Monster SuperStar HotShot – Portable Bluetooth Speaker “Super Bass”

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today. We re gonna take a look at the monster superstore hotshot. Now this monsters smallest portable bluetooth speaker that still features pure monster sound first up let me show you the website real quick.

So you can see where to get it from go to monster products calm. I thought a link up in the description. All right so we got the superstore hotshot. Now.

This is a portable bluetooth. Speaker the little speaker with a loud. Attitude the price on this. 6995.

So you re looking at 70 bucks comes in four different colors. You got black and gold black and silver white and silver and black on black or black everything both listen read it for yourself. If you want. But let s go through some of the features real quick.

It s the hotshot. The most compact of monster superstore line of portable wireless speakers while small enough to clip to a backpack jacket or belt loop. The hotshot packs a sizable punch with pure monster sound you and your friends can take the music anywhere. The park beach.

Hiking cycling or just grilling and chilling. And that s one of my specialty. Is grilling and chilling. Virtually no limits its rugged tough and yet very easy to use with nfc tap to peer feature super portable.

But the carabiner clip. Included and a five point five hour play life. The hotshot is also a great speakerphone now. This is the smaller flow of the superstar products as nfc capable.

So you can use the tap in pair to any. Nfc. Enabled device you have a speakerphone for conference calls got a 35 stereo analog input to connect any audio source for non bluetooth devices you ve got bluetooth audio stream from your mobile put on your mobile player and untethered wireless freedom that also includes a carabiner clip that you can hook to a backpack or virtually anywhere you go. And you get a 1 year warranty with this alright so 70 bucks for this now ya know i checked on amazon is not available on amazon.

But if you buy this from monster products calm. There is a spot that you can check out using amazon so if you got an amazon prime membership you can still get that free shipping all right so all to presentation now if you ever bought anything for monster. You already know what to expect a nice presentation and this one is the same let s see the light. A little speaker with an attitude.

I don t like that let s see the smallest superstar. Powerful with the punch and if she capable to have two pair speakerphone and clues. A carabiner eight hour battery life okay so let me grab a little unboxing knife. Not the batman on deck today shout out the batman let s open this up wrap okay so let s see what you get inside.

Now immediately you get your usual books. And we re not going to need these. So. Let s follow these to the side here s your micro usb.


Charging cable. Not too long okay here s your carabiner clip. Let s see the quality on this okay. Nice heavy duty clip and of course here s your speaker.

Let s open this up. Now. This is definitely on the small side fits right in the palm of my hand that s what she said. I know i know let s drop.

The carabiner clip on this okay now look at this the top of this is rubber. I thought that was plastic that s a nice little touch rubber top clips right on on the front. Now you know of course. I had to get the gold version.

Why not so you got the gold speaker grille. Let the light shine off that blind job real quick monster embed it right into the speaker grille monster superstar hot shot brandon on the front on the back or your fcc regulations on the bottom. You ve got your on and off switch and your blue two are your bluetooth toggle you got your auxilary in 35 millimeter status for non bluetooth devices and here s your micro usb. Charging slot alright here s your little nfc tag right here for your android cat s tap and pit and that s pretty much it now before we even get started let s do a little size.

Comparison. Now. I ve been using the jbl flip. This one is a lot smaller okay a little bit thicker cut a lot smaller.

We ll do a little sound. Comparison in a minute all right. So let s power. This on and i would do a little sound test real quick on the bottom.

Two. You do have a little rubber grips. Okay. So let s turn this on see if we got any juice.

Okay. That s kind of loud kind of loud now no volume controls no button. So you re going to have to use your phone. Let s grab a galaxy phone and see if we could pair this up real quick.

Okay here. We go let s find that there we go peer device let s hit yes. Parent super. Sore just like that now.

This is loud. This is kind of loud you can hear it already okay so based on this one. It s away the motion of portia soufan constantly i bake fun that big just your trash. I know lemonade why having me honey all right whoo now i got to tell you i got a keeper.

The honey with job. I m kind of blown away by this i did not expect this to sound like this but again pure monster sound. Yeah. I know my favorite bluetooth speaker is the monster blaster.


I am kind of blown away by this now you ve seen it for yourself. The bass is ridiculous on this for this size. It feels like a little baseball look not not baseball like the sport. A little baseball you seen it moving for yourself this sounds so good crystal clear but major bass and yeah.

