Let s Play Mega Fun Slither io Game with Ryan s Family Review

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“Oh hey kids today we gonna play swing the io with a bunion on the the ipad. So ryan s been playing this game for a long time yeah tikka this game. I don t know how to play that much so basically yours snakes and a bunch of other snakes and you re supposed to eat those color balls right okay. And if you touch.

Other snakes body you die. Ryan screen. Name is yes. My name is bunny.

So. If you are in top 10. The ranked top 10. Then you may study up there right now our rank is 476 out of 500 508 let s see if we can go to page clicking ryan can so.

Ryan said. The trick is to once you get long enough you can drop people on suicide. You just make a circle and write our language. 230.

Okay just not good right yeah. Let s see if you can do it again whoa that was the instant kill i just lots of practice. It s okay you see that guy no way how that guy just ran into you wasn t healing tough. Damn no now right also in so much longer and his rank jump all the way to 70 wow you picked the green because you like trouble yeah.

He can go anywhere. Except this world. Oh. Yay yummy.

Yummy food. Yeah. Oh see get my coat. Oh.

No you want to kill her. You re bigger than yes. Let s see it s going up. We are not stopping today until we get the top 10.

So long get close to that big one right oh no way you can do it. Oh. That s what i want to do okay well. We ll change mom will attend you got this money you got this.

So right now. The highest ranked ryan got today in 25. Oh. No he s gonna try to rap to you ryan.

There s not there s just posters. He likes. Me. Oh oh actually i m not that long okay.

Maybe not the same guy who stole my building. No the same i destroyed. It was great what s he just oh. I saw his head this way well.


He oh. While your rank already jumped to 29. No one s stealing through i ll kill him here wow your rank is 25 bucks. Again i am 1 5.

Into. 24. You want to get to 10. You can do it oh great 25.

Again not pressing long till. This person is not when you re looking at right now person next week and wants to take you at me. I m still yeah. If you haven t really killed anybody yet.

Oh not the end of the field. I see red line. You catch. The red new pack.

Oh really. Oh oh oh yeah. Smiley. Face.

Let s do this. Smiley. Turn. And take your game mode chase.

Yes. My name is 15. Top. 15.

Yes. Yes. Oh. You ll bring it down.

Some. Anything. Oh look. I try one last time and let me quit.

I m sorry i say i mean i m gonna play until we hit rank tampa just just too hard after daddy play i ll play on my heart is stubborn okay you re gonna fight like you all the time. Okay yeah see see your eyes see let s see i m not gonna do it. Yeah. Thank you this game.

I can never get better. Oh booya. Ah. What your rank for you for already good bro.

That was what does good a brown that s good yeah. I m already on 32. Ah. I guess.


That s it for this video. Oh. I guess we can open the sun blind battle for absolutely. Oh here s all the story.

I already have so that s the ducks to the other day. We got this is ultra mega ok let s open other blind night ooh black and yellow cute alright let s open other blind bags. Let s see oh we got green one got your favorite. Oh your favorite color.

Wait. There s not a smiley face. Would see just regular face. Yeah.

We got a rainbow. Oh yeah. Three rainbows all right. There that many rainbows yeah.

It s all coming to me. Yeah. That s the last one right. Oh papa.

All the way hey touch my body. Okay don t say fall. Today s video. Thank you s you want to shoot yourself in the head and again let s put her with trip because you know he s not annoying at all and make an unoriginal and boring episode that so bad audiences would write someone scratched their nails on the chalkboard didn t watch.

It it ll be great as you may have guessed. I don t think very highly of commander tucker and say that he even beats out tom. Paris is the most annoying main character in the track history. I honestly can t say any specifics about this episode.

Because i hadn t seen in several years. I m sorry. But i refuse to force myself to centers episode. Again just for a review.

It took me a long time to recover from the traumatic experience of watching this episode. And that s not something i want to repeat okay so enough negativity let me get on to where. I think enterprise actually got it right with my top 10 best episodes of star trek enterprise. I number 10 this shockwave.

Although the second part of this two parter was kind of a letdown. The first part was suspenseful enough to warn a place in the top 10 and what an amazingly suspenseful episode with the enterprise thinking they accidentally killed a whole colony of people. But then discovering they were set up by the suliban. So with some help from the future they actually go to them and totally kick their ass and get what they want but in the end.

Archer gets stuck in the post apocalyptic future in the enterprise gets taken over by the suliban and one of the most suspenseful cliffhangers in track history. And the second part wasn t that bad either has the enterprise enterprise crew had to struggle to retake the enterprise from the suliban plus. When archer travels back to the present pretending to be the mystery guy and silica sore asking him to repeat. What he says but then archer pairs and punches him in the face.

And said. I said you re an ugly bastard. That s probably the best archer moment in this series. I number nine is the observer effect.


Another suspenseful episode it shows the that has the origins organians. Which is a callback from the original series episode of errand of mercy. Who are highly advanced energy beings have some kind of prime directive. Which prohibits them from interfering.

We re tripping hoshi. But you know about to die from an unstoppable disease. The tension in this episode was really awesome and features typical star trek guilt. Tripping negotiations.

Saying. Oh you need to be compassionate. Like us. Humans.

