Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain pc save file issue [SOLVED

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“I m going to show you how to fix your metal gear solid 5. Save save file. So i m going to show this for people who have steam and have the cracked version now if you have the cracked version and you downloaded through torrent shame on you you should buy the full game they had more support the developers. I definitely do not condone.

I use the cracked version. I just shown it both ways so i can fix the problem for you guys alright. So first off you want to go ahead and open up your steam of course and if you have cracked version where you have the game install and what you do that you want to go to and steam for example user data your user steam. Id.

And then you re going to go to 3 1. 1. 3. 4.

Now. That s the same steam game id as metal gear solid..

5. Ground zeroes. Why have you decided to have that they ve file in there i do not know but you re gonna click on that and you re gonna see other stuff that are in here i just actually uninstalled and then reinstall my steam. But and i have it saved in another place.

But basically in your steam file. It will show the these three so you see where it says loco ramon sat and i m going to the cracked version and get to the same place so basically what happens is when you re playing the game. It s gonna it s gonna give you you know these three different types of files. So the personal data and the tp config data you don t want to mess with let the tp games.

Data. That s that s the one you want to take a look at see that s your actual save file. So what you want to do is you see the the date. Modified.

You want to go ahead and click on the one that is the oldest there the one x you know the one thing you know has most your save file stuff okay. And this also works if your game..

That was corrupted you can use it back up through game files. You had and you know not have to lose all your progress. So this is also really good so. What your please going to do is in local.

You don t really have to delete this although i kind of recommend that you just delete this folder everything in here. But you re gonna go copy the one that you want hold this one this one copy it you re gonna go to remote and then in remote you re gonna go ahead and paste. It then what you re gonna do is just go ahead and delete this sure you want to delete it yes. I m just going to ahead and renamed that okay exactly the same for the cracked version as well so you re gonna do the same thing.

And it s very simple so once you move over your file from local to remote. I it will use the the file that you want on a remote and test it out here and it s loading up now and then as you can see it ll show your overall completion. So that s how you know you did it successfully if if you didn t do it successfully it would obviously say it was save corrected. File.

Beforehand or jeez. And a crack it would say overall completion 1..

But this is to show you guys. Although it s autosave so you don t necessarily see it it s still there you can still find it and i don t know how exactly it works. Why they create new one of these files that might be one permission you complete that kind of just makes the most sense since you know i ve only them three missions. It has three different files.

I don t know. But that s just kind of how it works so it just kind of creates. A new one of these sometime. So create a new one of these to just be sure you backup this folder.

I actually back up this folder for sure first and then once you transfer. This one over to here over here and you test it back it up somewhere else as well so that way in the future. You know you have a good file. What happened to a lot of people was they found a mission 29 of 42.

If you play as the quiet instead of snake you would corrupt your savegame so a lot of people were freaking out like they had to start all over no that s not the case you can actually go back into local you know you probably have a lot more of these. But you ll be able to find your latest..

One by looking at the date. Modified and give it a shot. So you don t have to backtrack so much alright. I hope that helps you guys and again you know like and favorite and subscribe and of course.

If you do have the cracked version shame on you go ahead and buy the full version support the developers. It you re definitely going to get your money worth. It s it s a big game. And it s a whole lot of fun alright hope.

” ..

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