Mario Kart 8 Anti-Gravity R/C Racer Toy Review – Remote Control Transforming Car from Jakks Pacific

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“Welcome to dad. Does and today. We are looking at the mario kart. 8.

Anti anti gravity racer by jock specific of course. It s got mario in. There so s really. Cool and it s a remote control 24.

Gigahertz remote control a very large remote control car. But the real feature about it as you saw in that opening is these wheel ships so they ll go flat. And it looks like a hovercraft like it s floating above. It a cool kind of illusion let s take a closer look and see how this works alright.

I ve jumped in here just to show you how large this is i mean this is a large racer so not a small remote control car really cool how large it is look how big mario is in it let s flip it over to show you this thing uses a lot of batteries. We should warn you about that there are 6 c. Batteries inside inside of the racer inside of the remote control for double a batteries so have batteries on hand..


I m pretty straightforward here. There s just a switch on off and then there s a test mode it comes in just so you can try it out. But basically on and off at the bottom doesn t get much more simple. Than that and just showing mario looks great really cool designed obviously license from nintendo made by jock specific showing you the whole racer here.

But let s get to the mineral control and show. It s cool transformation. So first we ll just show you the real control again pretty straightforward here mundy s demonstrate this a little bit you can just spin around left. And right let me get him on the screen.

A little bit. So you can see that very straightforward and then this is going to go forward and backwards like that alright so that s easy enough. But let s show you the cool thing and that s these two buttons up on top that s what transforms the wheels. So you go like that and now it goes into what looks like hover mode.

And then you press. This one here try to get a good shot for you here. And it s ship step..


So really you see the ship between um and then what s cool is that what is in the hover mode. That s when you do all that drift in which we showed so that s where he can drift back and forth. So now when you re doing the remote control left and right. He s drifting so you can do a cool combos where you kind of drive in regular car mode and then as you re coming into a turn you shift it over and then start drifting so some pretty neat stuff you can do kind of feels like the video game.

So that s really neat want to show you here flip. It over what s happening you know in this hover mode is actually kind i m gonna move this forward just so you can see here the wheels are spinning. And it s a spinning here which actually moves them now one thing. I do want to point out you really need to do it on wood floors.

I m gonna show you this is it on the carpet you re very little it gets stuck actually can t even transform on the carpet wheels getting stuck. So want to point that out the important point you gotta use this tile wood floor any of that works great. But it s not gonna work on carpet. The transforming the wheels just get stuck me it works a little bit.

But not very well so that s an important thing you want to do it on hardwood floor. But that s it really. Cool you know it s a big..


Toy it s fun 24. Gigahertz remote. It s got some nice speed to it. But really the cool thing about it is that drift mode.

Looks like that anti gravity mode. And just have fun spinning and drifting and things. Like that just some more footage here to show off the moves. So really what you can do is a lot of different combos.

You can be driving straight with the wheels upright then throw it into the antigravity mode. And do a drift right out of it you can do spins in either mode anti gravity or with the wheel. Straight you can do combinations of them all go from wheels up to wheels down spin in spin out. So you know there s no wrong way to play with it just a lot of fun showing a lot different moves here kids had a lot of fun with this that transforming of course is the big thing about it your drive around with them straight like we said 24.

Gigahertz large fun remote control car. But really the keys is that you re going to shift over to anti gravity key. When you re on that anti gravity mode is you re really doing left and right..


It s kind of drifting left. And right doesn t go that well forward or backwards. That s when you shift the wheels back to normal mode. You go forward backward drive around and then you practice some things where you re driving straight put the wheels flat and try to do a trip right into it so a little bit like the video game comes to life.

Really like a lot of fun gameplay. With it that s a quick look at the mario kart. 8. Anti gravity racer from jock specific.

We like it a different take on remote control cars yeah in this mode. It can go pretty fast and it s large and that s fun. But of course. The cool thing is you shift those wheels over and do those drips and spins come on over to dad does calm of a full ” .


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