Maintenance: How to set your thermostat

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“I m mike with perimeter lofts negus department today. We re going to focus on on calibrating your thermostat every apartment has a thermostat that services. The ac and heat thermostat has four programs that you can set throughout the day and the weekend. So the work week and the weekend first off.

We ll go to the system part says cool off heat and emergency heat in this case. We re going to go to cool. And the fan should be on auto. We re going to press prog for program.

Once to set the hour twice to set the minute and three times to set the temperature up here..

It says monday through friday that s the workweek. We re in cool. Load and we re trying to set the temperature now this is 5 am in the morning and what we re going to do is we re going to go through four programs in each. Day so let s set this to 67.

Degrees at 5 00 am. We re in press program. Again here s our second program of the day for the workweek three times goes to the temperature that you want to set choose a temperature program again for the third program of the day for the workweek set our temperature. Up or down.

67 program..

One more time for the fourth and final three times temperature. Okay and then you can either walk away. And it will set itself it will it will save all the settings or you can press return ok. Now in this case.

You see hold right there on the screen that means someone used the arrows. If you hold it down it will blink and then you can manipulate the readings. So let s say you want to add 77 degrees. You press return to save.

It and hold to hold it now this will hold it indefinitely..

If you want if you want it lower or higher. You re going to press hold again to unfold. It so i want to program. The weekend.

So we re going to go through this the settings one more time to saturday and sunday. Now we ve already done all four programs for the weekday. But now we need to set the weekend. It s the exact same method as the weekdays.

We have four programs and says saturday and sunday up here and we re going to press prog..

Four program three times to get to the temperature. And you set it at whatever temperature. You want press program three times and keep doing that when you re done press return and walk away. ” .


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