LG G6: Otterbox Symmetry, Defender & Alpha Glass (Best Screen Protector)

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“Guys ebpman here and today want to take a look at a few products from from otterbox that are specifically designed for the lg g6. We re looking at the case defender case. And the alpha glass. All for the lg g6.

Let s check it out. So. First let s go ahead. And take a look at the symmetry case.

Right here. And you can see some of the features that are highlighted drop protection. Ultra slim. One piece design and it s something that s going to be easy to put on an off your phone as you take a look at it you have a hard polycarbonate material with a combination of some soft tpu material on the sides.

And you can see that it does have a lot of flexibility which means your phone s going to come in and out really easily. If you want to take your phone out really generous cut out so you can see how wide that headphone jack. Is and your pin hole mike as well as everything that s going on in the bottom. We re going to allow your speaker.

As well as your charging cable to be plugged in without really any effort at all you can see here how those volume rockers are pretty much out there easy to feel very tactile nature. And i m sure they re going to be very. Responsive otterbox logo on the side. So let s go ahead and insert our lg g.

6. And see how it works and see. If it taxes our wireless charging test. So we ll take g6 again it should done i like working wherever.

We have some power buttons or volume rockers first like slighted in that way and but you saw it easy. I was nice clean production. You can notice how to have a nice edge. All the way around camera protection massive and you notice up in an angle.

So you re not going to have any backlash. Generous cutouts on the bottom and also generous cutouts on the top. You know definitely you can t go wrong with our box. And you can definitely see the kind of quality that we re talking about here.

This is a solid case. Nice bumper protection good feel doesn t add a lot of weight to it. But you know that your phone is going to be protected alright..


So now let s go ahead and look at the defender case. And this is a more ruggedized case. Much more rugged than the one. We saw before drop.

Protection dust protection scratch protection. Triple layer protection screen protection and adult clips. So this just come with a very rugged case. We ll look at the belt clip first very thick material as you can see here you can rotate this easily it does you can use it as a kickstand as well so if you put it like this.

And you re viewing. Some type of media and you have it up it will hold up your phone nicely it comes off really easily. And i ve had used otterbox for how many years now never ever ever have i broken one of these never has my phone falling off or has it fallen off my belt. And that s because it has this little notch right here you know it s right here.

Where the clip is that your belt catches. So this is great if you re going to be working on the outdoors. If you re an outdoor person. If you re you know in construction definitely the way to go if you re looking for a rugged case.

So looking at the case. Now you have a built in screen protector and then you have now that triple protection. This is something that kind of peels off you know just peel. It off just like this.

And this is kind of like a rubberized tpu material. Then you have this polycarbonate material. That s where you re going to encase your phone. So really easy to do all will do they ll snap off each of these areas place our phone and then snap.

It in place and we ll see how everything looks together now as you can see right here separating them is pretty easy. All you have to do is put your nail underneath on this clip. And then lift up and you have to do it with each not too much if you don t want to snap it off and enough where it actually disengages from this area. So the next step is to take our phone rusted in this area like that and then what you ll do is snap.

These two pieces together. And what i like doing is just working my way all the way around until it snapped into place. And you can hear an audible click. When you do that probably have some dust under there.

Maybe maybe not but this is the mean. The main piece. You ll notice that once this is on it s still very responsive the screen doesn t feel sticky or gooey in any way..


So the next step is to put it into this sleeve. Here and all i m going to do is just snap. It in just like this and work my way all around these edges. So that it is nice and tight so it s going to do that all right so now we have it on and you can see that everything in line is really nicely.

You have really a lot of screen production here no issues whatsoever with the amount of death that you have here. Protecting your screen. You notice how everything is nicely aligned here look at the depth right there for the camera. Very nice protected ports are covered it is a ip 68.

Certified phone. So you may not will need to have these ports covered for the dust and water resistant. But if you re working in a harsh environment. Where there is a lot of dust hey.

It doesn t hurt to have it sealed. And it s very flexible. So you don t have to worry about how hard it is we need to plug in your cable. Everything aligns nicely here and here and like i said i want to try to log in it loves them easily.

I don t feel any kind of lack of response on the screen now remember with your case. You can actually have it outward like this and that s at the kickstand or what you can do is have it in work. Because you want to go ahead and protect your your screen keep in mind. That you do expose this area here to dust so if you are working in a harsh environment.

