LG Stylo 4 How to Improve Battery Life

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The first tip. I m going to show you is simply it has to build your notification panel. Here so we have all these different switches up here that control the phone and there s two that i want you to pay attention to which are wi fi and gps or on here. It says location.

These are the two biggest items that will drain your battery. If you leave them on all. The time. So.

What i recommend is turn off your wi fi and turn off your gps. And only turn it on. When you re going to use it so for example. When i come home.

I turn on my wi fi. When i leave the house. I turn it off because i don t have wi fi in my car so if i have it on it s just gonna be running and searching for wi fi signals there for draining the battery. So keep this off unless you re at home and then for gps.

It all depends on how you use your phone if you use your google maps a lot i will say keep it over but if you don t then turn it off because again those two things are one of the biggest or two of the biggest trainers on your battery. So just by turning them off you re already gonna get more battery life just by doing that so that s our first tip to improve your battery life. The second one is gonna have to do with your screen brightness so right now. I have it set to manual.

Which means the auto is not on okay. But a lot of people what they do is they keep this on auto. Which it can be really cool. Because what the automatic is set to do is it will adjust the brightness of the screen based on the room that if you walk into a really bright room it will turn down the brightness on your phone.


If you walk into a dark room it ll turn the brightness up so it s always adjusting based upon the room that you re in even if you walk outside. There s a lot of sunlight. It will adjust the screen to handle the sun while this is a good feature. It is very draining on the battery.

Because your phone is using the sensors to read the light in the room. So i would recommend this is what i do i turn this off and i adjust it manually most of the time. The setting that i have it on is good no matter where i am and if i need to change it you just swipe down and you adjust it based upon how you want it but by you adjusting it manually versus you letting the phone do it it s gonna save you a lot of battery. Because there s extra sensors that are not going to be constantly working all the time so that s the second tweak right there our third tweak is a little bit more severe depending on how you use the phone.

This might be a good thing for you and it may not let s show you so let s wipe down here upper right corner click on your settings wheel and to make this really quick just tap on the magnifying glass up here and you re gonna type in re s. And we re gonna go to screen resolution your screen is set out of the box to be on high resolution. And for good reason. This the phone looks very beautiful.

However the higher the resolution. The more power. The battery is using the power that screen. So if you re not a gamer and you don t watch the videos and you really don t care about how bright your screen is or how vibrant.

It is you just want to make sure your phone is on and it lasts. A long time i will tell you to set it to the low screen resolution and that s gonna help stress that battery because it won t be working. So hard in the background. So that s another really good tweak.

When you do select. It it is gonna restart the phone. So that s why i m not going to demonstrate it in the video. But feel free to try it out for yourself.

When you re in all right our next week is gonna have to deal with the wi fi. This is a really important one that i do on all my phones and until i knew about it you know i was just in the dark. I didn t realize what my phone was drained. When i m not using it and now i know so let s show you so once again swipe down upper right corner click on the settings wheel.

We want to go to the network tab and go down to a wi fi upper right corner click on the three dots click on advanced to wi fi and go to where it. Says keep wi fi on when screen is off. So. Let.


Me explain. How this works. So. When your wi fi is turned on and this setting.

This is how its set default out of the box. When the wi fi is on even when the screen is off the wi fi is still on and working. And searching so if you ever put your phone down. And the screen was off and you walked away.

And you came back. An hour later. And you wonder why your battery. Drained.

5. 10. Or. More.

This is one of the reasons. Why when wi fi is on the phone is constantly using it to make updates search for data keep your apps updated there s a lot of things that are happening in the background. The problem is if you re not using the phone this kind of sucks. I m not even using the phone and it s draining.

My battery so what i recommend for you to set this to is only when it s plugged in do i want wi fi working in the background that way. If your phone is plugged in guess. What it s receiving powers. So i don t mind if wi fi is working even though.

I m not using the phone. However. A lot of us set our phones down and we fall asleep. And guess.

What i don t want to wake up. And my phone is dead so just by making this little tweak. It is gonna stretch your battery because it s only gonna use that wi fi. If your phone is plugged into power and the screen is off.


So that was our next recommendation right there our next battery improvement. Tip is gonna be the new battery saver mode. Which a lot of lg phones have battery saver mode. This is not new by any means.

But what lg has done is they ve added an additional layer to the battery saver mode. So if you swipe down and hold down on battery saver extended. It ll take you to this screen. Where you have two options now we used to only have one option.

It was just battery saver mode. But now there is a max battery saver mode okay i will turn this on just so you guys can see what it does so this setting is like the most aggressive battery saver mode that you can get on the phone. It does turn off a lot of your background settings and it basically tries to remove anything that s draining your battery to help you stretch the battery longer so right here it tells you save battery by reducing the phone s performance and restricting what apps can do in the background select the mode to choose of above la. So as you can see the phone goes into an almost grayscale mode.

It s not fully grayscale. But it does remove your wallpaper. And it just gives you a straight black wallpaper. Because that s another way for you to extend the batteries because your wallpaper.

I m not sure if you knew this your wallpaper actually drains the battery because it has color the phone has to use power to produce that color. If the background is black. The phone is using less power. So the phone is stripped down.

You don t have as many animations. But the beauty is you re still able to use the phone you re still able to use a lot of the functions. It s just limiting a lot of the things that are working in the background. So that it was trust longer so this is a great way to really stretch your battery.

But i only recommend that you use it when your battery is extremely low for example. When my battery gets to about 10 or 15. And maybe i know i m gonna be somewhere from there 3 or 4 hours. I ll switch to this setting.

Because it will hold your battery at that percentage for a few hours. You could stretch 10 for a while so that s what i would use this i wouldn t keep this on all the time because you kind of lose a lot of the other features in the phone. So it s up to you. But that s just how i would use it for say turning it off is super easy swipe down.


And we re just gonna tap here and hit turn off and now. It s gonna switch back to its big a beautiful mode. And it ll restore everything to the way. It was now we have one last tip that s gonna help you to improve on that battery life it s a widget that we re gonna drag to the home screen.

So just take your finger and hold down the home screen and then at the bottom bottom left click on widget swipe. All the way until you get to this one that says smart cleaning hold down it and we re gonna drag it to our home screen and it s right here and when we tap on this it takes you to the smart cleaning section of the phone which one helps you diagnose all the different things that s going on on the phone. It will help you get back memory it ll let you see where you are with your internal storage. And it will allow you to optimize the phone.

So if you have too much stuff. That s running it s gonna turn off some things to help improve the phone s performance. So you want to hit optimize now. I believe since we ve just got out of the battery saver mode.

Nothing is running right now so the optimize. There s nothing to optimize. But i would recommend you do this once a day tap on that widget and go here and hit optimize and what it ll do is it ll closing the app. Setting and running for a long time.

And it ll give back some of your ram. And it ll just make sure your phone is making an efficient use of your battery. So that s our last little tweak there to help improve your battery life. I hope you guys do find this helpful make sure you like favorite share.

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