Let s Play Breath Of Fire 2 – #8: The Katt Is Out Of The Bag

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“Everyone. This is vcs. Buster and welcome back to let s play breath fire. Too.

Too. Well last time. We successfully found baba. And defeated him and took his an and now we re here inside the coliseum.

We also beat this muscle bound dude. Who gave it us a pass and could attack us by simply flexing his monkey muscles. Which i think is just awesome. That s so cool.

But anyways the manager is waiting for us in the right room. And they actually got the punctuation correct look they remembered to put a period at the end. Thank you so much translation you got it right. I m so happy oh nice to meet you august.

Oh. Well how am. I lucky. Oh.

I bet. There s some members of the bcs universe right now that are flipping out right now besides. There s definitely some girls. I will not mess with in video games.

What i didn t say that at all in fact in what if it s someone like elena from dragon warrior. 4. Or candy from street fighter. Or hell lightning from final fantasy.

13 or final fantasy. 13 or fang or vanilla. Damn what what i mean the winner has already been determined wait have this been scripted. What what i don t understand wait we re just putting on a show is this like wwe.

Oh. That s not fair so all we have to do is make sure you don t hit with the poison needle uh huh. The hell. So this is gonna be a scripted battle.

There are a lot of books do any of those books. Tell us how to play fair or whatever man. So i guess. That s good well let s go see how much exactly they re gonna pay us cuz.

I really am curious locker rooms over here now we can access it by going in through this door and every openness chesses 1000 coins now before we do anything we re gonna want to deposit our money before we talk to that soldier. I ll go over..

Why we do that here in a little bit okay. Let s go ahead apposite all this money first. And we can do that without any hesitation they just let us come and go as we please please give you one more chance to check the trail have enough burners yeah. Five ten herbs that should be fine okay all right let s go here.

We want to deposit our money coin like the store. All of our money yep. Okay we re good any checks to make sure that some facts batman s coins and it is okay we have no money good. I m very happy about that all right now let s go back.

Now that we ve accepted payment alright alright. Now that we ve got rid of our payment. We can go talk to the guy. I ll go over why we do that here just a little bit all right and now let s talk to this soldier here yes.

I took it already we re good what huh hye rin. What s up no especially. I don t have to fight this. Yeah.

What do you mean miss dubois. Oh. What s the hell. Yeah.

I don t know what to believe anymore okay give him all the money we ve got well we have zero dollars. So sure why not yep so not only do we get bonus points. But we ve given him all our money. Which is zero okay fair enough.

I like that all right very nice. The heck was that wait what what oh hahaha man that girl kicked his ass. I like him like guru guru. I don t know why don t we just wait what wait.

I m gonna take both boys and needles and protect her okay. What the hell kind of a strategy is this so now we need to go enter the stadium. So let me take a second make sure i m prepared and then we ll go through with it i guess okay well anyways apparently. The girl did not like what ran had to say.

So i guess we have to take her out then so let s enter the stadium. Let s do it wait what i mean ii don t care. Which fighter. It is whoa man there s trouble a brewin here.

I don t like this at all i ve chickened out. I don t wanna do this anymore. Oh let s likely there another choice okay well that s rock and roll ooh looks like a lot of people are excited about the battle. What do they want me to lose drum roll please whoa.

I guess. That s the star of the show and her name is kat yeah poison you know they re gonna shoot it at us why would i lie to you okay so why would i do that now as this is going on all right looks like it s time to go..

And that s time for a boss battle against cat all right let s do it oh jesus holy cow. Me all right basically wondering when your hp gets low. We definitely want to heal up yeah basically when your hp gets around 20. You re gonna want to you up okay by the way throughout all of this yours want to hold up on well actually know you ve been on yeah.

Okay. So yeah. I m going to hp gets around 20 go ahead and make my day. I guess.

If she taught you you didn t really get hurt. Oh yeah. Quit taunting. Me oh go ryu.

That s fine. You keep turning all you want baba do lost his stroke. A lot strength ow wait for taunting caused me to lose strength the cobras are hurtin okay. I was just for one run.

Okay. That s basically you just want to go back and forth against cat. All right owl. We just keep going back and forth um.

Yeah. Better music just yeah case that were to happen. Whoo nerd. And she kind of looks like a cat too yeesh or attack seem to be keeping from getting weaker than those sweats.

