Modern Warfare Gameplay – HIGHEST KILLSTREAK “JUGGERNAUT” Multiplayer Gameplay! (COD MW)

juggernaut modern warfare This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Modern Warfare Gameplay – HIGHEST KILLSTREAK “JUGGERNAUT” Multiplayer Gameplay! (COD MW). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What is going on matt is it this is the first ever modern warfare gameplay gameplay multiplayer gameplay guys if you guys do enjoy it and our height man makes have to drop a thumbs up on the video. If you re brand new to the channel cuz. I know samia is are probably any brand new surgeon for some model or for a gameplay duet. The subscribe button down below folks.

But today and the first half of the gameplay. I m gonna be talking about my thoughts opinions and stuff like that i m as you guys just say. I got a nice little three piece with the aughh smg probably the best weapon. The game that i use in the multiplayer mp7 was also pretty good as well.

But the odd was just phenomenal well yeah man a lot of you want to ask questions want to know so half. The other half of this gameplay is gonna be the juggernaut kill streak. I was able to get that two highest kill streaks in the game. Which is the advanced uav and the juggernaut man so if you guys didn t show that makes you i said drop a thumbs up in that subscribe button down below.

But in this game plan playing cyberattack and it s like search and destroy. But you can revive your teammates in a scenario. So not too much about that. But yeah using the aw guess in g.

As well and so let s get right to it man a lot of people to know is there a mini map in the game. There is there there is a mini map. And there s not so off the rip. There s not a mini map.

If you look above you have a compass that kind of shows you to the direction like we re enemies shots are fired. But so when you do call on uav. A mini map does appear and you will show it the entire time. The thing is what you have a personal uav and a uav.

A personal uav with hardline only takes two kills. So if you really want to like a mini map really quick obviously you should rock you should walk the personal uav..

But i m gonna make a proclamation here. I m gonna make a tweet to infinity war and and actually at one of the deb s i m just click to tweet into the description guys and i m gonna have a tweet that says you know retweet. If you guys want the mini map. Like i normally how it is how it appears all the time as you guys see right now.

Top left the mini map as appearing and like wondering when it s it when it s up you play so much more aggressive because i have a personal uav up that s acting like two kills they get so it s not like terrible terrible. But i ll just prefer to have it the whole time. But yeah personal radar is only two kills. So.

If you really want the mini map. Just my personal radar hardline go get in two kills. Normally you get in three. But as we said the movement.

The movement feels just like called to be a lot of people like we re scared that it was gonna play like rainbow and like very clunky. It s just the animations the way they re holding the guns. They send their presentation. They want to make it feel real a lot more real with the shaking the steadiness of guns stuff like that more modern and yeah.

The movement felt just like call of duty. There was no clunkiness nothing like that you can slide jump shot all type of stuff move super. Fast next is the customization is really doping this game you can add it there s seven op seven attachment offerings four options for your gun. We should only pick five the gameplay you re seeing right now is i believe realism.

It s like when the map is all night mode. It s only on this map. It s like i think it s like a little separate game mode. But it was pretty cool wasn t that bad you don t when you scope in you don t.

80 s you d like to have like a laser sight to it so it s pretty cool um. I did have fun a little bit with that but yeah the customization is great so basically let s say the m4 assault rifle in this game you can customize it to the point where it turns into a three round burst m16 and then also another customization is the ak 47..

You can modify that to be the ak 47. You so they re gonna have a lot of variety with that in the game. I m super excited for that it s gonna be dope next thing like i said they talked about the beta. Beta is gonna be i believe they said.

September 12th. Is like the date. I saw i m at the end of the trailer. Let me know what she has think in the comments about the date also guys let me know in the comments man of all the things i talked about all this stuff you see in the gameplay.

I m only gonna talk for half the video and then you guys could kind of sit and just watch the rest of it also stem shot isn t a game as well um. It s under tactical so instead of a flash. Our stun or you know it s like that you can shrug them shot. And you can only use it twice in a life so it s not like very spammy except twice in a life the rock stem shot and that s what i ran.

I wasn t running like a flash or a stun and stuff like that next up is uh the modes that are in this game. So. You have 66 to be 210 be 10 and 20 be 20. You ll see here in a sec man.

I do show some 10 v10 gameplay headquarters. But it was really fun. I liked it a lot man it s gonna be great for ground wardens great for getting kills stuff like that but the 20 be 20 which is you would you would you which is what you re gonna see. When i actually do get the juggernaut advanced 20 to 20 is very chaotic.

But i loved it i loved every minute of it man. I loved that chaos. I don t know about you guys how you guys kind of play. But i love just the chaos feel of it next up i want to talk about the kill streaks.

Amazing kill streaks. I mean like i said you have personal radar right..

Two kills with hardline uav with three kills. You have like the harrier chopper gunner. What i think there s a you know you re chopping under advanced wavy. You got the juggernaut.

There s one more other way. A c 130. Yeah. They re all of those all those kill streaks are in the game and man.

It would it felt so satisfying to get those very very good. The hit detection was great on all the guns a lot of people want to know. The weapon balancing smg s. I use smg s the whole time.

And i was always laying on all the maps were pretty close quarters and suv s actually have good range. One thing a lot of people don t know about is you can actually take a sari for ammo equip. It to an smg and it modifies. It to be have like an assault rifle range in a sense.

So i mean. It s pretty dope you can put like you ll find out more coming to bed. It beta and stuff like that but with the limited time that we did have i was informed that s actually a thing one thing i saw in the settings that i didn t show cuz. I forgot to record it is a misis if you guys didn t you guys probably under yeah.

Obviously you don t know. But you can have their standard aim. Assist you can lower that aim assist like 1008 misses you also have advanced aim assist and then extreme advanced am assists like like those type of tears. I didn t fit around with it because i was kind of like i read a description of like advanced aim assist.

And it kind of was like weird so i just didn t even touch anyone like you know anything like that so yeah look out for that try that when it does drop in the beta. Because i saw that i was like so confused like there s advanced aim assist like what is that are they actually giving people a..

But but the juggernaut streak is coming up. I ll let you guys enjoy that with full gameplay and audio and stuff like that and then the last question. I saw in my comments was is there specialist. There s not but if you look at the bottom right that kind of like moving kind of dart.

Not what s a dart. But it is like a moving constant moving like line. That is basically your equipment. So.

Everyone has one equipment like a field equipment. That s like it consists of like like a crash pack. Where you get ammo. You have a trophy system there s a recon drone that just kind of like you have to manually control.

And then spot enemies for your teammates and there s a couple other ones. But it s those aren t like opere they re just like you know standard like equipment like trophy. You know more ammo stuff like that nothing too overpowered. But yeah anyways guys enjoy this juggernaut gameplay for any more questions you got you guys have in the actual comments.

I ll answer them. But this is the 20 be 20 map enjoy the rest of gameplay. I use the ox oppressed and was just absolutely cooking folks enjoy the juggernaut gameplay in advance maybe. See you later make sure you drop like and do subscribe to you guys are brandis s channel.

” ..

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