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“And gentlemen hello and welcome to episode 1 of fancy life origin island dlc now now for those of you who do not know i completed the base game of life about two years ago. Now there s 154 episodes. So if you haven t seen them yet i ll just wait for you ok done cool now as we head to the alderwood to meet up with noelia as the game is asking us to let me also mention that if you re watching this video in january. Then there s actually more episodes than this one that already for you to watch.

It was actually suggested to me. When i finished the base game to start up a patreon account so fans could help me fund. The channel. If they desired for things such as purchasing additional dlc full game so let s play so as a thanks to my patrons.

I ve actually slowly been released in this let s play for the past month. And currently there are 11 episodes that are available for early access viewing. So if you finish watching this episode. And you can t wait to.

Binge watch the next 10 early access on this series is available at patreoncom. Slash towser bound for 2 dollars. It s less than a cup of coffee and you d be really helping me out if you don t want to pledge your support. Though that is absolutely fine no pressure.

I ll be releasing a new episode to the public daily sort of that out of the way let me explain what s happening with the dlc firstly. I did level myself up to level 50 as required. I was about 400 xp away so trust. Me who didn t miss anything important and that s the only off screen playing i ve done i ve done that the plan is to do the dlc story.

First which i m told is reasonably short and then max out every single life and get god rank. Which we currently masters for all of them seems pretty simple right so. The goddesses ship has conveniently crash landed exactly where it was before and we can fly back to an heiress and the starlight gardens. If we interact at the ship s helm here.

Unfortunately. We don t get the awesome cinematic as we did before but however we are now back on linares. We think that that s the door. But is not the door alright here.

We are at the starlight garden. So we can actually come back here as we wish so i have no idea. Why the like no yulia s wish to live on earth. And you d never be able to return again was wrong because we can come back we can bring yulia with us.

However we are required to talk to see or you the goddess. A ship to go and see noelia so let s talk. I don t believe it you really came all this way don t you have anything better to do well. Since you re here.

I don t mind hanging out with you hello. I m offering to join your party here you could show a little more enthusiasm and we can now invite noelia to join our party or whenever we like and and that s it friendship right. This is a new part of the dlc french business. Matter or how close you are to your allies or pets.

This can change on your adventures friendship can increase when you defeat the boss monster or obtain a high quality item such as a boss tree allies with whom you have a high level friendship will be more motivating battle and will receive stat bonuses. Feel like that s going to be important you can raise your friendship with your pets by petting them in your room or in your friendship with your pets you can have them learn tricks. Oh. That s pretty cool all right so that is all of the requirements for i ll hang on where do we sit down the well not down the well.

I had me get back. Oh yes the start from an imminent inside this tree. Which emanates a strong life energy returns yep no we might as much to teleport back. Oh.

I forget how to sorry. It s been a long time. It s been two years alright leave me alone. Oh hello.

Cool. We got that as an option now oh hello. Cool lots of more teleportation look places so the requirements to activate the dlc is complete the base game have yulia as available to you as a party member. So we got an email by doing that or by completing the base game you get that as well.

The exchange clerk has opened the counter in my office. Although she s done nothing but sleep ever since she got here go and have a word with her doing i guess pretty good i have to do that you also have to read level 50. And you also have to have noelia to be able to join your party. So we have now done all of that we can activate the dlc.

I believe by talking to pam. I m not quite sure i thought actually you have to talk to you lea..

But we ll go talk to pam anyway. She s in here. It s you re a bit more my way around castel. It s like riding a bike.

Except not quite hello well who is she anyway. Pam we re back welcome home dears. You don t seem that surprised to see us well. I had a feeling your diaries would make it back just fine you did of course.

I have a sort of sixth sense. You know i was feeling something else happened while you re up there too maybe you didn t have enough wishes did you have to add your own wish to save us what how do you know that ah so you did knowing you dear. I thought you might do something like that you look like you had a few bumps on the way back. Did you perhaps leave an important part of the engine behind maybe.

That s what it was i did feel like the steering wasn t perfect. But okay goodness me i ve bought as much you know when i was young people used to call. Me pam the mysterious. But to think that one of my tenants would end up sabre olivia even i didn t see that coming anyway dale julia.

Welcome home once again i m so glad you both made it home okay thank you i guess what from now on i m officially resident of riveria. You won t miss your home puppet call someone pop it well. I m sure i miss it sometimes. But i ll be okay.

I ll go and visit home from time to time. Maybe i appreciate it even more that way looks like you re all grown up. I suppose we ll have to find your own place to live. Oh no need to do that i m happy logic.

What the hell for the moment is that okay of you dale. But it doesn t give me any option. No i don t want to live with a sparkly butterfly. Actually haha it may seem unfair you have to learn at some point.

There are times in life. When you only have one choice dearie fair enough that s literally exactly what i will just say. Thank you dale. I m really grateful for you letting me stay.

There must be lots of people who are worried about you diaz. You should go and let them know that you re back safe and sound of course. Let s go down. See you later oh and here take some candy with you candy pam s candy what was that useful for okay oh cool we that was actually a quest.

