Minecraft but with Cthulhu Monsters, Dragons, Dinosaurs & All Things Terrifying

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“Thing i don t know what it is dude. It s so big and weird weird hey bud oh it s another one of those things jesus. That s really it s very loud ah dude. I look like a tornado farming no not at all it s not cthulhu in the distance.

Don t worry about it right here. It s getting nighttime dude. Where are you i m coming back. I m coming back coming back where other you are okay myself.

A lot let s go do you spilled a lot of blood falling down. There you idiot stop looking at me put a helmet on we need to get. Yeah. Let s get to a cave may be worth worth.

Mentioning guys darkness. In this version of minecraft is not a good thing. Yeah. I m holding a fuck is that i m right above you oh you re there he noticed me and it made like a fucking slenderman sound let the file in game.

Slender. It s pitch black you re like my god you kill me you let me in please you hit me what neri you can t hit me what hit me i m probably flying debris there there too dude. What is that true come here. It s a tall thing with eyes oh no that s a benjamin you need to look in the eyes is that supposed to be slenderman.

It s a dragon. I m poison myself i m dying i m dying i m actually dying okay inside the site site your only place you re not gonna die night oh. My fucking god what is that this is actually my god what s that look at that thing. So is that part of the abyss the abyss all crap.

I don t know i don t have a clue. I m pretty sure that creature. Oh my god what do we do it s almost daytime. It s daytime that was like a good thing to me i love that cue that sound.


My god just i don t know what s giving that away. But i think i think one microwave yeah. We can leave we need to get away. There.

We go. Oh boyd. How do i get in the stand. There we go come on call.

Me bud. What is the thing going to the sky by the way. Oh. I don t know let s go to it yeah.

That s that s obviously not gonna be evil. That s find you don t know what you re worried about i m cthulhu kitty. Cat yeah. There s a wild house cat oh.

A bear is that a bear. Yeah. It s a bear friendly at all. Oh.

What s that what is that bird did you fucking hear that yeah the bass. The really deep bass that was that s actually based like eardrums vibrate was what there s something there s something it s like a go whoa. What is that gone it disappeared is that what was making the noise. I don t know why you asking me these things all of these mods.

I have no idea. It s an altar. There s chair. What is this zebra that s you re not the right place to eat.

There s fucking zebra stay away from the snake..

I don t know what they do stay away from the snake. Did you go near this guy with what i can t see you look to your right to your right much closer than the dragon. What are those i don t know i just saw the dragon. I never see okay what the fuck are these do you not realize you re adding fucking dinosaurs to the game.

It s an older fucking life. Which is stupid oh. There s a fairy fucking god no i think i saw the fairy it chased the fury off oh no there s a different fairy. He s protecting as i was telling you dude.

This is not good that we knows we have it it s nighttime by the way. Yeah. We need to get okay. I m going straight in turn that shit down.

It s so loud my ear let s play put down a fucking torch. Okay you know you know how they say it s like a survival game where you have to like feed yourself and survive. This is more like survive as and don t get fucking killed by every fucking entity that crosses your path my dog something sauce somethin sauce something sauce get in get in and close it we re in son. I don t know but i heard the slender so there s a fire fairy.

I don t care okay we re safe with the dog we have limited oxygen what if he could dig what if he could bury oh. Don t say that you hear that sound of fucking. So cool all your dogs chasing the skeletons together bobbins laughter. What is this outside is a spider whoa.

There s a rift. There s a teleporter there s a portal. Look. I don t the other side of the dragon s hoard psyche in the orange.

Oh oh yeah find your dog attack as you hit the dog. See if he s attacking. He s fine. There is a zombie.

An evil wolf come here and look at this zombie riding the evil wolf with its fucking teeth..

Our. Oh. My god does a giant wolf has a gigantic wall. Oh.

My god here is that monster there s some humanoid. Oh. I don t know we re gonna find out i killed. It one of the alright.

There s a you know unless you want to fight the dragon. Unless i want to fight the dragon. What what i have to right click to fucking do it and it shoots an arrow look you idiot how does that make any sense go fight the dragon. There s a ghost right here right near the treasure.

And it s saying is singing to me. When i look at here. Oh ouiser two dragons one took off right all right yeah. I think we just need to go dude come on how s my dog gonna come huh trust me he can swim me your dog will tell boys it gets dry land.

Okay. My god you look so fucking. Oh excuse. Me what is seeing us what happened i didn t nothing happened nothing happened dude nothing happened i m gonna die i m coming now that fucking zombie has a sword get off of me okay that thing.

I don t know what it is dude. It s so big and weird entity doesn t like rimowa. I just want you to know how peaceful and lovely this that mansion is that s fucking great for you dude. I don t want to come home dude.

Stay. Where you are i don t get to shit still try and survive nice. I gave you a goddamn. Oh is that what do i do with it.

When you re in trouble eats..

It it gives you massive regeneration and extra health. Okay yeah donate it right now i just did i didn t do anything no fucking rolling. You fucking idiot. I ate a regular apple.

The boat. The boys is still over here okay i m going on the boat again whoa. Oh. We do i have to get on the bed just walk across the river musi let s go and we can bring the dog.

Oh. My god this is beautiful is that is that wearing down your boots. Though well then nope. I ve got i m breaking free on them as well so if it is i m not gonna see it oh this is fucking great just a casual stroll.

I really hope there s no cracking you know at the end of the day. I feel like we re not playing minecraft. What oh god okay. I need to keep walking yeah come on come on dog you don t get hit there by the fucking sirens or the the mermaids green dragon.

Oh i want to see it. Oh my god look at that thing holy hell cela. There s a pirate. This place is peaceful it s an argo.

I installed a mod called lucky my brain can t handle it alright. We ll do one thing out one thing. What is that noise. What is that did i did i roll the dragon.

Why is there a hovering fucking thing well i don t know what that is it looks like looks nice don t obelisk on it that might be part of the cool thing i have no idea ” ..

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