Lifan KPR200 : First Look First impressions and First Ride

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“Everybody this is season with small engine velocity and today. We re gonna go ahead ahead and do our first look at the merit of the lafon kpr 200. Again is a 200 cc fuel injected. 6 speed.

Full fairing street bike is there anything else i m filming. Oh yeah and it s also water cooled. Which is awesome. So it s water cooled.

50. Cc s more than my kp mini. It has one more gear. And it is much bigger and lots a lot bigger tires.

So let s go over my first impressions as to when i got this bike together and then once we re done with first impressions. Let s go ahead. And give it a first ride a little moto vlog style and see what you would see how i can communicate how i feel about this this bike and right now i m super excited about it so this is my first big bike. I ve had in quite a while so let s go ahead.

And do a little walk around okay so with any bike that you get in the united states. You will have these ugly turn signals. Which i m not a hundred percent sure if there s an integrated taillight in here like on the kp mini. But i m pretty sure there isn t and then it has the big duck tail fender yeah i got a temp tag that s fine you know i think that s part of to have it as an american standard on here you have your little bars for your passenger.

This seat is in two pieces. There s a nice little bump here the the passenger is elevated. There is if you look some neat red stitching in here and then to take the seat off right. Here.

There is a helmet holder. You can also turn this key to pop this one off right here. And then there s a little storage compartment underneath to take this seat off there s two bolts behind it and then this one comes off this is pretty solid on here. So it s not going anywhere.

This part comes off led tail light a pretty monstrous stock exhaust. But you know what all bikes when they come stock have a giant exhaust. You have rear disc 17. Inch wheels a little skinnier than normal.

But the front and the rear tire are the same which makes this bike pretty nimble here is my rear brake my rear sets you can see the clutch and then you can also see right here where it s water cooled. These are intakes if you if you can see this is your intake manifold and there s a fuel injector up there i don t know if you can see it there s your starter off in the back. And then your full fairing. If you notice.

There s a hole right here for air flow. It s matte black. Now if you re wondering if this is a tank cover this is actually the tank with the lip on logos..


The graphics are on with stickers again you have the signal lights again but this is all matte white. I love it for longitude as far as clean i don t know here s your windshield. I had to put these on bright red front fender. I think that looks awesome here of course united states version has to have mirror like reflectors on the side front disc 17 inch wheel also on the front.

Oh wait the front one is a 1990 17. The rear is a 120 80 17. Sorry. I said they were the same size.

But they re not my favorite part about this bike is this projection headlamp. I ve turned it on at night and it is bright and then you put it on high beam. And it is even more bright. So yeh so when you use the the flasher button right here.

I like to call it the passing light it ll flash that high beam. And you will blind people and they will know you are there moving around to the front. You have clip style handlebars keyhole is here push you have your high beam low beam signal signal cancel high beam low beam signal signal and then cancel and then you have your flasher button for your lights then you have your kill switch you re starting button and that s all you got here of course. You have your throttle your stock bars here and then on to the on to the so.

If you look i got a lot of reflection. The main feature in your is your tech. Namit err and then your speed is off on this side. Oh actually your gear is here your speed is here there s a button for your your trip and your odometer.

Another button over here it changes you from kilometre to miles per hour. And this is pretty bright it looked good i like it and then you move on to the tank. I think if you ve watched name my other videos on this so far you ll know that it s a key tank entry flip up so you don t have to put the cap anywhere. And then you have your multiple warning stickers.

Now be careful. When you peel some of these off. Sometimes there s a square behind it so this is a metal tank. So i don t think it will which looks like i need to clean this already if you look on this side here s your shifter shifter has a linkage that goes into here and i m kind of curious.

If i can flip this over and flip. This over so that i could gp shift. It like my kp mini. Your other rear set.

And there. You go. The lafon kpr. 200.

Into 198 cc full size bike full fairing water cooled 6 speed fuel injected sport bike. I believe this bike has had 117 races over in asia and is a very popular bike if you look across the world. Now..


This is the first video. I think that s going to be someone using it in america. So hopefully this can get some word out on this thing. And see if anybody wants to join me on a ride with one of these things there are dealerships throughout.

The united states and there are other options so if you have questions leave a comment and below oh yeah. There s the lip on logo. I like that it looks neat just that that graphic across the side looks great as far as aftermarket. You know that remains to be seen.

I haven t really done a ton of research as far as aftermarket on here yet. But i bet you there s a bunch considering. This is popular in asia. We can always check with the kp moto club coming soon to america alright.

So let s go ahead throw a helmet on and let s go ahead. And do a little first impression motovlog ride on this thing alright everybody we re on the bike and i m not gonna lie we re on the bike. A week later i had to drive it around to get used to a big bike. I didn t want to be fumbling around tried talking distract myself.

And then end up crashing a bike on the first ride because i m trying to talk and do something at the same time. But anyways key is in this is what it looks like when you start her up you can hear the fuel pump everything checks out full gas tank this side tells you neutral tells you if you have check engine light. Which is an efi light by the way. If you see a check engine.

Light that has something to do with efi temperature and a couple other societies. So if you see something here that it s something important to take care of pertain attention to i ve driven 73 miles and it is not 5 15 pm. I had i reset the battery on accident took it off and put it back on because i was trying to make something clean it there s your color look blue not blue push this one and there s my trip odometer trip. Odometer trip is not that much further than the odometer all right.

And then this is her starting up that s a stock exhaust for you all right. Now. The shifting pattern is one down five up it s a five speed. But we re not going to five shifts today.

