Minecraft Xbox – How Much Weight Can Steve Carry

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“I m if you exploit down welcome back math girl video. These are videos. I i like to make occasionally on my channel reinsert the really big questions about minecraft can even know you want to be honest too until you heard them such as today s question. Which is how much can steve or the minecraft character in my case not actually hold in minecraft this might seem like an easy question because 36 well.

But what if you have the heaviest item and you do every one of those slots up well you get a very big number. But what about with the latest update. When you include shock boxes how much conceive carry a minecraft. It s a pretty crazy number.

And in sesriem began you through the journey of how we got there. So that s i m doing hopefully or do enjoy this video talking about a step by step you can like video. So because it helps out the channel and listen ii do like the math girl videos. So when i said this get straight into it with a very first step.

Which is working out the heaviest block in minecraft is which as far as item. So and based on all my translations based on the real world. It is actually block of gold because if you do not know a block in minecraft is a meter by and meter by meter. So this looks like area block is a meter deep it s a meter wide and it s a meter.

Too. So if you are in one of the three countries in the world that doesn t use the metric system. I the united states liberia and way i m really good club by the way then you might not know a meter as roughly. I think it s like free foot.

We just need to know that one meter by one meter by one meter it gives us a cubic. Meter which in go terms is actually. About 40000 umbers odds great now it s. 42000 509 pounds or 19000.


Kilogram for a single one of these blocks. So just by the sheer virtue of being a pub. One of these blocks in your hands. You would be stronger by than the you know well record for olympic you know weight that thing.

By over you d be 40. Times. You know better than that just for holding one of these blocks. But steve in minecraft or my cat in this case.

Can t just hold one of these blocks of gold you can actually hold several in a snack. You can own up to 64 in an individual stack. Which means instead of just one of these blocks in a thing like this you can actually have you know a lot more than that because you can have a 4 by 4. By 4 block.

So you know again it s 4 times bigger in every dimension. But if i d having a single stack of these you can have a 4 by 4 by 4 thing which would look something like this by the way and if you did hold on of these and you could pick one up in real life then you would actually be holding up 22 272. Million pounds so again that s a lot of weight that s significantly more you know we ve gone way crazier than a human. It could ever hold and this is what you can hold in just one image.

Very stacked in minecraft. If you can lift this up in real life you would be a superhuman on such a crazy level. But it goes even crazier than that because this is just one stack up your m tree. That s right if you could pick this up you could actually pick up 35 of writings in minecraft or in this case.

You can t over 35 other off these stacks altogether. So this means that you can normally hold you know that amount. We told a whole em tree full which is about 36 times that much which brings you close to a hundred million pounds in you have to be held in winter up that s a lot right. However you know the thing about 100 pounds is that before you consider shelter boxes.


So if we take some of these blocks back let us pretend we dip in our service or some time. But if we take all of these blocks back and we fill a shocker box with them. And that means this entire inventory pretty much so. We ve got 27 slots right here this entire inventory full of gold could actually be stored in just a single box.

And then once we re done with that we filled this entire box up we can then take the box we can mine it and that means that entire inventory you know almost. 100000000. It s less than at the limit or because your hopper. There s still almost an entire inventory about 70 million pounds.

Worth of weight can be held in just a single slot. So what if you then did this took this and you did this with every single other shoulder box like i ve done in this case paints make me so everything one of these then we can actually do is you can mind these or you can pick them all up. And you can end up with an inventory full of chakra boxes. For what these things this essentially gives you you know the 972 stacks of things in your entry.

Which is pretty crazy by itself. But it s even crazier when you consider that each of those stacks is already sold beyond what a human can hold and let s show you what it looks like when you do this because these are 36 boxes. All filled to the brim with gold blocks. And again let s let s just mind more and then you can work out what that means that we re actually multiplying the density of iron through by 27 times.

So it s 64 you know 64 sacks of gold per stack. So 64 blocks have gone per stack and then we ve got you know. 27 stacks in a book and then we can actually hold if we go to this camera gear to the areas open in the off hand. Then we actually hope 36 off those.

Which gives us the cancellation of you know 27 times 36 times 64 times. The amount you told in a single stack. Which you can write straight over to x ray. Times the amount you get from a single block.


Which you can imagine gets pretty crazy pretty far and the cancellations give me a screw right now because it s 972 times. That number well just in simple math. Done. It s about 2 billion pounds or about 1 billion kilograms 1 billion 119 million kilograms four hundred and ninety four thousand five hundred sixty four point one kg is what you can actually hold a billion kilograms can be held in minecraft as of this most recent update.

Which is really really nuts by itself. You know if you put that in comparison that s about 20 times the weight of the titanic. The titanic one of the biggest ships you know throne pictured that giant ship you know they helped thousands of people see could carry one of those in lincroft and then have about you know enough strength left in a nineteen mortise pet. This is how much you can hold in minecraft at once and i don t know how he does it with such small arms you know you think it that s some pretty impressive muscle ratio.

But it is something that s people this also right here can actually do but where this gets even crazier than that you you might think that s the craziest thing in the world. But what if i told you that it goes even crazier because we actually have the op and slot in this update. So which means you can hold 64 arrows on top of that so they re in mind. An arrow weighs about 18 grams.

Which is point about no point. Naught. 1. 8.

Kilograms certain or point naught naught 1. 8. Kilograms. Which means that if you actually you know use that if you have a second 64 of these.

It actually has almost an extra kilogram or so to give you one so instead of 1 billion 119 million four hundred nine 4560 kilograms you can actually hold 1 billion 109 million four hundred ninety four thousand five hundred and sixty one kilograms that s right that s the thing that pushes it over the top and that s how much steve can carry in minecraft. 20. Titanic s you know with a lot of room to spare for like you know everything you could picture and your whole family and me. And you know.


However. Watching this video could be lifted by steve all at once isn t that wonderful. I think. It is and i hope you did all enjoy the math craft video.

You can like this one. If you did like it because it helps down the channel locks. Let s say you do let these sorts calculations share. You really liked it and subscribe.

If you re new around here. Because i make videos like this one every single day on my channel. And it s subscribed you ll see them deal in your home page. This is a lot to carry on if it was and yeah.

I wouldn t recommend doing anytime soon. But it is pretty wonderful rectly you can just take anything just. It s pretty cool stuff. So yeah.

Thank you much watching video. And i ll see you in the next one bye. ” ..


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