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“Welcome to a cdc photo studio 2018. My name is adam in this video. I i m going to show you how to quickly import your mobile photos with mobile mobile sync is a new feature that you can find in photo studio ultimate photo studio. Professional and photo studio standard for those of you familiar with a cdc products ac dc ac dc pro and ac dc ultimate have been rebranded the new photo studio products continue their legacy mobile sync enables you to capture your photos.

Remotely and then transfer your files manually or automatically to a desktop client. Once in wi fi range to get the app. Please visit the link in the description or visit..


The photo studio product pages on our website during launch the app will ask you to select your desktop target in this case. I ve selected my desktop client of photo studio ultimate i can change this target at any point by clicking the settings cog at the bottom left of the app also from the settings. I can adjust the file name in this case. I could change it to year month day.

Or a variety of other options. You can also adjust the sub folder. In this case..


I ll change the subfolder to the name of my device. And finally you can set the file collision handling. Just in case. I upload the same photo twice back at the app home screen.

I can use the bottom right button to select all my images. I can also select just a few new images since my last sync or select. My synced files once i have a selection..


I can deselect mark as synced or delete my images from within the app to sync your files click the upload button on the top right of the app by default the app will have all the files ready for upload you can change this by individually selecting your images or by holding a photo to select a beginning point and then selecting another image to set an end point now that i have my selected files. I m going to upload them to the target destination. I said earlier on the desktop client side. You ll see a pop up indicating that the file was successfully transferred if you set a subfolder you ll find it there within moments.

I uploaded 30 photos now it s time to add. It mobile. Sync is a new tool and photo studio..


Ultimate photo. Studio professional and photo studio standard stay tuned for tutorial videos and guides of ac. Dc photo studio 2018 click the link to learn more and please like ” ..


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