I did not realize a button we get 500 points. I remember bliss points okay reunited with pam take a look at the rest of our quests ever equipped no flex requests castle. Crashers should go see the king. After all i am.

A resident of castel now very good point okay. So let s go talk to king eric. I m not sure quite what he d have to say about it. But i thought we have to talk to you leah to activate the dlc maybe these are just optional.

Things we don t actually have to do is i love having such a high stamina or high dashing skill. I can just dash everywhere. And it s great because the more i use. It.

Oh hello. Oh. It s laura and the more i use. It.

The more. I can dash around even more so straight welcome back. We re all so worried about you where s yulia. No she was here alright.

I guess. She s not with you anymore here. I am. Yeah you should still be in my boat.

I remember that from the first episode. Oh wow..

She became a person again. We only just got back. Yeah. We ve been back for two years and two months just saying.

What are you still doing here. I thought you were returning to an heiress well i decided to come back. I m so glad to hear that i i thought i d never see you again well now you can see me anytime. You like that s wonderful.

I m so happy you re sticking around. Oh. Right let s go to the royal court. Five on the others wants to see you too how do you know that you didn t know she was coming back.

They are fine job indeed. We all owe you you are thanks and you yulia. It is thanks to you that riveria couldn t safely greet the new dawn. We offer you our gratitude it s no problem.

It wasn t me who saved you after all it was the power of all your wishes. I m glad to have the chance to thank you in person. I never expected who would decide to come and live with us in riveria. Oh.

I never expected you would come inside was i wrong to do so of course. And i know you was returning. I would lay down the most extravagant celebration in your honor yeah with lots of honeyed water. I guess any water sugar water reward was ah what a beautiful smile.

The spark was in the same way you did is about to fly why it even feels like my awful joint pains have been cured. I m not sure. It has that power you expect too much of me sir well. I suppose that wraps up our investigation.

However i d like to continue my research. A while longer someday rivera could find itself facing his threat once again one never knows and it would be logical to record the necessary measures to avoid the disaster in the future indeed. We shall leave that task to you hughes. I wish i could ve gone to learn arastoo.

But riveria is much more exciting apparently so it s enough to make you want to live here. But still i would like to see it just to find out what it s like quite. So it has a rather piqued my interest i even lay awake at night pumping the matter in fact they re watching you on your adventures. I found my own long forgotten curiosity for the world being rekindled.

If you so wish. Though you may take me along with you at any time. That s kind of cool. What are you serious father quite serious.

I wish to once again see this great kingdom of mine with my own eyes. I yearn to revisit all wonderful and precious things that was so nearly lost forever. I sha. N t rest until.

I ve seen everything rivera has to offer as a sneaky excuse. What a sublime idea your highness. However i d appreciate it if one of this did not reach a phillies ears like yours you know okay. That s that one done so i guess.

This is just postgame stuff. Which you don t have to have the dlc for i m guessing. This is just sort of talking to everyone just after you completely gain. Because i never did that never did any postgame stuff.

I just sort of saved the world and then left it there so next up. We have a quest oh love it we ve done it all hooray good job guys. We finished the dl sit now again we finished the postgame. I guess we didn t have you finished a postgame because actually before you get the dlc.

There are still two extra ranks you can have per life. I believe it goes the legend and hero and if i go to challenges. I just. Oh yeah.

No hero then legend okay so for example. Wait can i not i don t know the challenges..

We would see for a hunter and of course. I wanted to stay a hunter because that was the life that i started with so it s life that i m gonna continue with us for now big big night watch you know one eyes of darkness. I didn t even know what the eyes of darkness is these are all experts. Allinger s and then we ve got the master challenges of course use the arrow storm with a full special gauge to defeat ten monsters.

Oh. You see that that is something that i did with him during the time when i was getting myself up to level 50. A nightmare bat in the depths of the subterranean lake. I don t even know that is a vampire bats in the ancient ruins mithoon in the hills of leven levitt a nia.

So all of this stuff we can actually kind of do before we do the dlc and get up to legend rank in all of the different lives. But i want to do the dlc story first just because it s it s kind of new exciting and it s relatively short. We have plenty of time after we do the dlc story. So grind away the lives because i believe there are three additional ranks.

I can t remember from right. I know there s definitely least two arthur legend. There s a demigod and then god so there s definitely those two and if you re planting in a different locale and i can north america. I believe it s create a rank yoda is your friendly neighborhood postman.

Okay. You got a letter here from the crowned champion. I ll track it in your mailbox here okay. Nice bullseye as usual have a nice day grand champion.

What could gladstone a lot of us let s have a look at the letter. Oh really more flutters requests let s take a look why not okay quests. What is it what would you wish for me to do teatime with royalty. So they wanted to hear what happened so i d like to tell them all about let s gonna see mount snow peak.

I can t even remember where his house is but i think you can teleport there hula fort you ll end up saving the world amazing. I d love to hit some your tales. If you could spare some time. I love on mount snow peak.

As usual. Yeah. I can t remember how to get to you though alright. I guess i m not activating the dlc just yet did you do announce no fee engines on hold on so i guess technically this isn t the first episode of the dlc.

