Most Secure Dash Mount For Tablet And Phone & How To Install It

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“Our name implies sometimes we wander a little off force. We need a better way way to navigate in this episode. We ll be showing you how we put together perfect navigation and communication center for our overland rig along with all the parts. We use and the details of how we installed it this totally fits our needs.

But we think yours are about the same real quick. Here s why we decided to put our stuff up here instead of down low. It gets our stuff up here. Where our eyes need to be besides.

We would have to mount it on a tall stalk and that would most likely vibrate and move around way too much not as secure as what we would like it to be also being up here maybe out of the way from our knees. The transfer case shifter and the cb mic it gets our expensive tablet up. Here. Where it can be seen by nefarious ne er.

Do wells hold up nefarious ne er. Do wells. Who even says that anymore. Hey.

The 1940s called they want their term for criminals back. But we have a plan to thwart any efforts to make off with the goods. They ll come later in this video. It kind of gets in the way of the radio controls and the air vent.

But it would be in the way of something down below two holes have to be drilled in the dash for us that s not that big a deal and if we were to ever remove all this we could just plug those holes with little plastic plugs to install the bracket we have to take this whole part of the dash apart. But that s not near as hard as it sounds in this video. We ll show you just how easy. It is let s take a little closer look at the mount we chose this is expedition essentials t4.

Our pa m. Accessory mount on it we can easily mount a phone a gps device a tablet..

A radio mic just about anything it has multiple mounting positions so you can custom tailor it to the equipment you have the mountain holes are spaced to accept popular ram mounts but with a little ingenuity. I m sure other brands can be made to fit as well one of its key features is the integrated usb outlet. Right where we need it so we don t have wires drooping all over like a clothesline. It s made with high quality aluminum with a very nice finish it really does make for a nice clean professional looking installation.

The first thing we need to do is mark the holes that we have to drill here and here. We re using these brackets that come with the mount and that ll give us exactly where we need to drill those holes. So we spent a little time trying to figure out what the best method of marking these holes was what worked best for us and then we took these brackets and we actually loosely bolted them on to the mount now this side over here on the passenger side this bracket lines up really nice with the dash right here. And that s cool this side.

The driver side does not however. Because it s different the dash is different. So we have to kind of position. It where it s nice and even up here this is down.

Nice and flat on top and then we just position these brackets right to where we want them mark those holes. So now we get the pleasure of tearing the dash apart. And this isn t near as bad as it sounds. It s really quite easy we start at the bottom.

The first thing. We have to do is take these two panels off right here and these just there s no bolts on it they just simply unsnap to do that you pull out and kind of twist. It a little bit like that we find is makes it a little easier like that it sounds terrible coming off. But trust.

Me. It s just these clips. Releasing and this side kimmo. Thick might be a little stubborn.

But just get a good hold of him and there s that one now next we have to take this portion off and to do that we simply hang on to these knobs and pull out see it s just a snap together car now when you re disconnecting. The wires or while your keepers behind here..

And if your memory is about as good as mine. It s not a bad idea to take a picture of it before disconnect everything there. And this heater control is real simple. There s just a wire keeper and the lawyer.

Plug done do and there s that now the next step is to take all this out and to do that there s four bolts under here two on each side. So you pull it out there s a couple of clips at the top. I ve never had this out before. But that s what i hear so far it s working there we go.

There s a bunch of wires back here on this radio. We definitely have to take a picture of this and there it is okay. It s all yours now we can go ahead and drill those holes. We marked first with a small pilot drill.

If we were to go with a quarter inch bit the size we need for the bull. There s a good chance the larger bit would wander a little on the surface and throw off the position of the hole. We re drilling a sixteenth inch pilot hole next. I m going to put these brackets on using the supplied bolt and washer and lock nut.

We re keeping these a little loose for now so now we have to bolt this on temporarily for a couple of more holes that we need to mark in order to run the wires up for the new usb ports. I need to cut a little knot here. We ve got all the bolts tightened. Now that includes the brackets.

The ones holding the mount to the bracket and the two on top let s go put it in before we can put that piece of the dash back in we have to run the power wires up to our new usb ports. The expedition essentials gives you everything that you need to do that to give you the wire with the connectors that go into the new usb ports and these tap splicer thingies for tapping in down below. And what they suggest you do is tap into this 12 volt outlet down here in the now this plug behind this outlet is a little tough to get to back there. So what we re gonna do is take out these two bolts and lean.

It backwards a little bit. And there s a couple clips right there that s better we re not gonna tap into those wires..

They re perfectly fine and they ll work perfect for you if that s what you want to do. But we already have a wire a positive wire down below here someplace that we plumbed in months ago. Just for this it s coming from a relay underneath the hood and it turns on it that relay is tripped by the ignition switch to being on we re gonna have to try to find that it s down here somewhere there it is right there all right. We ve got our wires run up here positive and negative.

Like said before we ve got our positive tied into that line that wire coming from a relay under our hood the ground we have grounded to a nice chassis ground down here. It s actually a bolt that holds the shifter down so we re ready to put this all back together all right let s see if we can figure out where all these wires go. Now goes. There okay double checked it making sure one last time that these are all nice and plugged in tight and try to put it back in okay last thing we need to do is put this back plate on now.

I m going to turn the key on yeah. It lights up so there s power to it and let s see if the radio works for now. All that we re gonna have mounted is our phone and our ipad. We re using the very popular ram brand for mounts they have by far the largest selection and the articulation is incredible something for every application.

We chose the one in a half inch ball mounts over the more popular one inch for a little extra stability and holding power. This is what s gonna keep those narrow duels from stealing our tablet. This holder has a lock. That s really easy to use the piece holding it to the dash also has a lock.

It can only be unfastened with the special knob. So don t lose this knob. Now for the most stable install. We re using the shortest arms.

Possible this will eliminate or at least greatly reduce the amount of shaking and vibrations fairphone. We re using a mount that s incredibly popular mostly because it s so easy to get your phone in and out. You just squeeze put your phone in there. It is really stable for a tablet.

We went with ipad pro it has wi fi 512 gigs. I think it is and the cellular function so we can get the gps capabilities with it we can use all sorts of apps..

This one monitors our secondary battery system this gives us a complete status of our battery. How much we have left how much we re consuming how much is coming into the battery complete history of what s going on trends. Whatever the heck that is i don t know. But this is an app that controls our fridge freezer.

We can adjust the temperature. We can turn zones on and off. We can even control our rock lights through this app. Right here.

We can t get the screen to move right. But it s fine like this through here we can change the colors. We can make them blink. And we can control the brightness how cool is that the tablet s main purpose.

Though will be for maps and for that we chose gaia now we haven t had much opportunity to use this app. Yet but so far it s looking awesome now if you have a favorite mapping app. Or if you have tips on how to use gaia. Please leave a comment below now we ll never get lost again.

We re gonna have to change your name to wander found. Now we ll get lost once in a while on purpose just so we can keep the name. If this is your first time watching one of our videos. And you d like to see more hit the subscribe button and don t forget to ring the bell.

If you want to be notified like your name implies. We launder a little off our plans are out from time to time of course. But we have a plan too for any of their efforts that sucked incredibly easy. Where s my phone here this so incredibly easy this holder has ” .


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