MARCH OF THE GUNGANS – Planetwar Total War Mod Gameplay

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“Too long have we lived under the tyranny of the gungans. But no one is is brave enough to fight their empire. No one is brave enough to stand against massive armies of death. Except for one man.

His name is general shrek and he has united different warriors from different realms to fight together to fight for their freedom and to end the tyranny of the gungans once in for all welcome. Ladies and gentlemen to planet war total war. My name is pixelated apollo. And this is my first battle in this mod.

I ve heard of this mod a long time ago and i ve even watched some let s plays of it. But i ve never actually played it myself. And i don t know i don t know why it took me so long because it looks fantastic. It is hilarious.

I mean. This is a cookie monster. The cookie monster in is in this mod. They re called cookie raiders and they have cookie shields look at that look at that cookie shields.

This is gonna be wonderful so we ll go ahead and check out my army first so i m bringing four units of kung fu panda s and actually really good obviously they re from the kung fu panda. Movie and check out that check out that booty right. There a kung fu panda booty. This unit is hiding in the trees because you know their kung fu.

They re very stealth like and then i have a division of cookie monster s the cookie raiders. They are i think i got like four units of them they re like my second row of infantry. And then i have some skirmishers here yes. These are teletubbies and look at that face what is up with their faces.

It looks like they have like beer bottles or like coke bottles. But they throw them so they re they re a skirmishing unit. They throw them like nafa tunes. So that s my teletubby unit.

And then i ve got some annihilators this is like my heavy infantry shock unit here i don t know where they re from..

But yeah they look very intimidating and then my general here is in a kung fu panda unit. So cool and then here s my calves. I ve got some ogre calves yes. That s right they look very goofy.

But you know that s the whole point of the mod. They look ridiculous. I ve got four units of them looks like they re riding on little dragons and then i have a force of dragons and wait until you see this unit run around it looks so ridiculous. It is hilarious.

So that is my army of united warriors in fact the faction name is called far far away and then we are facing the gungans. Which their faction name is the aqua tan and they also have some rodian swordsmen. Who are helping them out so definitely all from star wars. Here so this is their ally.

They mostly have gungans spearmen and then they have some gungan sword masters look how goofy they look look at that stance. What is that and let s see what else they got they got some gungans spear throwers. So this is like a javi unit. So they re ready to go.

Unfortunately. Droids are not in this mod that would be great you know just redo. The battle of a phantom menace and then they brought a bunch of calves. Some ganga cavalry here in all jokes aside this actually looks pretty good this model here that looks fantastic i mean for the limitations of medieval to you know i give that at a plus and then i think this is their general yep.

Here. It is it s a rodian fellow gungans spear throwers. This is generals unit. So we ll go ahead get this battle underway and start the chaos.

So i ve got this nice position here up on this terrain. And it looks like the gungans are going to be really aggressive classic gungans here and actually you know what let me turn down my music volume. A little bit. I don t want this too loud here.

We go want to be able to hear me the much of the gungans..

Oh. My god who will stand against such hate. This is so cool. This is so awesome oh man so yeah.

I m not going to be uploading. This like all the time maybe like once a month or something like that and i probably will upload another like normal total war battle when i upload this you know on the same day. I just don t this isn t gonna like take over my channel or anything. But it s just too funny to not upload a battle from from this mod.

So now i m forming up on the ridge and i m preparing my my calves over here they re over on the flank. I m gonna send them over all of them actually on this flank try to face their calves and the calves is like lightning fast in this mod look at come on ochre calves. You re going to fight bravely. Today.

There they go look how fast they are look at this. It s ridiculous. Those big heads goofy. Oh here we go here comes.

My dragons. They re marching look at them look at them what what what is this what oh my god they look they look like they re gonna fall off the head of the dragon. But here we go we re about to charge in kung fu panda s are going to go in first my trained deadliest warriors charging in to the gungan spear throwers who are going to retreat from the battle. I also have my cookie monster s coming in and the gungans are reforming here.

Oh looks like we got a cap charge going it oh my goodness going into my kung fu pandas. I ve got some cookie monsters trying to reinforce the lines. Damn gungans scum and then i ve got my annihilators joining the battle here we go the gungans are really storming in now but fear the field of mites of the annihilators. But they re really pushing down the center.

My cookie monster s are are fighting on this flank as well and the calves is now fighting. And i am just ripping through his calves. Oh here we go we got the dragons now entering the battlefield. They are they re blowing fire all over the enemy beautiful shots.

They re well done dragons..

This is definitely going to help us turn the tide of this battle. It looks. Like they re going after the gungan spear throwers. Oh.

My goodness oh the lag. The lag. There we go gungans storming in oh man. I love that cab that gungan cavalry looks really nice oh look at this duel gungan verse panda.

Oh and the panda loses remember your training so on my experience with this mod. It seems like the cookie raiders actually a pretty low morale. Oh. My goodness.

This is laggy holy crap and then my teletubbies here are now throwing their pots. Look at the chaos on the battlefield right here trying to end the tyranny of the gungans everybody give credit to the teletubbies. They re not really doing much but they are very deadly. What is this who came up in this mod.

It s a brilliant idea. So my cab is pretty much annihilated. There calves. The ogre cabbage is too much for them look at him go just slaughtering them just completely slaughtering them.

So i can i m now able to do some hammer and anvil with my ogre calves and my annihilators are cleaning up the mess here against the gungan sword masters. And it looks like bringing the kung fu panda s is actually paying off here because they re winning their battles. The teletubbies are throwing their pots and here s a pocket of gungan sword masters. Putting up a great fight the gungan sword master is actually really really good my cookie monster unit looks ridiculous here comes my a counter flank here oh.

But here comes a counter charge from the gungan cavalry trying to take out my cap. But they just suck in there they re having a tough time against my ogre cavalry. Um. And there we go even the rodian swordsmen are retreating from this battle.

And it looks like we re going to have victory here today it looks like we are going to end the tyranny of the gungans thanks for the freedom fighters look at they got blood all over them..

Lord shrek fear lowered shrek and where is lord shrek. I need to find him i sent him into the fight. I think is this his unit. I don t know.

But this is like the last unit of the sword masters way it looks like this guy s pushing them. What is he doing oh man. This is great this was holy. I was like laughing my ass off when i was playing this and i can t wait to see some replays because then i ll get to watch.

Some units that i ve never tried before i ve seen and then just seeing them fight will be hilarious. But i you know again they did a great job with the gungan cavalry. They re just like seeing them run around and stuff. It really does look like gungan cav.

Look at him run look at that look at that like bowlegged stance and they all look like jar jar this is what you get for ruining episode 1 phantom menace. Damn jar jar sith lord jar jar alright so the cavs running them down and i think they re full on breaking at this point. Oh. My god this ochre cab is like so obi is ridiculous.

I barely lost any of them i like how they have milan s like shield. There oh man okay so we ll just fast forward and see the end results here. But i really want to see some like pvp. I want to see some good tactics and some great strategies using you know dragons and whatnot alright.

So a little bit longer we will see the end results right about right about now i ll replay finished. Oh we don t get to see the results that s too bad well i think it s because i just quit or whatever. But yeah guys try out this mod get some replays. I will laugh my ass off.

I just want to show off this mod every once in a while remember i m not gonna play it all the time just like once a month or something like that just uh just for comic relief or you know just something goofy. So thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video be sure to like it like it. And also don t forget to subscribe and leave a comment and yeah thanks thanks for watching i ll see you ” .


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