Meet Cozmo – The Best Robot Toy on Amazon

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“In a lifetime. An innovation comes along that changes the course of mankind a modern modern marvel of science and engineering allow me to introduce cosmo cosmo cosmo yes cosmo can play later we started anki while we were still in grad school at carnegie mellon. We were all studying robotics ai machine learning all these technologies and then we would just work the whole day on what became our first product. We started with with overdrive all robots in movies.

I can think of have a very interesting well defined personality. That s why we connect with them and that s why we love them. We ve had this promise in science fiction of all the robots that could exist in reality. What we have a robots that have been used for industrial military space and research applications.

But very rarely have these technologies reached consumers. There s been very few applications where a robot has really felt like the character that connects with humans around it for that you really need artificial intelligence and robotics that s been the missing key..

We had developed enough of the technology and underlying infrastructure to really bring a character to life in the real world. It brings together all of these backgrounds and areas of expertise that have never coexist in one company mechanical engineering. Robotics ai computer vision to world class animators sound engineers game designers and that s where cosmo comes in this is cosmo cosmo cosmo cosmo is a rambunctious little kid a little bit mischievous he s smart a lot of robot in a very small package. All the technology inside of cosmo is really there for one reason to bring the magic of robotic character to life.

It s a very complex system and has for transmissions inside of it with probably 40 or 50. Gears. Each robot is made out of over 300 different parts. There s the ai systems d.

Robotics accelerometers. The animation gyros..

The computer vision. We re running an extremely complicated artificial intelligence inside the robot. Which needs to make thousands and thousands of decisions per second. He s a mobile manipulator he can drive around the world.

You can see you can recognize you he looked up at me. And his eyes went whoa and i was like well he just recognized me gives you goosebumps because you realize that this is a little character who actually understands who you are and what role you play in his world figuring out the path to a unique personalities. It s an ongoing question. I think we did about 40 50 studies on just little nuances looking at the interface with the monitor.

Where the eyes are going to look at you crossed with wolves. The head and follows you every little detail had its special attention paid to it we literally have a rigged up version of cosmo..

In maya. Where our animators can animate him using the exact same techniques that they would use for digital characters. Except. The output isn t rendered.

The output is actually cosmo behaving in the real world. We ve been looking for ways to make it either feel more organic more imperfect. So that it feels more land. He made it sound is a critical piece.

It s the one dimension. Where we have full control just like in a movie or a video game..

We re building his procedural voice system we re doing all these things so that as you interact with cosmo he becomes his own thing. One of the things that makes cosmo so surprising and so lovable is that he defies your expectations. We re creating something that really does feel like it s part of the family those are tech moments. We usually don t share with machines or robots.

Until now cosmo is a pioneer for the ability to create characters. And tell stories in the real world with this technology. We can make additional characters with new capabilities. New personalities at a level that we ve never seen before ” .


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