Lifeproof Fre and Nuud for iPhone X and 8 Plus – Full Review

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“Everyone aaron here for zolo tech. And here. We have some new lifeproof cases or or newer lifeproof cases for the iphone 10 and the 8 plus and i ve using the one for the iphone 10. The lifeproof fre case for quite some time now using it while i m on the water and a lot of you might be wondering why would you need this if you ve got an iphone 10 with an ip rating.

Where it s water resistant. Well the reason you would really want one of these is because while this may be water resistant. If it s damaged by water. And it s not really meant to be in the water.

Without a case or something protecting it if it s in the water and it gets damaged my water apple will not cover it under its warranty unless you have apple care with accidental damage. So. Because of that you really should have it in a waterproof case. If you re going to bring it in the water regularly whether that be a pool or out on the ocean or wherever you re using it in snow or anything you really should have it protected a little bit better because of that so anytime.

I m out on the water. I put it in this case. Now before you use these cases when you first get them you re supposed to water test them. And i wanted to show you what that looks like so.

What you do is you take your cases make sure they re sealed just like this and the difference between the two this is the free case. This is the nude case this one has a screen protector built in this one does not so. This is just the screen exposed..


If you d rather have that and what you want to do is take these cases put them under water and leave them there for 30 minutes to make sure they don t leak once you ve done that you re good to use them. So let s do that now and i ll show you what that looks like set a timer for 30 minutes. Now. After 30 minutes is up you want to check and make sure.

It s dry and as long as it s dry you re good to go and you can see this is the iphone 10 case. It s got a rubber seal around it and i ve been removing it and putting it back on and off probably about 10 times. Now and i ve had no issues and it is kind of flimsy plastic. Here so you re not going to get a whole lot of impact protection.

But it s really meant to seal out dust and dirt. So you ve got a screen protector or kind of a protector on the back. Here. Protector for your camera.

And then on the front. You ve got a screen protector. So let s go ahead and put the phone in it and it sits like that now if you have a glass screen protector on the front of your phone. You may have some issues with the fit of this you may need to remove that so we ll put it here like this and then just snap.

It into place you just work your way around and everything is sealed to show off the buttons. All the ports and you ll see there s a little rubber seal here we ll just seal that and this does have an effect of being a little bit muffled. But it s not anywhere near what you would think people can hear you pretty well you may need to turn your volume up slightly..


Well. It s slightly more especially on this one with the built in screen protector. I wanted to show you what footage is like using the camera and i use this while i m on my c. Do or jet ski out on the water and one of the effects that this has is it actually kind of silence is the can t the camera itself in the microphone.

Because you ve got a covering over it so it kind of acts is a wind filter over the microphone itself so when you re going really fast. It helps with the noise. And it s not quite as windy and you get more of the sound as opposed to the wind now face id works fine no issues there and the touch works good except for maybe in the corners. You might have to push a little bit harder.

Because there is a little bit of a gap. Because of this screen protector everything s nice and sealed. And the buttons are a little bit difficult to push in the vibrates. Which is a little bit difficult to push other than that there s no issues.

So let me show you the other case. And it comes with this little piece here and that just helps you remove the case. When you want to take it off so you just do this. And then you have to use a good amount of force.

So you want to be careful as you pull this apart. Now. Here is a nice rubber seal around the whole screen or the whole front and then you ve got a seal for your fingerprint and up here..


Now here s the 8 plus. And when you re doing this you need to make sure that this little switch here fits on the vibrate switch here or silent switch properly. And then you ve got your buttons and everything just make sure everything s in place. And then we re going to take this and apply it just like we did the other one just snap down go all the way around and we re good to go then we can seal it again.

It s very similar to the other one got your port exposed and then your pieces now this one of course. You don t have a screen protector you can get an aftermarket screen protector for it that will fit in this space. But most people that have this one don t want the screen protector because you like the phone itself and to touch the glass. So it s sealed just like this one is sealed.

And i thought we d test this a little bit extreme maybe in a pool and see see how it goes. So let s do that now i let them both sit underwater about three or four minutes and then i remove them and you ll see the touchscreen doesn t work while underwater. Because it s a capacitive touchscreen. So it won t work on either of the phones.

You ll see the 10 or the 8 plus you get the same experience. But they appear to be okay. When they re out of the water both touchscreens work just fine the 8 plus and the 10. But let s take a little bit closer look at them now no i just got back from the pool.

And you can see there s a lot of condensation and it looks like maybe water inside. But i m not really sure so let s open it up and take a look so let s pop these sides off here and see what we ve got so let s see if it s wet inside. It is a little bit so i m not sure it s designed for impacts like that and the water..


But you can see there is some water on it. But it s fully operational like you would expect and it seems to be working just fine so overall it did an okay job if you re using the one. Without the screen protector you may want one with more protection as this one doesn t look like any water got in so let s open this one up and i was right there s no water in it whatsoever and we re good to go with that one so that s it for lifeproof let me know what you think in the comments below. I would get this one if you re looking to do anything serious underwater.

This one did ok. I think until it hit the water and and maybe. It was just too much force so a little bit of water got in. But it was underwater probably a total of 10 minutes.

So there s that as well so in a six foot deep end and that s about it. But let me know your thoughts in the comments. Below. If you haven t subscribed already.

Please. Subscribe and like as always thanks for watching i ll see you next time ” ..

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