Mickey Saves Santa Full Episode Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney Junior

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“Everybody it s me mickey mouse say you want to come inside my clubhouse well well alright let s go oh. I almost forgot to make the clubhouse appear. We to say the magic words meeska mooska mickey mouse say it with me meeska mooska it s the mickey mouse clubhouse mickey save santa welcome to our clubhouse everybody today we re celebrating a special holiday can you guess. Which holiday christmas right and hey look.

It s in fact tonight is christmas eve. The night before christmas and all our friends are coming to the clubhouse for a sleepover hi. Everybody gee. I see a major christmas lists your bills right here.

Let s gather them all up for santa looks like donald s still working on his christmas list sounds like somebody s on the roof gawrsh maybe. It s annie cause come on let s go. See do you see what made that noise. You do oh my gosh let s wave.

And say. Hello. Mrs. Claus.

Oh. Hello kids. Onward. Dasher.

Oh. Oh. I m sorry donald. Once.

Won a wild war. No. No donald. If you want christmas presents.

You ve got to be nice. Say mrs..

Claus uh. What brings you all the way to the clubhouse. Oh mickey you have to help us santa s sleigh broke down on top of mistletoe mountain. Mistletoe mountain.

If someone doesn t rescue santa real soon. There won t be any christmas this year. Don t worry. Mrs.

Claus we ll rescue santa will you help us rescue santa come on everybody let s go to the mousekedoer and get our mouseketools. Oh a pair of skis i spotlight and the mystery mouska tool. That s a surprise tool that can help us later. Toodles is gonna bring us our mouska tools.

When we need it oh boy we got our mousekatools now we can go rescue santa. But mickey we better hurry mistletoe mountain is really far away no problem. We ll take the toon plane. Don t want to be my co pilot.

Remember donald. You ve got to be nice. Otherwise. No christmas presents now that s more like it.

But you ve got to hurry. It s almost christmas eve santa here. We come here. I can t see a thing.

We re gonna need a mouseketool to help us see through these cloudy clouds. Everybody say oh skis a spotlight or the mystery. Mouska tool. Which one can help us see through these.

Cloudy clouds help me scan the clouds with the spotlight. Everybody we don t want to bump into anything hold up your spotlight and point it to the left do you see anything coming nope not on the left..

Now point your spotlight to the right. Do you see anything coming now nope not on the right finally point your spotlight to the middle. Now do you see anything coming you don t. What is it that s professor von drake.

Everybody let s zoom out of this way this way follow me wow look at all that snow. We must be at the north pole. We better land this plane and fast everybody stretch your arms out and help us land count down from ten with us ready we landed the toon plane hotdog hey fly and everybody whaaaat nope but we got a hurry it s getting late do you see mistletoe mountain. Yeah.

There it is we re almost there don t give up come on let s run. No sure is deep remember donald. You ve got to be nice. Say maybe one of our mouseketools can help us go over the snow.

Everybody say. Oh toodles laughter. Skis or the mystery. Mouska tool.

What can we use to go over the snow come on everybody ski with us slide your feet from side to side left right left right what right what what what right that s almost haha santa is somewhere on mistletoe mountain just over there do you know who that is wow. We ve got to get to the top of mistletoe mountain. One and first here. I have an idea everybody hold on to my scarf.

Dasher and i will pull you up to the mountaintop. Oh everybody hold the scarf wow wow. Onward dasher top of mistletoe mountain good skiing everybody do you see any sign of santa it s santa sleigh santa has eight reindeer are they all here let s count means from a war do you see the eighth reindeer they sure is the eighth reindeer wah wah wah well you ll have to call him with the special santa call the special santa call how s it go santa you re going to have to do better than that don t move from behind. I know let s ask our friends to help will you help us call.

Santa. With the special santa. Call hot dog fuller s santa. Santa.

Well look. Who s here..

Mickey mouse. And donald duck. Oh. And you too how nice santa.

We came to rescue you oh a rescue team thanks for coming waa waa waa waa ha ha gee so tell me rescuers what are we gonna do about this the harness broke and now my reindeer can t pull my sleigh and that means no christmas for anybody this year. Not even you donald oh no donald don t forget you got it kid. Let s check. Our mouseketools maybe they can help us fix santa s harness.

Everybody say. Oh toodles. Oh. We ve used almost all our mouseketools.

This means. It s time for the mystery mouseketool. Everybody say mystery mouseketool. What s today s mystery.

Mouseketool mouths can we use ribbons to tie the harness to santa s sleigh. There you go well. What do you know you kids just saved christmas. See dear.

I told you they were nice indeed. All aboard rescuers. We didn t me rescued santa. No dasher now dancer now prancer and vixen on comet on cupid on donner and blitzen.

But oh right santa s sleigh come on everybody hop on the sleigh with us we just rescued santa claus to your help. Mrs. Claus donald did you rescue santa yep well where is he well the thing is if you want santa to come you have to call him with the special santa call. The special santa call.

What s that santa say it with us everybody tell me what s wrong yes. So i don t have any presents you mean this list and these are for you donald for being so nice come on everybody up on your feet cuz..

It s time to do we have a time today. Helping santa fix this broken slave first we used a spotlight to find our way through the cloudy clouds. You also found the professor then we use skis to ski across the snow and finally we used ribbon to fix the harness on santa s reindeer see ya real soon with the all new series. moronic conflict makes war look so stupid ancient demon horseman even maker what are you even fighting for huh tell me i like this one you may continue breathing gentleman s horseman please top you on our side would turn the tide in ways.

We cannot measure humanity might stand the chance. While my mission does involve balance. It does not require them i am here to root out the seven deadly sins and return them to the counsel. No less no i sincerely doubt that i m fairing quite well without any help of course.

I encase your mr. Moniker. I am a meeker who specializes in instruments of destruction chaos and the deliverance of pain so it stands the reason that we little all thing could enhance your arsenal. If your horsemanship would give me the chance in exchange for humanity will not survive without aid.

If you come across any humans on your journey. Please direct them here haven is the only place they might be sufficiently protected direct. Them how do you expect the apes to cross a battlefield and find you oh. I don t they ll need this the bridge.

Only humans can use it one touch they re sent to haven. We must i touch them i accept your offer maker no i doubt it will make your connection. Any less useless. We have an on deal then as a show of good faith.

A gift. Broth. Where you seek a pet of hell stretch set in the nether beneath the city. And please horsemen.

Yes. Yes. I will shepherd the wee ones your way pointless as it may be we ll see and remember fury. The doors of haven stand open to any new ask.

” ..

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