Match 3 RPG Hidden Gems! (iOS & Android)

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“What s up guys mid city here back again with another video and today. I i m going to be going over my top 5 hidden gems in the match. Rpg sub genre. Now.

This is not going to include super well known match. 3. Rpgs on the app store such as puzzles and dragons. And like the puzzle quest series.

Although the puzzle quest series is actually what got me into this sub genre to begin with back on the nintendo ds. But we will not be including super well known ones maybe you will recognize some of them. But i really tried to make this a list that a lot of these are not really well known. But i hope you guys find a game that you can really enjoy and sink your teeth into but without without further ado let s get right into it alright so dragons and diamonds.

The art style initially kind of turned me off with this like it definitely doesn t seem as polished as like a triple a title or anything you can definitely tell if this is an indie game made by a small group of developers. But then the the art style. Really grew on me. If you guys are familiar of the dungeon raid game.

It was a premium puzzle rpg match. 3. On the app store back in the day. It was very popular.

But this has similar gameplay mechanics to that whereas you re not just matching three diamonds in a row. So to speak you re trying to link as many of a similar kind of diamond in a row as possible and the more you link together the more things will happen like there s four different diamond elements that your heroes are and each of their attacks corresponds to those diamonds that you re linking together that i mentioned earlier and so every time you link together. But ton of those diamonds in a row. Your hero will attack with a higher attack also your heroes also have abilities that will put special gems on the field that alter the board in specific ways.

The way this game is designed it s a single player game with no multiplayer. But levels you can three star them by doing certain specific achievements and also there are things on the board..

When the level begins that can be obstructions for you and you have to make matches next to them to make them disappear and stuff of that nature. It reminds me a lot of candy crush and the way that they set up their levels in a way. But i really enjoyed my time with this one this one probably took me by surprise more than any other game on the list. So i highly suggest this for you guys the free playability is very good you you get multiple copies of a hero to make them stronger and you spend gold to make them stronger.

It does have energy. But i ve never really felt like i ve been able to binge this game quite heavily and i didn t really feel like energy was that much of an issue and the gold. I don t feel like i ve been starved for gold just yet. But i d say i m about midway through the content.

So i m sure eventually gold becomes a problem. But hey this game is super fun so the grind is not gonna be boring. But anyways. I highly suggest this one alright now on to hero emblems.

Now this is about as classic as it gets when it comes to the match. 3 rpg sub genre. This is a single player game. It s premium.

So it does have an upfront cost. But it s very cheap and i think this is the best single player experience you can have in the match. 3 rpg sub genre. Now it doesn t do anything absolutely insane to set itself apart from any other match 3 rpg.

But it has a really cute art style it s really polished it has great sound effects and music and it has a great little cute little story everything is just extremely solid and polished in this game. I highly suggest you buy it as you can see from the gameplay that you guys are gonna be watching. It s just solid through and through it s very simple but satisfying. It s a 20 plus.

Our campaign that s nuts extreme value for that little small upfront cost. So i highly suggest you guys try this one out..

If you are not afraid of games that have a price tag all right so hexagon dungeon. Now this is my favorite game on the list. I know i was not gonna put them in any particular order. But i just want to explain why so hexagon dungeon took me by surprise because all of the elements in this game are not unique in and of themselves.

But the combination of them makes this game super unique now instead of having a board full of gems or diamonds or some sort of object. The board is empty. So the board is consists of a bunch of hexagons and then you have hexagonal pieces that comes that come in pairs or by themselves. And you can rotate them and place them on the board.

Now when you place three next to each other they all combine into one now. Each monster piece has a level to it so say i have three level 1 monsters that are touching each other then it all combines into a level 2 monster. And so on so whenever you combine three in a row. Then the that monster attacks.

Whatever enemy you re looking at now. If you guys are familiar with 1 million. And you must build a boat. Now that game you had to go as far as you could and then once you died you d have to restart again.

But in between those sessions. You use what you got from that run to build up a base so to speak that makes your life easier in the long run and makes it so that you can go farther again. Now that is in this game. You can add things to your dungeon that make it so that you can go farther and farther.

In a run and get a higher score each and every time it s super addicting. This is free there are ads and they are kind of annoying. Sometimes but it is a 199. In app purchase to remove those ads and make it feel pretty dang premium.

But you cannot remove like the premium currency and stuff like that it ll still be there. But i ve literally never felt like i needed it at all the only thing i would ever spend money on in this is the remover which is more than worth it..

But if you guys really want something unique and different that you haven t tried before in the match three rpg sub genre. You guys have to try out hexagon dungeon alright. Now we re on to tavern guardians for some reason. I feel like this went under a lot of people s radar.

When it was first released and it still seems like not too many people know about it now this one is pretty classic. As well. It s basically puzzle quest mixed with dungeon raid. Dungeon rates class system.

And it does have a few unique things of its own. So you pick a class and it ll be like an arch or major or whatever. And you have certain abilities that go with that class that you can use at times. You can loot little items that you can use throughout your play session this is a roguelike so when you die you die.

But there is a cool unique mechanic where the enemies are on the board and they will slowly move down the board towards the bottom. And if they hit the bottom then they attack you and so you really want to get rid of the enemies and prioritize certain enemies over others depending on where they re at on the board or you want to make matches that don t quicken their pace down towards the bottom of the board. It s really unique. I really like it.

The classes had a lot of replayability to it and you might find like oh. This class is really fun. But i kind of stuck with it or i m really good with this class kind of thing. So there s a lot of replayability.

This is also a premium title. So it does have an upfront price. But i think it s well worth the price especially for the amount of and fun that you re gonna get out of it. But i highly suggest this one as well definitely add some unique things to the genre.

Alright last and certainly not least. This is probably the most unusable ament s now when this first came out..

I actually was pretty impressed by it it you could tell that was made by a small dev team. But it s very polished i love the art style. It s very clean looking. Very organized and i really like it.

But basically everything you see in it you ve seen in a million other games especially the public bus series. However i think they nailed the difficulty now you cannot take this game. Just like you can t really go in thinking that oh i ll just make a match here and there and i m definitely gonna win like you really have to think through your matches especially your team composition and which characters you level up you do have to get copies of heroes. And you have to use gold to upgrade them and stuff.

And it does feel a little bit grindy when it comes to gold and leveling up heroes and stuff of that nature and ads are a little bit annoying. But despite all of that there is a lot of fun to be had here and i love the difficulty and how much you have to think about who you re bringing to each level in order to three star. It it is only single player. They say that there is a multiplayer on the horizon.

But they ve been saying that for a while so i don t know what s going on with that but this is just a very solid simple if you just want something that s just literally the epitome of the match three rpg sub genre. But you don t want to pay for it this is as close as it gets so i highly suggest you guys try that out if you re one of those people okay. And that was my top 5 hidden gems in the match. 3.

Rpg sub genre. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. Please leave a like feel free to share it and sub. If you guys enjoyed it or if it helped you find a game that you re really enjoying i appreciate it so much if you guys do that it really helps my content be seen by other people and it really helps keep me motivated.

I m gonna keep cranking out some mobile gaming content for you guys because that s all i do it s all about mobile games so i thank you for spending your time watching this video. I really appreciate it and take it easy. ” ..


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