Mario Party-E Was Weird (Obscure Mario Game) Billiam

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“Party is sort of like the vienna summit. It s amazing how it brings people people together. But if it goes wrong any hopes for continuing peaceful diplomatic relationships is and all parties involved made me a horrible every death. Mario party has had 16 games in total that s more than any other mario series.

It s had ups and downs and entries that i m sure i would enjoy. But refused to play due to an irrational fear of change. But one game in the series that has always caught my curiosity has been one that i only know about because it s popped up on ebay. While i ve been trying to buy other mario party games mario party is a game for my favorite strange nintendo accessory the e reader i plan to do an in depth review.

So let s just break down the basics shall we the e reader is a card scanning accessory that nintendo made for the game boy advance dlc style add ons nes game ports and minigames could all be accessed by scanning barcodes from the cards into the e reader. It s a neat and bizarre accessory that really didn t take off in the usa to my knowledge mario party ii is the only exclusive game that was released for the e reader. This is a complete card game so it s not like there are booster packs with an extra rare geno card or buzzfeed. Article is lying about the value of your common cards in standard mario party fashion.

The game supports up to four players. The goal is to be the first player to play the superstar card to do that you have to have all three superstar summon cards and play the superstars clothes shoes and hat. You know i haven t seen it yet but in this deck. There s got to be a naked mario.

I described the game as a cross between mario party. And uno each player eventually develops a set plan and thinks the game is going to go one way. But then everything gets screwed up friendships end and the ussr withdraws. Its diplomats.

Oh at the beginning of the game. Each player is dealt five cards during a turn a player begins by drawing a card. Then they can either make a play or discard a card. If they can t the game has several different kinds of cards.

Which are all categorized in different ways. But really there are only effect cards mini game cards the superstar cards and coin cards. Most of the game is just playing coin cards to set up playing other cards and because of that the game has a pretty fast pace. You think the game is going one way and bam.

Somebody play s something like the bob on card which has everyone exchange their hand cards shuffled and then redistributed then there are cards like the buu card where you take a coin from an opponent. The tubu card..

Where you take two coins from an opponent s cards exchange hands. Coins exchange players and you exchange your friends for better ones you realize you ve never had friends. However. There are other cards that have more extreme effects like looking at their hand and taking any card you want and then there are blocker cards that prevent an opponent s card effect.

But most of these records. Require that you play a minigame bowser allows you to discard all the in play cards on the game map. But it has a roulette effect as a drawback the super wario card allows you to bet all of your in play cards against your opponents. But the winner of the bet is decided by a duel challenge the duel challenge cards are where their minigames really matter.

Unless you don t have an e reader then you just flip a coin. Yeah really this is where you play those classic mario party style minigames actually they feel more like wario ware at times. So the minigames aren t really all that wait why haven t these two series crossed over. I actually think the minigames slowed down the card game they re fun.

But the e reader is kind of a pain in the ass to use each card has two barcodes and the card scanner is really sensitive so if you don t scan it slowly and perfectly it won t register the scan. All the mini games except for wario s bluff are exclusive to mario party ii mario s bluff was remade in warioware diy. See. It s perfect for a crossover wario s bluff has you accelerating and then having to break at a specific time.

If you don t break soon enough you ll fly over the edge the closest. One to the edge at the end of the game wins wario seems like the kind of guy. Who knows a thing or two about edging other duel challenges that stand out our bolt from buu. A game.

Where you re racing to the end of the stage. Whoever gets to the end faster. Without being caught by boo wins time bomb ticks. The first player sets a bomb by counting to 16 and the second player diffuses.

It this one is interesting because the first player sets. How long the second player has it really is just whoever does it faster. But it is a cool way to present balloon bursts each player inflates a balloon whoever makes it explode loses. I like this one because there s a strategic advantage to not blowing it up too much and also blowing it up right before it explodes you might think you re screwing over the other player.

But you might just end up screwing yourself own then there s the free challenge cards these ones are a little less prominent because you only play them. If you don t have enough coins to use their effect and they re actually pretty heck and challenging keep in mind you re not playing against somebody else you re just giving yourself a single chance to play a card without a price mario s mallet has you stomping goombas with the hammer..

If you wait too long the goombas will get peach but if you go too fast you might accidentally hit luigi daisies rhodium okay what this is the hardest thing i have ever played sincerely the goal of the game is to have daisy hold on to this bowser robot for 10 seconds. So. Only ten seconds. You re prompted to press l.

R. And b. And if you don t do it at exactly the right time or hit the wrong button you fly off okay. The minigames are actually really well made and i m surprised to find out that they haven t been recycled for any of the game boy or nintendo ds mario party games you know it s a shame that this game has been so horribly forgotten.