So we re just gonna go ahead. And do a little cruise around and i ll talk about my first impressions overriding this plate oops. I m in second gear. Oh there we go kind of tilted.

My camera down so he ill bit more of the bike moving okay. So dribble around for about 75 73. Miles. Something like that and the bike has just enough power.

I m not going to say. It s crazy power. No one s going to say that it has crazy power because it s a tmcc..


Bike i guess it s around. 2800 or something like that or one of the 3000. It s not bad of a bite. I m telling you you re not as hunched over like other bikes that i ve ridden on or sat on ridden on him in a while the shifting is a little bit rough.

But i was easily able to fix that i went ahead and changed off of the stock oil that it came with that s another one and it shifts a lot better now it actually even sounds a lot better not a big fan of the mirrors. But you got to have them. And i didn t sign them down. So the vin keeps pushing them down the wood shield works you a lien on the tank you can get down on it i really haven t got to sixth gear.

Because i really haven t driven that far i did drive it up the freeway and then down the other side really really quick and i got easily 260 miles per hour. I didn t want to go any faster than that for the simple fact that i m still breaking it in for the most of the driving. I do i really don t even feel like i ever get out of fourth or fifth gear fourth years. I guess the majority where i stay in i don t know if that s good or bad.

But you know it s not i m still in the breaking period. The breaks are good i d like to actually say that the breaks are excellent. I m able to stop easily at any point in time and i m not going to go right. It s cooler.

The third or fourth day of spring now as far as the accuracy of the speedometer. I haven t really had a chance to check that i m still trying to figure out how i can enough oops gp shift. I push down to the lafawn is a gp shift. Because i had that the racing rear set put on there and it s a gp shift.

Which i like but now that i have one with each i have to kind of remind myself of what i m doing the levers are good i mean there s not brothers. But the cool part is there they don t wiggle around a lot like my little arm. Does like their study. They stay in there and then as far as power delivery like i mean if i need it i can get it now it sounds like a it s not loud.

There s going to be an exhaust being put on here for sure that is not loud and i m kind of like like my brother. I m partial to loud bikes and i like it that if you re louder than people can actually see and hear you and whatnot. I don t know how fast. I m going it says 30 14.

And i didn t have to end the tyres. I did put a full take in it was like almost 8 and gas which i m totally not used to i m wondering if there s a different way to do the pitch for the shifting. I don t have that linkages and he is efficient at all already i don t know my first impressions to push it i mean says i m going to be late yeah it s a comfortable ride i mean if you re looking for a sport driving your bike you got it if you re looking for a nimble bike. This is it if you re looking for a community that s not your arm or if you re on cologne and you run a little bit more power.

So that you can actually get on the freeway or or pass or go on the highway. Then this is it i mean. This is a pretty good value especially if you re using it for i mean you can use it for a commuter and you can use it for fun. I don t know i m pretty amazed by it i thought the lafawn was good with being that multi purpose bike.

Like i could i could ride around and be super fun on it and then at the same time i could use it as my commuter bike. But you can don t get me wrong. It s like a thousand dollars cheaper than this but listen could climb to 60 40 easily the riding position on this why don t i pick and see where my knees are..


But the tank has notches and my legs feeling it great aren t about five foot six. I don t want to consider myself a tall man. But i haven t tell asian guy compared other filipinos my position is good the plagues are in the great spot. I feel like you know it s comfortable to sit on it for a long period of time that you are a little bit leaned over you re not like a dirt bike position or you just sitting up like this.

But now it does have some weight see i m forgetting which way to shift my dears. But does isomeric compared to my mini bike of course the suspension the suspension is not i was afraid of that too. But it would be this kind of the suspension is not smushy. If you know i had the kp mini.

The front suspension is super mega smushy and i mega swisherd. Myself went to the ground because of that not that i m blaming the bike. I m blaming me for putting the front brake too hard. But yeah megas machinist that s what got me so it is a truck passing thank you diesel truck little bit of speeding here six it was breaking there s traffic see i mean it could pick up so yeah be confident that you can you can drive it around and be happy on it and pass cars or whatever.

It is that you re trying to do and i m really liking the color scheme on this thing. The thick carbon fiber for me is a little bit much. But i mean it looks good. And then the massive warning stickers all over the place there on the side the front the back.

I guess i need to peel. Some of those off at least for now well good reminders that there are warnings that come with riding a motorcycle like this now keep in mind also this is just first impressions go ahead you can you can move over if that s what you want to do if that s not what you re going to do then about it anyways. Yeah okay. But i was trying to say before i was maybe the left is signal it on and super bothers me keep in mind.

This is just first impression. And this is not my full review of this bike. I would like to at least get several hundred miles on this thing before i start to give you real opinions of stuff. And it would be pros and cons.

I think that it s just gonna be a bunch of pros and you re gonna buy this bike and you re gonna go oh man you didn t tell me about that or i wish i knew that before i bought it my brain has been i purchased this bike that it is exactly what you were looking for cgp ship. I keep forgetting. It is exactly what you re looking for and that you ll enjoy writing and commuting or whatever. It is that you want to do with this bike anyways the go ahead and turn of this parking lot if you guys enjoyed my hope.

It was informative if it was please give me a like if you don t like it. Give me a dislike. If you have any comments or questions about this particular bike. Which i ll answer to the best of my ability.

And if i don t know the answer i ll go ahead and find it from someone else. Please leave a comment below. I would love to have a conversation about this my bike anyways hope you guys enjoyed and we ll see everybody in the ” ..


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