I know how i feel about bass. I am feeling this now just for a little comparison. Y all. Remember this was my go to clip speaker okay the soul storm now after we battled the soul storm versus the jbl flip or the jbl clip.

Then the clip became my new favorite. But after hearing this now i ll play them side by side one thing you have to keep in mind. This is not waterproof all right so this is not the submerging in the pool speaker. It s not waterproof.

But again a lot of times. The non waterproof speakers sound better than the waterproof speakers. So if you don t really care about going in the pool and all that and you just want a nice little speaker to clip to your belt clips your backpack put in your pocket take to work. With you.

This is the perfect take to work speaker. Now if you re working in a cubicle or you know an environment that you can t bring a big giant you know braving triple xl to work with you bring something like this this is a nice one or two man listening music experience. I clip this onto my bag and take this one into the diner with me any night any time. I go out to dinner.

I have a little speaker like this drop it on the table or clip. It somewhere and just have my own theme music because no matter what no matter what phone you got a little speaker like this is always going to sound better i don t care what brand. It is alright so let s pause. The video real quick let me connect the clip and i will do a little side by side.

Comparison talk amongst yourselves alright jobs will be back in now let s do a comparison between all three clip speakers. We got the soul storm. The jbl clip. 2.

And the monster hotshot now i m going to test all 3ds. In the same environment. The same song all on max volume. And i put the microphone to the front of the camera.

This way you could get the maximum listening experience so let s start with the sol storm. I ll let the song play all the way to the hook. Because the hook has a lot of bass. Let s go i know i don t go away all right so that s the soul storm.

Now let s take it over to the jbl clip to all right now let s take it to the month not putting growth. I know lemon game eyes don t go away all right whoo. Now you seen for yourself the soul storm. This one is a wrap now it s between the jbl and the monster.

I would definitely suggest a monster hotshot they both sound the same when it comes to loudness. But the bass all right if you like bass. The bass on this is mind blowing from from a speaker. This small the bass is crazy.


I set a monster hot shot. This is going to be my new clip speaker. It s the smallest one it s a little bit thicker. The only difference between the last two no this one is not water resistant.

So just keep that in mind. But if you don t care about the water resistance and you want a nice loud speaker. That s going to have a lot of bass. Imagine you put this on the table.

When you go out somewhere. Now. Y all. Seen.

It was getting ready to bass right off. The table. This is crazy all right. So 70 bucks for this this is a win.

Now if you re into buying combos you seen this combo right here with the jbl. The flip and the clip. This is a nice looking combo. I nice looking red speakers together you can actually clip both of these on your bag all right combo.

But if you like the monster. And you want a nice combo get yourself one of these ida monster superstar backfloat. This is the 24k version look how hot these look together let me just blind. John real quick look at that now imagine.

If you re wearing the 24k headphones. And you got these together not only thing. There s nowhere to clip this onto this one. But this one does come with a pouch so you have to put this in the pouch.

What you want to do anyway. Because you want to keep that that grill nice and shiny and you have to clip this to your bag like this and you got your two gold speakers all right. But this is a go right here for 70 bucks. The bass on this is insane.

I gotta try to speakerphone function. Why not let s make a quick phone call and we ll try to speak a foam function. I ll leave both of these out just so you can see how they re going to look. Oh.

This is hot this is hot all right so who can we call real quick. Let me grab the phone. Let s call and find out did. We miss.

The delivery already is it too late to get a delivery from the done all right so let s call the diner oh nice and loud good inflection laughter. Yeah. I m what time is the last delivery. Damn care you lip um maybe bar like liberty and something else uh delivery.


Even is too far for me to go over it. Because the guy has a bike. Oh okay okay. So i ll just come and get it in i would love to do this for you.

But it she s a bike guy than just for him to go yeah. No problem i understand thanks i take it okay here you trying to rock a bike all the way to the hood. I understand that all right speakerphone on this crystal clear nice and loud. I had an on max volume this combination looks sick.

Though alright so you ve seen it for yourself. This is the best clip. Speak out write down in the non waterproof department. Now if you just happen to need waterproof.

Then i would say get the jbl clip. Too. But if you don t care about water resistance and all of that and you want this for your office or for your hiking trip maybe connect this to your bike. This is a go right here and the combination looks sick anyway hit me up in the comments.

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The boy floss on mountain deuces. ” ..

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