Marvel VS Capcom Sequel LEAKED – NINTENDO VS Capcom?! + Sabi Nintendo Direct Info! – LEAK SPEAK!

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“Director animal crossing direct league and also nintendo vs capcom here we go what s s happening my block buddies and welcome to a brand new episode of blocked contents. Speak. My name is calum and this is going to be your content for today. We re gonna be talking a lot about two very different very awesome things that are happening in the leaked sphere and that s actually a new nintendo direct being on the horizon.

And what that could ultimately entail and also that this is weird right the marvel vs capcom sequel that s coming there s this a tiny tease of this and we don t really know if it s legit. What this is all about and i wanted to take the time to talk about all of it with you guys i m super excited for this episode because it s been a while since we ve done league speak and it s just about time to head back into it right. I ve been answering many of you guys as questions about smash ultimate and new fighters in our show question block. Where i answer your questions.

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Really helps out the channel and comment down below to enter for the giveaway alright. Guys let s head into the main topic of today and that s talking about sabe. Yes. Of course.

The person on the inside that sometimes leaks information. That has sources left and right and sabe this time is actually talking about someone else. Within. The leaked sphere within specifically nintendo.

And saying. Sabe report. Emily rogers. Seems to be possibly implying.

An animal crossing direct is next week. Well it makes sense all things considered and that s of course because animal crossing is about to be released like it s being released that s the first big nintendo game out of 2020. And yeah. I ve been wondering when we will be getting a nintendo direct that is just focused on that game.


I think that it would be really cool to show off new elements of that that might up the interest. Just a little bit more because i feel like there is a lot to the game that they still haven t shown. It s not just the island stuff. And it s not just you know the same game that we know.

But upgraded there s probably some new stuff that they really want to talk about or else the game well kind of flop. I think that people really expect something big and something new and of course. There was this leak with all the animals being leaked and now we actually know what s inside the game. And it s quite a lot in terms of the animals.

So that s really awesome so. The idea to have an animal crossing direct before a general nintendo direct. I mean if you think about it it isn t that crazy first off because we already got that nintendo super smash brothers ultimate direct well which was technically not a direct but it was just a sakurai live stream about pilot and that being before any big nintendo direct or video at all i always thought was very strange. You know we really need to know what s going on the rest of the year.

And it being you know mid february already it kind of feels like there s no direct coming so any rumblings of this is very interesting. But yeah i m really curious if you guys really want a main direct over here or do you want a very focused animal crossing direct just to get that out of the way. And learn a little bit more about the game that is coming up because to me. It feels exceedingly strange to not get a nintendo direct.

I was just talking with papa gino s about this. With like we ve gotten one at this point like all these years and now we re still waiting nothing is happening. And what does this imply. What does this mean are there problems on the inside.

Do they have no games to show or is this gonna be huge and super big or are they just waiting to do an animal crossing direct. Anymore you know simpler and more easy time for the viewers. Well yeah. This report actually says that it might be happening very soon.

But of course. The plot thickens and if you know about the situation. Then you actually know that emily rogers replied replying to sabe so this is actually crossover happening right now saying. Just asking my friend a simple question.

That s also it s not a report. It s not this big league. It s just animal rodgers. You know literally asking something and then mario kart gamer dude.


Who is actually a regular on block content as well says dang. I want it this week to be the general one and the animal crossing one well yeah. It looks like you know there s no information on the insight to imply that it is happening. But also the funny part here is that as of the moment of recording yes that tweed can actually not be found anymore.

So we don t really know what was discussed in there if any of you guys know please leave it down in the comments. If you re able to find it or if you screenshot on it before it was gone. I would really like to know. But yeah.

This prompted a response from our boy. And he basically said sabe said. Since people seem to get so uppity about being confused as to when i m backing things i ll be labeling my tweets from now on tweets starting with report mean. I m retweeting or sharing things.

