with the couple of indicators for the load. As well as for power charging and towards. The left we have ventilation power charging port usb.

30 a usb 20. Port a single hdmi port and microphone headphone jack and on the right side. You have got pretty much nothing. But a dvd burner and a mini kensington.

Lock i would have preferred one more usb 30. Port here. I don t know why delay mode. Didn t put that here regarding the keyboard layout.

It is a pretty much standard. That keyboard layout. With some quirks. Such as the placement of the shift key here.

As you can see the keys are really large enough and easy to read..

But then the placement is i think because of the navigational keys. They couldn t put a longer one of the shift key if you look at the hp model. Which are removed or near the tiny top and bottom navigational keys are really tiny. But then the ship keys looks normal so it depends on how you take this usage.

And you ll pretty much soon. Get used to it that s not the problem. I would say and regarding the build quality like i said the hinge mechanism is also pretty good. But then you cannot remove the battery and replace it with other batteries.

So that s one negative aspect of this. But that will make to this hinge mechanism. Which will all the way go to 180 degrees. That pretty much flex to 180 degree.

I don t know the real purpose. Why would you bend all the way to 180 degree. But then that is there more the flexible and the more useful it gets that s how the universal is and regarding the. Display it has got 156 inch hd.

Display. Which is glossy and the brightness is pretty pretty good sunlight visibility is also good you get the 1366 by 768 of resolution running at 60 hertz. Which is fine for this price range nothing to complain about the camera is a vga and it performs a pretty okay for what you would pay or what you would expect from the front camera hey. This is not a high end laptop.

So don t expect anything great from this video camera located here this rocks a windows..

10 home edition. Which is really cool. That s if you take all those aspects. You would really love this laptop.

And it comes windows comes with original windows 10 out of the box and all you need to do is to sign into microsoft. Account. And you re good to go with the board first board itself and the boot. Time is also really good i mean it doesn t take much time to load all the applications.

So that s the positive aspect. And there are a couple of ventilation one at the bottom. And one towards the left of the laptop. Like i showed earlier and the trackpad is also pretty good.

But then the these are two buttons. Here you see are the very plastic you feel very plasticy and make a lot of noise. When you even though you don t use it to just hover your finger over a tiny little less started making some quickie noise like kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty. Yeah.

That s how it sounds so guys. This was my review and after working on the applications. It absolutely works fine for now regarding the battery backup. I would say i had kept it for standby for one day and it was at about 70 percent battery left.

I think the standby time is very great in this laptop because it..

Works a four cell. Battery that is full fledged. Battery for 156. Inch of the display.

Which is a pretty good and about the work usage. If you do some multitask multitasking. I would say it will last for about two four hours without any fuss and if you run more than that applications. I would say it will last for around two to three hours of average battery backup.

I think it s a pretty commendable for what you re paying and what the task you take up so that depends on it i ll make another video after using it for a month. So that will be a full comprehensive review wait for that subscribe to my channel like the video. So that s about it what s more or less in this laptop. I think we have covered every aspect of it so you have missed on anything let me know in the comments down below.

What do you think of this laptop. If you have bought this laptop also let me know do not forget to follow me on social media. Websites like instagram facebook. And i do some photography tips as well check out my channel.

Don t forget to subscribe and hit the like if you liked and share with your friends thanks. So much for watching see you all on the other side bye bye. ” ..


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