I had a lot of fun playing it it s able to capture the spirit of mario party in a unique way and as a card game. The ereader minigames makes it stand out amongst things like uno and oh shoot is that mario you know it s a natural expansion to mario party. And it s truly a shame that it s such a pain in the ass to get a hold of i mean buying a game boy advance ereader and the game itself is a pretty decent investment that s not really worth it just to satisfy your curiosity. However unlike most of the stuff i play on this channel.

I can definitely say that i want to play it again i might even include it in my little local multiplayer lineup. I went into this pessimistically. I mean it s not like the e reader is really known for being great. But to my surprise.

It was fun and a pretty novel idea. The e reader is the game s biggest problem. It just slows down the pace. Completely having to stop and scan cards into a device.

Very specifically and very slowly is a pain in the ass. None of the minigames lasts more than a minute so you end up spending more time setting up the game than actually playing it i would not mind. Seeing this concept or a visited. Where either a nap or amiibo cards are used to play the minigames.

But then again nintendo has never really been good with keeping products and stock so even if they were to revisit this concept that would probably just fade into obscurity again so anyways. Thank you for watching. If this is your first video of mine be sure to subscribe also if you want to stay up to date with my convention schedule and whatever the hell. I m thinking be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter finally.

I also have a patreon if you want to give me a little support that way. But that is completely unnecessary..

But i really would appreciate it if you r here. Without the need of any base station. Actually if compared to my three base station rift setup. I could not tell if i was using the rift or than over explorer.

It is just so good and compared to a tube base station front facing rift setup. This one would clearly win since your headset will still know where it is even if you would face backwards. The accuracy of the inside out tracking truly impressed me here i was concerned about my setup since i have a green screen on one side of my play area in another video. I saw someone losing tracking because of that.

But it seems my green. Only area is not huge enough in order for the headset to lose tracking inside out tracking is clearly the future and with the windows m. Our headset. This future.

Is now the two motion controllers that come with the lenovo explorer are the standard microsoft ones that come with all of the windows m. Our headsets as mentioned in the unboxing video. These controllers come with lots of input methods. There s a trigger button a clickable touchpad a clickable thumb stick a grab button for your middle finger and menu button and a windows button.

These controllers surely get the job done. But if you come from the oculus touch controllers. You will be disappointed. These controllers can in no way compete with what oculus offers with the touch controls at all.

However this is a whole topic worth of video on its own and i m going to produce the comparison video in the near future so stay tuned to mixed reality tv for now. The takeaway is that these controllers are all right. They do what they are supposed to do if you come from the fcc vive once these controllers will even be an improvement since they are lighter and less clunky than with what htc came up in the beginning of the commercial via era. So how well do the motion controls contract in space for sure by now you ve already read lots about how they only get trapped in your headsets field of view.

Because the two cameras in the headset are responsible for the controller tracking you might have also heard how this might be a disadvantage. When playing let s say bow and arrow games in which you have to extend your controllers out of the field of view let me say so much first tracking of the winners. Em ly motion controllers works. Great.

And if i personally have not read about what i just mentioned. I would have never thought about these special cases at all why well if you controllers are out of your field of view..

You simply would not see them anyways. It s so simple also the cameras field of view is bigger than the flv that you see in vr so chances are good the controller still gets tracked even when you pull that arrow out of your line of sight. During actual use of the controllers in the cliff house or while playing space pirate. Trainer for example.

The controllers were tracked accurately in space. Without a problem in very rare cases. One of the controllers would lose tracking for a second or two just to get repositioned at the correct space. But it really was the rare exception.

If i had to compare control tracking with the rift. I would say this setup clearly beats rift with only two base stations. But will lose over a three base station rift setup or compared to the vive lighthouse setup. It clearly is superior to piece vr tracking though for sure i tested the lenovo explorer on two computers one computer is running on a strong gtx 1070 graphics card and was declared fully windows mr compatible the other one is my work laptop that sports an older gtx 960m graphics card and there was identified by the microsoft tool as too weak for windows mix to reality.

Surprisingly. Both computers were able to run the cliff house and also the space pirate training game in vr without any problems it seems that the hardware requirements are actually indeed much lower as compared to rift and vibe. The lenovo explorer is an incredible headset it easily beats the long established competition in terms of visual clarity. Comfort and tracking.

It is the most comfortable headset that i ve ever used combined with the best visual quality that i ve ever seen in vr and that clearly makes this one a winner since this is my first windows m. Our headset. I cannot have compared it to the other windows headsets. But they all seem to offer similar experiences as what the optics are concerned.

However i can compare the lenovo explorer to the oculus rift. The htc vive and the ps vr and in this comparison. I can declare this headset. The clear winner.

The content situation is still looking bad at this moment in time. But as soon as the lenovo explorer and all the other windows of our headsets get full access to steamvr windows mixed reality headsets will become a force to reckon with so that s it for the full review of the lenovo explorer. I hope you enjoyed this video. If yes give it a thumbs up and if you don t want to miss any of the upcoming shows make sure to subscribe that s it for today see you in the next video.

” ..

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