MAME Arcade Games NEW Easy Set Up With LaunchBox

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” s going on guys. This eta prime back here again today. I m going to to show you how to easily set up name in the new. Launch.

Box. 86. Higher so recently 86. Was released and it added.

A new feature. I m gonna go to tools import mame arcade full set importer. This makes importing organizing and playing your main games. Easier than ever.

I ve tested a lot of stuff out there i ve messed around with a lot of front ends. And i can tell you right now. That the new launch box update. Here is the easiest way to mess around with mame.

So i already have mine imported. Here. I do have a separate install of launch box with no arcade games in it i m gonna walk you through how to set it up it s really easy to do but first up i want to show you the playlist that launch box can automatically create for you so. Here.

We have a ton of different playlists. As you can see racing games puzzle games. Platform. Games.

Pinball maze games. Davey east classics. Fighting games. Flying games.

There s just so much here in maine. Now for my platform. I m using arcade. These are all main games.

I have 2347 main games here that work alright so first thing you re gonna need to do is download launch box and installer this works with the free version or the premium version. It s really up to you you can buy a year license for 20 or a lifetime license for 50. The premium version comes with big box. And it s a beautiful interface to sort all of your arcade games out.

But overall launch box is free to use and this main importer works in the free version the next thing. We re gonna need to do is head over to mame dev org. We need to download mame links for everything will be in the description. We re gonna scroll down a little bit launch box only works for windows so we re going to download the windows version there s two here we have a 32 bit exe or a 64 bit.


If you re running a 32. Bit operating system download 32. If you run in 64 download. The 64.

I m running a 64 bit operating system so i ll be downloading the 64 bit and finally the main thing you re gonna need here are some main games so do some searching online archiveorg does have main sets available i have mame 020 one roms split if you look around on the internet for mame sets. You ll see merged split or non merged. This will work with either three of those i personally prefer using split because it s easier to update down the road inside of here. There s a bunch of different zip files.

These are all of the main games. Now. If you want to use chd base games. You just place your ch ds right in here with your games like i mentioned if you do some quick google searching you can find any main set you ever want to find they re all out.

There this one here is split and i think it s about 56 gigabytes 62. So i m gonna go ahead and open up my main folder the application we downloaded it s a self contained exe when you double click on it it ll self extract and it ll look something like this i m gonna open this drag it over to the left hand side and i m gonna open up my mame rom set my split mame rom set i m gonna copy everything that s in this rom set here i m just gonna click on the very first one control a it s gonna select everything and i m gonna place it in my name directory the application we just downloaded after you extract it you ll see roms. I m gonna place everything right in here. It s gonna take a little while to copy over if you want to store your roms in a different location.

You will have to mess around with the name ini file. I find it just easier to put them in the main folder. All right so now we have all of our main roms in our mame roms folder. We re gonna have a single main folder like this inside of here there s the main exe.

We don t even have to touch this launch box is gonna go ahead and sort everything out for us. I m gonna back up i m gonna take this and i m gonna place it in my launch box directory. Just for easy access so i m gonna find my launch box directory. This is usually located on your c drive.

Users. Username launch box. I have mine on a separate drive. Because i got a ton of stuff in here.

Now. I m just gonna take my whole main folder and place it in my launch box directory. It s gonna be located in here in case. I want to move my launch box build.

I don t have to reconfigure anything at all now. It s time to start up launch box get meme set up and import our games just gonna start launch box here from the drop down menu. We re gonna go to tools manage emulators. We re gonna add an emulator emulator.

Name is gonna be mame. We can use the drop down menu find mame in here now we need to set the emulator application path we re gonna browse and we re gonna navigate to where we place our main folder. Which is going to be in our launch box directory. Name from here.


We re gonna find mame exe mine s mame 64. Exe yours might be main 32 txe double click associated platforms arcade. Make sure this is checked and click ok. We can close it down.

It s now time to import our games. I have over 2000 games that i need to import and launchbox has to download all of the artwork for me. So it s gonna take a little while drop down menu tools import mame arcade. Full set go ahead and read through this this is the mame arcade full set wizard it s really easy to use we re gonna click next what would you like to call your arcade platformer sticking with arcade is fine.

But you can name if you d like to i m gonna stick with arcade next please enter the folder path of your main roms remember we place them in our main folder under wrongs. We need to find that directory. Browse mame roms. It s going to take a second because launch box has to scan through that directory.

And there s like 32. Thousand files in there i think when it s done click okay we ve now set our rom folder click next choose an emulator mame should be chosen because we just set it up if it s not use the drop down choose mame next would you like to download metadata for your games. That s really why we use launch box of course. We would i recommend leaving the first one checked here search for game information from the launch box games database next would you like to download images for your games.

Yes. We would that s another big reason we use launch box it s gonna download all of the artwork we need for each one of these games click next so i use emu movies. It is free to use you can sign up for a free account or you can donate to them it s totally up to you. But it does allow you to download some really awesome videos.

