Logitech UE Boombox Unboxing

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” s going on everyone is your average consumer and today. I m going to be be unboxing the logitech ue boom box. So let s not wasting your time. Let get right into it my my my my ba bump ba bump ba bump and all right guys here.

We have the logitech ue boom. Box. Now you guys have seen me do portable speakers. Before so.

This is going to be a pretty interesting one to check out. I m definitely always surprised by how great logitech products are so here. We have the ue boom box. If you take a look around you can kind of see how big it is and how it s going to be how it s gonna fit in the hand.

So you ve got an idea. There here shows you a quick little look at the boom box itself nothing too surprising. This is bluetooth of course..


It s wireless. So it s going to be a great wireless speaker. Hopefully so enough for my blabbering. Let s get this bad boy open here.

We do have some tape. So we re going to cut this open here and we ve got some over here as well and let s flip it over put this thing away and pop off the top. Oh. That s pretty cool.

So we have it sitting here right in the top just pop. It over here. And i must say just picking it up it s got some nice heft to it got some real good heft to it so put that over here and see what else we get inside. Here.

We have the ac adapter so we can plug this into the wall probably charge it up. And what else do we have here then we just have this little manual. So this is the set up guide..


This is warranty information. I m sure so all that stuff goes away put. This over here. And let s take a look at this bad boy itself.

So we can put this so we can put this thing to the side over here. Nothing too special and just take a look at this so. The first thing. I want to note is that this has a texturized bottom so it feels smooth.

But it feels grippy so this thing isn t going to be sliding around anywhere as you guys can see can t really move it. So that s really good if you want to take this outside. And you don t know what kind of surface you re going to come across that s really nice over here on the side. We have the bluetooth button as well as the power switch you have an audio input right here so your exhilarate.

Able so if you have a device that isn t bluetooth you can just plug this in right here with a cable and gart start listening and of course here. We have the area where we ll be charging it so we ve got all that good stuff. What s on the other side and on the other side..


You can see this big plus and minus symbol. This will actually control the volume. So if you want to increase it tap it decrease. It works like that very easy to use and i m not sure what s inside here.

But i m assuming it s not something you really want to open up probably where the battery is and all that good stuff and pretty much this is it guys. This is the logitech ue boom box looks pretty good it feels very durable. This feels like it s very well built good stuff and this retails for about two forty nine ninety five. So you can spend 250 on something like this and i m gonna have a review for you guys of it for sure and we ll see if we have another outdoor sound test just like the beats portable and beats.

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But really you can do it if you want with hotspot shield. So just want to say thanks again to our sponsors over at hotspot shield. But this was a really quick unboxing guys. There s not much to the packaging.

You get the speaker and the adapter and pretty much that s it so hopefully you guys enjoyed this quick unboxing and i ll catch you guys in the next video. Till. Then is your average consumer. ” .


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