And don t don t be afraid to keep her hp up because you never never know what she s gonna get a special hit in of course. I do come on oh. I came over how much agent rishi has exactly i want to say. It s around 220 hp.

Got it whoa 200 experience and we get a level line. Now hold the up arrow. As soon as you re done yeah. And if you hold the up arrow.

You actually save her and take. The poison needle yourself. So as soon as yes. As soon as that s done hold up arrow and a bottle and your character will will automatically move and we ll push tad out of the way and save her.

Why don t you do both or maybe. A little something extra. Yeah. Why would i lie to you a random stranger trying what oh i ve seen so you thought we were gonna do one of those get rich quick get rich quick schemes or something.

But believe it or not there are some nice guys in the world like myself i m a nice guy. I think anyways yep and we get good compatibility with chance wait haha..

I like it and now we have a new party member whoo. I like it all right and now we have cat on our party. So let s check her out meaning her stats actually she actually is pretty pair of comparable stats to us so that s good like that which definitely super quick so so you can get her something better than yourself healthy okay. We definitely go get her some okay cool.

So we want to start by let s see we want to go and get some oakland right now looks like we re here at the yang. We have a full hp enemy. We re all good so first thing we want to do is definitely go get her. So let s go ahead.

And do that all right let me check double check. My notes and my time and then we ll see what above it to get it okay. I d actually withdraw all my money from the item shop. I forgot to do that so let s go get some new equipment here for our team right now it s about getting a tree staff good and let s see oh yeah that s good upgrade that and steal okay cool all right now we re all good on a but now we re all good he punches in two figures.

We know they re all good because i would never lie cheap deceive now let s head up let s see if we go punch august right in the mouth all right so these soldiers have to say lucky right um. By the way you can t go into the locker rooms. You can t explore cat s room. As long okay.

Let me make sure i m ready to go and then we ll go see what august has to say for himself all right let s do this let s see what august has to say for himself well we ll see about that there is one little competition. That s about to go down. Though hey rads here hey. The actors ready what are you talking about and whose are not the lights uh huh.

What gaudy talk about wait what what s going on whoa holy crap. He s a two headed monster man they just used people for entertainment. What god are you talking about well i mean i guess if we shuffled we could quickly get into the auditorium well i don t think so bub and now it s time for a boss battle against august s and his two giant hits. Okay.

So. The plan basically is is to go all out and need to be careful in this fight. She does. August s oh man.

He can kind of build up his attack he could build up his attack power and do some significant damage. One of your team members if you re not careful now we want them to try hit ryu. Most the time because you can wipe out oh. She s looking for crack.

But basically the plan is baba and tat. If there s the levels that we are right now we ll always get their turn in before august attacks. So you can use that time to heal. And all that good stuff okay.

I didn t do as much damage that button as i thought it would so that s good okay so basically you want to try and feel and then attack now ideally you d like to have ran heal. But unfortunately this speed is so slow you can t really really you have to kind of guess as to what what he s gonna do and that s not good okay. Let s see a cat and a hope and i m hoping that he s gonna get me you kind of need that zap and survive this survive. This okay whoo.

He survived it good that ll work then cats got her hp back good all right there you go basically you just want to whittle this guy down of hp and when ryu runs out of booth. When one react when bu runs out of hp basically just using her okay..

I m counting on the fact that he s gonna survive. So let s go ahead just have our two most strongest people attack. I think he s got around 6 or 700. Hp.

Maybe ever you hit r. Even for you a. Few. Oh yeah good job for you i like that definitely feel bad.

For. That one. Okay. You ll be able to survive another.

So let s heal up for you again okay. I know it says baa baa. But yes scotto wifu who had gained a level excellent. I want to each of them to gain 150 experience that you get from them battle.

There are seed has been planted what are you talking about our god. Yeah. What are you talking about wait. Oh.

My goodness. That s not really i have no idea. Oh. I see let s whoa ho.

I m just gonna leave that one alone. Ouch. Okay. Yeah.

We do have a hideout. Oh. Yeah. I forgot about that this is true now okay that sounds just fine dang listen rand.

I don t know if you know this. But she can probably beat the crap out of you all right and now we have three members on our team. But what s happening back at the hiding place how are the repairs going you re gonna fight them next time to find out tell them this is bzs buster signing off don t forget to like the on facebook. Like me on facebook.

Follow me on twitter at bc us jlp check out the donations. ” ..

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