So i do have a paid membership over there i mean. It s it s totally up to you if you want to sign up or not next. So this is where it gets good how would you like to filter your games import clones as additional apps. I m gonna leave that checked region to prioritize now even though i m in the us.

I always choose world you can choose north america europe japan or world. It s up to you i m gonna probably. Ora ty s the world games down here all of these are checked you want to skip fruit games. Skip casino games skip rhythm games.

If there s something you want in here you can uncheck it if you want all of these games imported go ahead and uncheck them it s really up to you there s quiz games bootleg. And there s even some mature games. Create playlists for main sub categories. Yes.

I want to leave that check. Because that s gonna give me a cps 1 cps to cps. 3. Williams classics and so on and so on i ll leave that checked create playlist for 2 4 player games.

I m gonna leave that checked and create playlists for genres like beat. Em ups racing games fighting games. Etc. There s tons of stuff here.


So i recommend leaving this checked. All we re just going to click next and here s all the games that we re about to end poor. If you want to read through here you can. But there s just way too many click finish launch box has to search for all the metadata all the artwork it s gonna pull everything off the internet and download it for us.

I always just turn sleep off turn my monitor off and walk away alright after a few hours. Everything should import correctly over on the left hand column you should now have an arcade section. In here are all the arcade games that we just end portal 2347 arcade games. If you unchecked all the casino stuff i don t really know how many are gonna import.

But it s gonna be well over 3000 you scroll down the list you can find the game to play just click on x men. You ll get a background image and you ll also get some information over here all of this can be customized you can go ahead and turn this off. If you want you can also rate the game on the launch fox games database. There s a lot of stuff in here.

We ve also automatically created playlists so if we get a playlist. You can see we have a ton to choose from atari classics. Boarding card games beat em ups ball and paddle. Fighting games.

Flying games. Light gun games. Konami classics maze games midway classics. I m gonna go back to platform arcade.

And i m gonna find something to play. I ll show you how to set up your controller real quick by the way. This is the only issue you re ever gonna have with mame now is trying to find a game to play like there s just so many great games here i ll go with teenage mutant ninja turtles double click or if you have the premium version of launch box you can use controller automation use your controller to navigate to it and start the game from there. It s gonna start up main for us.

So. I m using an xbox one controller connected to my pc here. Most of these games are already set up they re ready to go. But if you run into a game that the controller is not set up in grab.

Your keyboard press tab. You have input general that s just going to be for the main interface. And that s usually never really messed around with an input this machine press enter. So from here.

We have p. 1. Which is player 1 p. 2.

Which is player 2 p. 3. Which is player 3 and p 4. So the main buttons that we need to worry about are our movement buttons up down left right button 1 and 2 for our attacks coin that ll be coin 1 for player 1 and sometimes these games require start button.


But this game. Doesn t you re gonna use one of your action buttons so for my coin. I m just gonna navigate to it press enter on my keyboard press select on my controller. So it s set up as select now when i press select on my controller it s gonna insert a coin.

We re gonna go up to the very top and map our action and movement buttons so up down left right player 1 button 1 player. 2 button to press tap to get out of there press select insert some coins use one of your buttons to start the game. Now like i mentioned some games will require a start button to be map you can use start for that. And you re now playing your favorite maine games.

It s really as simple as that the main thing you got to worry about is mapping your controller correctly per game. But that s pretty much it i mean you got mame setup now we have all of our artwork i m gonna press escape on my keyboard that s gonna shut down name or if you have the premium version of launch box you can set up controller automation and use your hotkeys and that s pretty much it guys you now have mame setup. There s tons of stuff to mess around with in here you got all of your details over here. And if you do have an emu movies account it downloaded videos one of the main reasons i use launch box is for a big box.

I m gonna show that to you right now if you have the premium version we can start big box from here so here we are with big box. The only thing. I haven t done yet is changed the playlists to like a unified set as you can see some of these are a little bit different. But overall.

I think this looks good and this is the unified redux theme. We can go ahead and switch that and i ll do it real quick just to show you there s tons of themes to download over on the launch box forums. I got a lot installed. But i ll show you the default theme.

Which is critical zone. Version. 2. Just backup.

And here. We are this is the default theme that comes pre installed with big box. Now. I absolutely love the raspberry pi and retro pie don t get me wrong.

It s an awesome little setup. But if i want to get into some real good emulation. I m always gonna go back to pc along with launch box and big box. This made name so much easier trust.

Me. If you ve ever tried anything else. This is just gonna be a breeze downloads all of the artwork. We have a nice clean interface we can go through and choose our game.

We can start it up directly from here or if you have the premium version you can use it in big box. I really appreciate you guys watching if you have any questions let me know in the comments below and like always thanks for watching. ” ..


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