Other leakers are claiming. So more people see it now i m not just reading tweets here to read tweets. This is interesting because a lot of my viewers out there are following sabe for just the leaked news and stuff like that. But this is interesting to know the report means.

It s from someone else and tweets labelled as sources are me sharing info from a source of mine. Basically a leak. Some people seem to have a hard time grasping that i report on news and don t just tweet. My own leaks.

So this is an attempt to make it easier for them. So. Yes. Everything is cleared up now this was not a big league on the inside if an animal crossing director is happening.

It is not closely tied to these thoughts and these words already so that is to me a very clear and shot case that is actually not happening. But what is or what might be happening is a very interesting tweet that just went out in regards to marvel vs. Capcom sequel or something along the lines of that nature. And that tweet is actually still up and it s posted by brian hanford saying absolutely pumped for the next hashtag capcom versus game new characters.

But could be very familiar and of course. Everyone is blowing up right now. He is an actor writer and host. Living and working in la so yeah.


He knows a little bit something about devil may cry. 5. Because he s being that thing. That s interesting to me because actually talking about all that kind of stuff.

Yes. A capcom character will probably be in it maybe. He would be in it. But also what does that mean new characters could be very familiar and he just leaking something out of the blue that he s not supposed to be talking about people are going absolutely insane.

Because this implies it could be a lot of different things what about capcom vs. Snk. You know something new on that front maybe it s a sequel to what we know you know capcom versus marvel marvel vs capcom i think that there s a lot still to be explored there and the avengers being bigger than ever. I think it could even look a little bit like the marvel cinematic universe.

As well of course. There s an idea for capcom versus bandai namco. Because they are kind of like rivals. They re working together sometimes and i feel like the characters have already kind of crossed over so there s a lot of love there.

But the big one that people are of course rumors about is capcom versus nintendo or nintendo vs capcom this would be extremely interesting that s just because we already sort of half that in super smash brothers ultimate. But having nintendo characters in an honest to heaven like fighting game that will be like the original kind of engine for the marvel vs capcom games. But you have link in there. You have mario characters like kirby and star fox that would be a really awesome thing to explore so what does this tweet actually mean there have been no pieces of information.

The tweet is still up as at the moment of recording. So my head is about to explode finding out what this is and if this is a crossover with nintendo. Then it makes sense that they ve waited this long for the nintendo direct maybe they re planning a trailer for this kind of a game. But of course.

This is wild speculation and might not be happening at all. But it is something i m very excited about because thinking about the fact that this marvel vs. Capcom sequel is actually coming that we now have definitive proof on the inside that there is something happening. There to me is extremely fun and very exciting to think about because.

We ve waited for a very long time the previous game. You know already had an ultimate edition. It looks really cool. And i think that they did a very good job on it.


But i also think that it s time to move on and it s time for something news. So i would actually love it if that turned out to be marvel vs capcom sequel. I think there s a lot of ground there to cover but also nintendo vs capcom would just make everybody s so excited so i really that s the case i mean i m super curious what you guys think of this if you comment down below. I could actually feature that comment and read it out loud in our next video.

And today s comment question is when do you think that next nintendo direct will actually happen i mean that s the big question over here. We just really don t know anything as for a previous comment. Question. Winner our answer comes to us from our user.

Christopher dean. Saying. Leaker. Here s the whole deal cpac in other news sakurai cancels all smash dlc development samurai you get nothing you lose good day sir so thank you christopher dean yeah.

We kind of need to watch yourselves in terms of smash dlc leaks and stuff like that because i think sakurai is about to give up if everything leaks right. He ll do but just be like well there s no need for me doing all these cool trailers and these announcements. Because people leak them so i ll should just put the characters in the game. And no sakurai.

We actually love that kind of stuff and we want you to continue doing it we love you and we love the whole smash sphere about it so definitely keep them coming definitely keep making cool stuff. And we will be there for everything sakurai. So don t worry about that kind of stuff. So thank you so much for sending in all your comments.

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Where there s always more block content see ya. ” ..

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