Marshall Lee reads lemon fanfiction!!!

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“Know i don t want by the substrate record because i can what gift fine fine i ll do the goddamn video hey guys it s uh me marshall marshall the second very fucking the real vampire king and this fucking girl here isabella is just like recent fanfiction that s the action. She fuckin sounds like so uh. Yeah. I m using your phone.

Okay alright. So she pulled up this one is called marshall like sugar. It s a prince gumball. X.

Marshall yowie. And she told. Me that yeah. We means gay sex.

I don t thing against gays by the way so. Yeah your discretions may advise okay. It s just read alright. If you don t like this stuff.

Don t hide click on the video. Really fucking care. I don t get with some of the future thing. But you know whatever alright three marshalls pop.

Which i guess that means point of view well i m the perfect guys. I m gonna do gumballs voice to can you say like this so i don t man all i have to do is practice my bass. I m so bored. I remember what gumball said to me last night talk to you later.

I guess naysha one can we talk later. I can t wait anyway years then i have for the one. I love most what s up thought i don t love it like that i don t love it all actually he s a dick. He s a fucking big ass dick gumley.

The ship is going down. It s decided. I will call him this is the far down friends gumballs snuper. What do you want wait am.

I just wanted to say hi or six. And i think i m about mumbled. Something..


What s our chat based face. It s just what i brought it without anxious. I mean i m i m a lot of things i thought that i should get late yeah. The positive side of the float ah sure you laugh quietly then hung up it was shit.

Why did i just do that i couldn t control myself. If you really do come over. I d best glaze make a good impression. No now all right.

I never fuckin do that sorry because the talks for the floor shovel to the closet back in the car pan throw away everything i would catch a table. I slept on the red couch looking up at the ceiling. Tired of cleaning and all the doorbell rang. I slowed it over i slowly and there s a to the door tonight.

I brought apples gumball fetter. d come on in i closed. The door behind and try not to face him. He probably clean up the place dude.

Yeah yeah. Thanks of course it looks in shape. I busted my ass to clean it for watching i don t know why you clean it for him if i i clean it right i probably find prints because well reattached use and department first girl took marks. You can see on my couch.

She s finished with clothes. He was looking at a tee. What for he s usually more talkative. It s something wrong i asked back now huh he beamed at me.

I love to it was funny so video yesterday. I asked eagerly it s the only thing i can think of almost except for uh sure. I m not really gonna be doing it though the ball. Shrugged awesome is bothering you i can tell deuce marshall.

What s right in his pants. Marshall. I like you that s why. I came over.

Ah ha ha. No this is the real. Me..


I d be like fuck you get the fuck out of my house. I don t like you like that i ve ever ever talk again good that s great whoa well the same way. I don t feel that way this fanfiction and what they re thinking i wrap my thing coal arms around about my arms or not that thing. I mean the pretty fucking thing.

But they re not that fucking thing shock me yeah the ball boys. I m sorry with you why don t you do a guardian voice. Because you like him. No i fucking go isabella shut.

The fuck up and go do whatever the fuck. You want me you to do. Yeah. That makes his head without think i wrapped my eye robot it starting to be upset about that i whispered.

I thought of what is a line off the shoulder like red plaid shirt t shirt no one was crying oh yeah she is pretty emotional. I said his hair something don t cry i whisper softly. Yeah go go ahead and cry why fucking don t tell them happily girl slowly lightly pulled away from the hug. It s not that sad.

I m actually really happy he giggled suddenly kiss my chicken oh. But once fun my shirt. Bushings took his wrist my job. I just worked a tackle on the cash no no no but no guys gotta go guys wait.

I m already dead sorry again this is getting to a very sexual part so foreclose on the video right now you go right ahead. And if not you don t have by the way you do this just for reading purposes. You can block this video. If you want i really don t give a shit couple books.

Bright red covered it and covered his face with his arms. I lightly fold. It all the way and we did i kissed himself leave. My hizmet s why would you look at bliss.

Oh. Hush. Tessa. Right who died 1 4.

Doubt. After this just. I m..


So cute. The fog. Yes. You can you really ca.

N t. Ah church. He gladly to his i think some say touch took his shirt off to reveal his perfect skin can be molded back. Oh how i love sugar.

No i read my fan sugar. I mean i can only read candy. So you know i m just saying his tummy down to his belly button and pulling at the pink briefs. With my piece.

While play growling gumball giggle meow. What the fuck am. I fucking reading you wrote a shoe cheshire surplus. I was almost was nothing but it playfully then i crept my mouse candy ear.

I can t do fucking do this without laughing my ass off this is just cringe. I whisper circle ii don t get host exactly. Oh my god what the fuck. Am i doing in my life.

I don t want to read this anymore isabela well guess what you re gonna have to i don t want to let me go no fuck you what was that i said fuck you dude. I dude. Why we re sorry. But what was fuckin shut up that keeps team guys at the corner of my eye.

He baby is me wrap his arms around my neck and shoulders. After hearing that my pants and shoes. I kissed him again with my tongue bieber s oh. My god good you can throw away floor no i did totally i was camping in gaza her oh did someone like totally okay.

He lacked. I took my underwear off as as he delicately pull off his wow no big as i as i thought. But cute are you ready. I asked yeah i ve had it all shit in my head.

I know i would ever do that i think m. ladies. He helps almost impatient ly that up and pulling lot to be like you..


But this is so light like a feather ball wrap it up i mean slowly put himself on like cock. I oh fuck no no no finish it i don t wanna fine. I ll fucking do it she s gonna she s gotta keep me here telephoto finishing. We re so tight in there again you made it this far.

I m proud of you yes doors on yelp. Oh big well thank you it s about a bigger back ego. Which is enormous ly orange yep. I look too sweet.

I tell you like that i like this sweet jazz up his neck that ball. I was laughs good well what s up with the fucking thing. I like to a sweet chest wherever that he set himself up and down. I was so good time some tables i lightly pinned him down slowly thrust.

It in and out of a soft ass. Oh. I love the way he moved. I m not going to read that part i cut him off and another passion get passionate kiss.

While i rubbed up and down hey. It i ve got curry that either just no i shut. My calc and heart of you guys are fuckin read that i shot my captain heartless side pulling it out and how roughly so humid in here. I wonder if looking why me why would you fuckin do this she would love it not love this shit marshall.

I love you thank you here s me tightly as i continue to stretch back. Now even i started wearing this shit. Though good name is so fast. I m here at my shift.

Okay now you guys to fucking worry about that slider fuck you i m marrying that girl boy yelps as such such sparkly should we seem a little over the place you re thinking it warm. Enough like you we both know lally pleasantly pull out a licking double cock tasting his bullshit come this game is really sweet don t have the heavily and quickly set up in front of me popping his arms on his elbow you re good wash you came back. He said raising one iraq if this is kiki this cheek. Thanks.

I winked can we do this from our vault. Waited yuppers eyes are having again. Sure i agree why are you look great okay not sorry to everyone who like oh fuck. Oh.

She made me read this why d you maybe read this because it s real no. It s not no it s not i ve regret being friends with you and there s a part two i really hope she doesn t even read the next one what about what about i press you press this button right up here listen ssstop rattle righteous well i guess by this is bed reading fanfiction ” ..

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