I d probably recommend something like this so that your camera doesn t get all the dust now let s take a look at the alpha glass. I ve had great experience with otterbox glass products they typically are case friendly. They are going to be resistant to smudge and oils and things that either come off your face or off your hand. And they come well equipped with this wipe.

Even though if your phone is brand new you want to use it you can dry things. And then the alpha glass is a full adhesive screen protector that s loaded with us. So. Here.

You have it you have two pieces one that you ll peel off you align. It and this is probably one of the easier ones to put in so when i place this down. I m going to kind of align. It like this and actually.

This is a little backwards let s flip this around i m going to i m going to put it like this and then i m going to just rest. It now i ll rub my finger here in the slice. And make sure the enlightenment feels good and then i ll just eyeball this area right here..


Because you don t want it to be too close to the edges. Because this is where your case is going to come up and you don t want it too close to this area here. So this is how i typically align. It and then i just press this way as i lay it in now.

I rule of thumb. Now rule of thumb anytime. You re working with adhesive glass. Screen.

Protectors. You want to make sure that you re in a dust free environment. You want to make sure that you have no fan. Going everything is shut down make sure we don t have the hair.

There or scratch. So you just wipe it down. Really good you know this is a once use pal lat. So you want to make sure that you don t have any kind of material on there and then what i ll do is once i ve concluded that i m going to dry.

It and then we ll try working with a screen protector so now the first thing. I m going to do is i m going to go ahead and remove the plastic piece o remember this is the top. So i m going to remove it and i m going to just have it right here on the sides put that to the side. And i m just holding the sides right here and then one when direct try to do is align.

This starting from the top well see it s kind of tricky to do this on camera. But try to line it as best as i can so that it s aligned with the top and then what i m going to do is i ball the bottom to make sure that the bottom is nicely aligned. There and then what should happen is once i let it go everything should fall into place. So we re going to go with the top alignment.

See how that looks i ll go on the side. Just like i told you i can you just to make sure everything is straight. And then what i ll do is i ll let it go so i wanted to line it so i had to take it off camera just for a second. But i went ahead and just released it and you ll notice that all i have is a small bubble.

Here you can be using your finger. You want to push it outwards just like that push it outwards and eventually it ll go away. So let s go ahead and continue to push outward. You don t have to push really hard especially with this product.

Because of the quality of the adhesive and it will go away. So let s make sure we don t have any dust under there and as you can see here no dust. This is just a finger smudge..


So what we ll do is we ll just wipe this down again. So you can see the quality of the glass. And then i use this right here in what i look for in a screen. Protector is a couple things first of all how quickly it lies and adheres to the screen and the other thing.

I m looking for is that there aren t any areas on the side. Where you see this isa picking out now it doesn t look like there s a lot of curvature to the screen. So that makes it easier for the manufacturers for the glass. But you ll notice that there s no halo.

So there s no lifting on the side. Where you kind of see a halo on the sides. Here everything looks good so now. Let s go ahead and turn it on and you notice that screen quality is good you make sure that you guys can see that that s nice and focus responsiveness is good feels as good as or probably better than the glass that the head on very nice and easy to navigate so and i don t really see any problems at all with the with the navigation.

So all in all great screen protector. Now the next thing to test is will it work with other cases. So we re going to do now is i m just going to put it in this is a case that we got from poetic and you ll notice when in didn t have any challenge whatsoever with the actual case itself everything looks great let s go ahead and try now the outer box one and we re with outer. I kind of like laying on the side.

So let me turn that off put it into place right here snap. It in and screen protector did not lift and again because those edges are not quite connected to the size. And that s why you have to take your time. When you re putting that screen protector and that s why i run my fingers on the side to make sure that it s even in straight.

Because if it is moving too far this way or too far that way none angle. When you put on your case. It s going to lift so no problems there and it worked fine now before we wrap up the video. I just wanted to do the wireless charging test almost forgot about that and you ll notice that it powered up which means that it is charging and actually a little charging symbol.

There we re going that camera you can see that right there. So it is charging and that is with the first case from otterbox. So now we re going to do is put the defender case. In and see if it does the same alright.

So here is now the defender. I m going to just put it in place and then we ll wait to see if it lights up and it does light up as well so this includes my review of the otterbox symmetry otterbox defender and the otterbox alpha glass have any comments or questions leave in the comment area below. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up don t forget to share and subscribe and as always ” ..


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