Let s Play Path of Exile (Co-Op) Part 1 – Starting Out As A Duelist (HD Gameplay)

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“Wrote unfair here and today. We are in path of exile. With me. As rabid rabid gorilla and cranek wow.

How s it going. And what we re deciding to is just check out something a little different take a break from some of the other games. We re playing and you know path of exile looks cool it s diablo mounish. We just thought hey what s a good game that three people can play together that isn t a shooter.

And that s actually a really short list in the very short list the shortest of list. So the first problem. We ve got is we don t know where we are like at all so we don t know where to meet up we re in a party. We figured that part out none of us know what we re doing in this game.

By the way. So this is all blind. We ve not done this before i don t even know opportunity anything um. It s point click move swing hit your enemies or potions and stuff.

And i m dying to zombies you re drown. I m dead that resists a cold or something why can t i show you guys i i don t know. And that s what we got to figure out maybe this little opening tutorial thing is just that you have to play thirty single player and i guess we ll figure that out as we go all right go back to where i was my suggestion at this point just kill our way through everything. And so we can find each.

Other there s got to be like a central town or something you would think yeah well i was at that game that thought i could you guys not badly not yeah. I don t think we can which is really unfortunate. But we ll figure it out cole you re pushing some charges up i am playing as the duelist. I don t know what the other guys are playing at yet.

But we ll get that figured out ranger got a marauder. I don t know if there s group compositions to get things done in this game or not we re gonna find that out in a big hurry. Though come a little closer zombie friend. See.

It s your pretty typical isometric. Hack and slash which i ll tell you it s extremely ooh. Hello. You used to be a zombie till.

You took an arrow to the knee..

But no this thing is actually killing me it s something large and it s healing. Don t don t heal don t heal that s bad that sounds like you re fighting the head luck yeah. That s exactly what i m doing kind of poorly. I m just i m not even using any kind of tactics.

I don t even think there are any tactics. I m just standing here feeding on them all right. I m standing far enough back that i can actually see the things on my screen. I m shooting.

I got a portal scroll what sex is when i miss click and run up next to the monster. I m trying to shoot unidentified. I have an unidentified piece. Oh.

This is cool what am i using as a weapon right now eight. Okay well. I m zoning into somewhere. Oh.

There we go. Rabid gorilla shows up in my conditions. Are my group. Now.

I see you too i m standing. But stache. Oh. My god it s a big black dude.

Scary. It s only that were true i have to put the level up. I have no idea. But people want to see something really crazy.

This is the skill picker thingy. I have no idea this it s thick. There my brain might have melted just a little bit so increase melee damage increased attack speed which way should i go i don t know what kind of weapons. My guy can use so i m just gonna go with the tack speed.

That s kind of universally acceptable..

All right yeah. Thanks. Oh. All right so now we have to wait for cramming to show up you know i have no idea where i m going is there somebody to sell stuff to in here.

Yeah. The currency system is a little weird doesn t exactly use like gold. I bought an item and it took some scrolls of wisdom yeah. But from where like is there an actual guy.

I spoke to a believe it was nessa. I m gonna have the option to buy or sell stuff. I m nessa that future giant you just laid to rest that was hillock you re lucky. He s eaten stronger excels in you has so many arrows and his chair in wraeclast till.

You ve rid us of a curse can we owe you our thing learner s watch isn t much. But it s ours we could use you here while you live. But should you wish to venture out do just one thing for me out on the coast amongst. The wreck.

There must be a ship s medicine chest. I have many too careful and there s only so much i can do with herbs and seawater there we go yeah coming into town. I killed the hillock thingy. It sounds like progress is being made scroll of wisdom right click this item aha that s to identify oh i see she s giving me one of those.

And okay. Yeah. That is a little weird isn t it yeah. Because you also use those to try and sell stuff which i guess it s extra weird yeah i m a wee bit confused.

But it s okay i ll take it so we got here. Oh you could take skill gems out without an issue huh. I just made a magical sword. No i have no idea what i m doing.

But this is pretty typical point click action game type of thing so are we just picking up all these people to us julis french. I haven t actually i picked up the names best oh captain of the good ship there we go that s an iron ore thursday s talking about porn esse okay we re gonna reward there are i see a couple of a couple of quine work with you know dual strike running arrow or double strike oops put their own button leaving this place we ll be out there with you in a second all right did you head to the terraces yep. I see you right there for now guys kind of i m coming game looks nice. Though.

The big improvement over the initial release all right let s go kill us some things like barrels die barrel..

It seems this new arena suits. Me hmm when you love something exploded so did i i m like oh i m gonna die i think i need another weapon i need to figure out how to get my the text on something other than clicking. There we go i can have two weapons. Let s see how this works.

I don t actually use my second. I don t know i m confused ok. No it s it s kind of using all right so i m a dual wielding rogue type hello yeah. I really need to figure how to set these attacks up i like loot think i m on fire yes.

I m on fire. So is he oh my god people leveling yay and seagulls. Many seagulls. I found bad guys.

Lots of bad. Oh god oh god oh. God save me don t go that way somebody s making it rain. I know i don t want to die.

I don t want to find out what happens when you die. It s not how i want to do this can we kill this fire fury guy. He s kind of being a bitch that s a lot of arrows stuck in its head. Barely is a boss.

There s a hey you took the rugged quiver off. Yeah. I just picked up a bunch of crap here you can have the quiver obviously. It s useless to me.

Although i don t think so i think i can actually use can you train the pylons over here no i don t think i can see i don t know anything about this class. I don t know what it can and can t do i don t know when the quiver drop that actually showed up with my name and a little bar underneath it so yes. I can in fact use ranged weapons. Well.

I think you may go get that figured out yeah. It s a bow that does 4 to 12 damage. 5. Critical chance actually you ll want this there you go i even identified it for you because i m a nice guy.

No okay so onward onward to what victory..

Sir i m going with painful demise. Let s go up. Here. And see.

The fire guy was hanging around up here magical crate has nothing in it targeting as an archer is a little challenging. Why is that cuz you guys run up and things run at you return are you asking me to marry you good because i would have to respectfully decline your offer anyway. Hey somebody please beste up here you can use it take it i can there s a shield over i don t think i m a shield guy. Although i think you could pretty much use any weapons you want to give you you guys an idea of where items are missing.

Just at fault. Yeah. If you hit if you hold down. Alt.

Yeah. Like there s a closet for looking on the ground. I have no need for a glass shank. Ah.

I know duel this level for let s get out of this thing. So this video doesn t run too long because. I m sure people are actually going to be bored out of their mind. Watching this okay.

If you see a timer up here that means. It s your item for that however long. It is this is actually yeah actually rolls on certain things for a short period. Not awful long period.

But well i have no fear. I will ninja everything of value. Well yeah this era soon hang out around with them very long enough you know themselves it is mine mine mine mine you see this debris over here and it s not a hunter item all right and onto the mudflats and this is where we re calling. It here we will be back see you all next time ” .


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