LG Rumor 2 (Sprint) – Unboxing and Hands-On

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” s going on everybody know from phone like calm and fedex. What s in it it sorry got the straps there hey now look at that it s the lg to for spring it s the follow up to the popular lg messaging phone. The rumor you know now sprint s got what the rumor in the rumor to and they ve got the rant from samsung. Interesting lots of messaging phones so in the box.

We ve got the phone hey turn down your music over there huh. I don t know what i don t know i don t even if the name that song is there planned you got an extra faceplate on the back and you ve got your adapter. It s not the modular. But it s you know just one piece.

But it looks like it is mini usb there i mean micro usb you also get a user guide and that s about it so here s the phone itself snap off backplate not all that much different still blue with the black trim. But you get the little little flower pattern. There room squared. I think it s called a rumor not rumor squared.

But so there s your your slide out keyboard. Nice and shiny..

Oh yeah i forgot to turn tweetdeck off sorry. If you re on twitter. Corndog. Noah you can follow me if you re on the facebook facebook just changing up their stuff.

Today. So. The new phone dog page. Where we re working on that our facebook presence.

But you can head over to play one pup bandit when some phones. I think sprint donated some phones lots of other companies we appreciate that and of course. I m on facebook also i ll look there s a smiley face button let s see what that does smiley face messages send message text message new address five five five five five five one two one two continue compose message smiley face oh i m going to con button. Very nice.

I don t even know what that one means how to rumors get started started by jealous people i don t know why that sounds in my head anyway keyboard feels pretty good plastic chiclet style. But the buttons are nicely spaced plenty of room up here on top sometimes these these sliders your fingers..

Champ your thumbs jam into the edge of the top part of the phone. But here it feels pretty good shift buttons up in the top corner there instead of on the bottom at the shift. But you know it s funny. There s no rule standard yet for these keyboards and each one seems to be a little bit different.

But me i ve just seen too many of them cursor keys down here double wide spacebar always nice function buttons and orange. You know it s nice they did the function button orange and then your shift space and cursor enter and back in the dark gray to contrast with the blue alpha numeric keys so i like that kind of easy to read nice you know it feels a little more solid in the original rumor not the heavy duty that the rant. The samsung rant is that one s kind of more metal. This is plastic.

But a little heavier duty duty and the keys are plastic not rubber. Which is always good you can see you know the auto rotate and it saves your message you can keep messaging in t9 mode. If you want to right i could just keep messaging jeep jep yeah well it works i m just not in the right mode and there you go we re not this isn t a review. This is just an unboxing a quick tour around the phone go to the menu.

And it looks like you ve got web messages maps. So we ve got some gps going photos there s a camera on the back no..

Flash i believe it s 13. Megapixel. We ll check that out media player no memory card in here. Okay.

I didn t see mention of one say on the box with what should be inside here 13 megapixel sprint mobile email gps. I don t believe it s it s f do a video is people keep telling me to say but i like to say i ve dude. So you re not gonna get all the you know like the rant has the sprint tv. I believe and all that stuff that the higher part stuff this one little lower power.

But cheaper and you know your data plan probably cheaper and all that so there you go. It s an upgrade of a basic entry level messaging phone. Which is what the rumor was the rumor to is. But this one s a little bit nicer and you know so far so good.

Good good hand feel. As mega doug would say and the keyboard is good and now really that s all..

But the backs coming off. There. I think they i think the back wants me to put the other the other faceplate on so let s do that real quick before. We say goodnight snap that off got a headphone jack on the side looks.

Like two and a half millimeter micro sd card slot. Usb connector on the bottom rocker switch camera button. You know all the standard stuff. Oh.

Let s rock the flower flower power look at that it s like a whole new phone there you go it s the brand new lg sprint rumor to for you right here live on the phone dog we ll have much more on this phone. All the new phones coming out cta coming up real soon. I think you can see a lot of new phones soon. But if you want to get your rumor on now you can do it square remember two from lg and sprint.

I m noah from phone dog comm wondering how do rumors get started started by jealous people i don t know we ll see you next time ” ..

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