I love that number eight is cogenitor. A trip episode that i actually like where the fact he s a bumbling idiot actually leads to a very dramatic and intriguing moral dilemma. This episode explores how good intentions don t really mean much when you don t think things through and also the importance of not judging different cultures based off your own culture. It s a rare gem to be found in enterprises second season.

Number seven is carpenter street. I love this episode. Because it s one of the darkest of any track series and definitely the biggest departure. This episode features a shady character who kidnaps prostitutes and other innocent people for money and modern day.

Detroit. And is beautifully ties into the xindi storyline into the time travel episode by having t. pol and archer have to fight the reptilians in the past definitely leaked episode. Worth noting number.

6. Is in ameri darkly speaking of new unique episodes. I m not sure if they new enterprise. Was being cancelled when they came up with this episode.

But it was obvious they decided ah forget it let s just have some fun. And this was a pure fanboy episode the kind of which all trek series should have been making more of but they were too scared of alienating general audiences. I m thrilled they decided to throw caution to the wind and just do it. The storyline wasn t the best or most original.

But the opening sequence where they replayed how first contact would take place in the meijer universe. Then even going as far to changing the opening credits to a mirror universe sequence. And finally showing what the totally and the gourd would look like with 21st century cgi technology and seeing archer and the crew walk around 1960s original series uniforms. The original series type start ship and answering the question of what happened to defiant from the original episode.

The tholian web. And what caused the disturbance in that episode in the first place on top of all that seeing the evil parallel universe. Versions of enterprise crew and the origins of the mirror universe made this episode. Absolutely awesome number.

5. Is twilight. The best way to describe this episode would be yesterday s enterprise meets memento. We re treated to a possible future where the enterprise actually fails to stop xindi from destroying earth and in the future.

Where archer is lost his short term memory and was out of commission. Seeing humanity turned into a ragtag band of refugees being hunted down by the xindi and leading to the ultimate struggle. Which you know. Which of course.


They realized carrying archers disease will actually erase this grisly events from history. And give humanity a second chance. Number four is azadi prime this exciting midseason cliffhanger in the season long xindi story arc. This is the conclusion to the whole first half of the season.

Where they ve been trying to find the xindi weapon finally they manage to find it and then we get a visit to enterprise j. In the future. Where we learn xindi are actually part of the federation and the present days in d are being manipulated by evil transdimensional beings are using this indeed to take over the galaxy. But after learning this archer decides to go on his suicidal mission to destroy the weapon anyway.

Which fails and the enterprise gets the crap beat out of it has never has before really upping the ante on the whole xindi story arc. Number three is the forge. The awakening and key shara. The three part vulcan revolution episode that explains why the vulcans aren t dickey.

They aren t dicks anymore. This isn t siding episode with a typical fantasy like mystical quest with archer trying to discover an ancient artifact to bring peace to vulcan while being possessed by the capture of the greatest vulcan. I ve ever lived while trip and the enterprise works to stop a war between vulcan and and or. But another reason.

I love these episodes is for the political commentary in these episodes. Which was a bold decision in america in 2005. And this episode came out where although the iraq war was losing popularity. It was still generally seen as unpatriotic to question the war or the almighty george bush.

These episodes made a daring statement that immediately was lost on most people but when you think about it. This episode was about a corrupt politician. Who plans to start a war based on false information that their enemy has weapons of mass destruction. Which of course no such weapons exist.

He just wants to start a war in order to gain power and influence and at the same time he tries to silence all pacifists who would speak out against his unjust war by labeling them as terrorists that sounds familiar and number two is the canceled countdown in zero hour. I m not sure if it s technically a three parter. But considered a three way tie. If you wish.

It s the final three episodes of finish up the xindi story arc of season 3 and boy does it go out with a bang. The biggest flaw does indie story arc in my opinion is that it had such a bad start. But they were obviously saving the best for last these amazing episodes explored the five xindi races and their internal politics to an intriguing effect. Making the xindi.

A viable and complex handling feature of the star trek franchise. These episodes cranked up the suspense factor by finally resolving the major threat to earth that had been looming for over a year. I was just the suspense and action built in these episodes were so powerful that frankly. It was impossible for the show to top and my number one favorite episode of star trek enterprise is damage this episode combines elements of my favorite voyager episode year of hell.

And my second favorite deep space nine episode and the pale moonlight and adds in a little drug addiction. Just for good measure the archers struggled with his decision to attack defenseless peaceful aliens in order to survive and finish to the mission this was a difficult moral decision that would scar archer for the rest of the series on top of all this the paul was going through withdrawals after being addicted to a drug that led her experience emotions. The scene where while experiencing withdrawal she confronts archer about his a more immoral plan is by far. The best thing of the series and one of the best in track history in my opinion what if something goes wrong we can debate this all day.

I ve made my decision we can t save humanity without holding on to what makes us human those were your words to me. I m no happier. Doing this than you are but we re not gonna make a habit of it once you rationalize the first misstep. It s easy to fall into a pattern of behavior rationalizing anything i know full well what i m doing i can t justify this course of action.

We don t have a choice. So that is my top 10 favorite enterprise episodes hasn t said before i ll be making more star trek videos in the future. So keep an eye out for those and ” ..


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