This is wait hang on the frederick s to summit mountain man. The royal cabin. Yes. Wait that s not where gladstone is is it gladstone sort of like halfway up because he only wears a crown and pants or something isn t that right remember here.

We are though the royal cabin let s see if i was correct i must have been because he s not here okay so he must be halfway up. I ve got a feeling he was halfway up shame that i can t remember exactly where so okay let s eat let s actually go down the proper way and dash away as we usually do yeah. I guess this this isn t technically a episode one of the dlc. This is episode 155.

Because it s postgame stuff that doesn t require a dlc. But it looks like i m gonna have to go through all the postgame stuff in order to finish off all right even to start the dlc. Which is a bit of a shame. I wanted to get on with a dlc.

How many times can fit dlc into one sentence. I wonder hey i remember you was it bang day for belief and then are you indeed okay yeah. His house is down there hey how s it going hey how s it going all right yeah. Yeah.

Yeah rocks up and yes who doesn t care. Me. You ve got a panther fit down there still don t care about your body. You have an increase to 13 fantastic all right the crowned champions house.

I believe you can quick travel here. I just try member how oh oh a fairly errors here. We won t tell you that eric is going. But it s fine hello again ah queen of failure.

You re here. Too. Indeed. She is my troublesome.

Daughter in law. Sometimes barges up on here to moan about her husband..

Troublesome am. I well in that case i shall bring you any more apple pie no wait merely adjust my dear yes yes what but adjust anyhow what are you two youngsters here for huh. You sent us a letter asking us to come and see you i must apologize our champion. Has been getting rather forgetful as played but because he s only wearing pants forgetful never i m just going a bit see now i think you ll find that s the same thing.

He has plead pretty accurate well anyway. Dale tell me where s your license situation these days. What do you mean well. I thought he might have become a legend or something by now there we go or perhaps already surpassed even that what there s a rank beyond legend ah.

So you don t know either don t understand. There is a rumor passed out amongst those who have achieved the rank of legend apparently there are just a license of an even higher rank. I thought perhaps you two might know something about it. But maybe.

It s just a rumor well what s wrong with that it s good to have mysteries to ponder upon indeed indeed you are quite right perhaps. It is about a lesson that every once you are that even once you have mastered something you mustn t stop working at it. But there is something else i suffered to give you ooh the ancient dagger or we never even touched a dagger skill. What s an amazing dagger.

How did it come from ah well i have a suspicion. But it was not made in bavaria. It belongs to you now dale. It is befitting of one who has met with the gods.

I suspect this world seems quite small t now does it not however that may not be so raverus to hold many mystery mysterious secrets. But if this wasn t made of area then who did create it well this dagger was found by friend of mine. Who likes to travel. I have researched a great deal.

But i m still not sure where or how it was made meanwhile. My friend has sadly departed on a journey from which he shall not return ah. But perhaps you too have what it takes to solve the dagger mystery. I entrusted along with the hopes of me and my departed or friends to you wow this sounds like a freddy adventure.

I d love to come up on with you sometime. Really is that ok well i feel left out if it was just laura and eric you ve got to go with you besides being cooped up in the castle. The time will only dull. My skills.

What do you mean your skills are sharp as ever just seeing you here has the mountains monsters quaking with fear that s a relief isn t it now it s safe enough for you to do your washing and cleaning by yourself well and do look after yourself. I shall pray for your continued well being okay so you wash his clothes wait no don t leave your mere presence here sets flowers in bloom and makes birds burst into song. Even the black panther and fang date. Doze off peacefully.

Though their snoring is hardly peaceful. Sometimes you can be just as much of a pain as eric you know anyway dale do come and talk to me at any time you d like me to join you you can usually find in the castles in the garden or in my chambers. All right failure can now join our party cool and i believe that s it don t quote me on that but i think that s all we should get told otherwise and let s see spoke with gladstone and a failure. Let s see don t have anything else for gladstone do we have any other requests from flutter.

We don t okay so i m gonna hazard a guess that if we head back to our house. We will begin the dlc. I think potentially speak to flutter and check on your bliss. Okay.

Then how can i help you let s check. See how blissful you are okay. We will eat flour that s a lot of bliss. You get a new bliss bonus.

Woo okay cool congratulations choose your bliss bonus. It s been a while i can t remember what bliss bonuses. We had a bigger bag even bigger bear amazing back super bag even think of storage like for more pets. Lots of shopping or happy movies.

I am gonna go with super bag because super bags are super duper there we go now hold up to 400 items. But i ll ever need it. Ah it seems flutter wants to speak with you guys. That s the beginning of the dlc.

So with that i will say a huge thank you very much for everyone who has made it this far into the video hope you will enjoy join me next time when we re actually going to start the dlc again. If you want to watch the rest of the episodes that are currently available in early access link to my patrons in the. Description 200. A month will get you access to the early access.

I guess so with that all said and done thank you guys very much for watching hope you all enjoyed i ll see you next time for a fancy life origin islands dlc you ” ..

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