Moto 360 v1 Battery Replacement (the easy way)

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“Guys. It s gonna give you a. Quick tutorial. How to replace your battery on on a motor.

60. Gen. 1. You re gonna need a little flat plastic tool.

This one here. I cut mine from a laminated piece of paper. It needs to be that it has a long need to have a little point and be super flat. I ve already replaced my battery.

So i m actually just opening it back up for again for you that was my old battery that was super fat so i just shown you that and first things first you gotta take off the band you probably have a tool for this but if you d like a tool to take off your band. I found that a thumbtack works. Pretty well you kind of just fold in the back. And you can kind of see where there s a little bit of an edge where it connects to the hole on the inside.

So you can kind of push the edge of your thumbtack pin against that sorry about the angle of the camera. I m not very good at this and you just kind of put it in there wedge. It and you can kind of feel it going down..


And you re just gonna push and it just pops out make sure to watch out for the pin and flying off as it just did there and the other side the same thing look in the back. And you can kind of see where there s a little edge a little bit dark here apologize and you can kind of this wedge in the thumbtack and you ll feel some give. And you re pushing down. And you kind of just pull back the bracelet part and it kind of slides out and frees itself from the enclosure and then now we ve got a just a 360 body to work with so for getting these open there are actually.

4 pins inside of this and most tutorials will tell you to heat up the back and pry off the entire back enclosure. But that s not necessary. It s gonna be hard to show you in this light. But on the inside of the band on the glass side.

There is a flat little opening inside below the pin hole. And it looks like there s like a little square plastic. There and that s where pins are they re actually the heads of the pins and we can slide those out of there using our plastic tool. It s a little bit tricky.

But we should be able to do it so. What you want to do is get your plastic tool and get a little bit edge and between the back plastic piece and the and the metal body. There s a little edge that you can slide the plastic piece in and you don t want it to go flat like that just because it ll just slide right through. But it should be able to go on the edge and kind of jam in and you ll feel it catch on a notch and they ll be right between about midway between the clasp enclosure and the button and you kind of slide.

It along and then you ll see this little black plastic thing to slide right out as you see as it did there. And it gets right out there and then yes. But the little pins look like there s four of those in total coming from each direction..


So the next one you re gonna want to do is you on the other side. There s a little mic and so halfway between the mic and enclosures on either side just trying to jam it in there and you ll hopefully feel it it ll slide freely on either side. But then it ll drop down right in the middle. There s a little notch and if you get it in there you ll feel it and it ll be really tough to move.

But it slides and you just drag it just kind of strongly along and it ll force the thing out you see right in the middle. There and you put it in and you just it s difficult and you feel like you re gonna break it but your cuts gonna slide. It real carefully and and along there and it slightly yeah. There he goes pops right out that one was broken because i accidentally snapped it when i was doing the first thing you don t need to worry about that because you ll be careful and now we can take the backing off.

So you kind of just hold on either side and hold on the body and it slowly gets kind of wriggle it and it breaks three don t kind of rip it apart. Because there s two two ribbon cables that need to be disattached before you can just attach the screen. So you re gonna want to unattach those and you can try and use your plastic tool to pop it off. But it s a little bit flimsy so it doesn t work very well so you re gonna want to just probably use your hands.

Because the tool doesn t work too well i found so once you get in there you can just kind of pop it off and free. It you see i m trying to use the tool. But it just it didn t work for a while so i just end up using my hands. I gave up so oh i give up in a couple of seconds.

Here yeah. There we go i once again i apologize for the all over the place. I m not very good at recording stuff in this..


I was just using my phone propped up on our box. So i m impressed this even worked at all so yeah so just pull out the pins and next one off there. And i probably didn t pull this one off correctly. I mean i didn t break it.

But i wouldn t suggest pulling it off like that it i kind of pulled it up directly up. And it probably wasn t very good for it either way the screens off now and now we just have the one more section to separate this parts a little bit difficult so you want to take your little tool and find an edge. Where there s a gap along the side there oh wait sorry. There s also another pin on the back here that you want to pop off.

Don t forget that because you can eat that so you can get off the middle piece. So and then you want to slide your tool in between the gap. Because this is pretty in there so you slide it in there and get yourself some leverage and pull. There s going to be some an adhesive on the other side of this so.

It s gonna really be a little bit sticky. So you pull it up and slowly and you ll it ll snap back maybe. And so you see that adhesive there sticking when you re pulling it up and so you re gonna carefully pull it up there aren t any pins really that you have to worry about here. The battery will be attached to the thing for yours mine.

Isn t because i ve already removed my old one and the adhesive didn t rhys takei. Didn t bother so just get yourself an edge that you got a firm grip. And you know you re not going to break anything some of the metals on there are pretty flimsy so be careful and you re gonna pull up and if need be just slice away that stickiness and pull up and it should just pop right out and they re here see the battery..


And it comes right out no problem and there you go yeah. There s a little bit more stick you guys there so you got another piece off and you ve just got the battery attached to that board there and so there s only one more pin that you need to pull out so the battery will be stuck to the board. Probably for you so be careful there it comes off no with a little bit of a strength there and this pin. It doesn t slide out so just to be able to be careful.

It pulls perpendicular to the poor. So you want to pop it straight up maybe use your plastic tool and just kind of flick it up and it should just pop out and you ll have your battery freed and put a new one in and once you get off you can replace your battery. And then just kind of follow these instructions reverse because i don t want to put it back together on camera. Because it s a pain and yes.

And yeah. That s pretty much it get your new battery in there and reassemble it don t forget the little pins make sure you have the right orientation. When you re putting it in the green and then one other thing to note. When you have your putting back in the pins.

It s actually the fat side that goes in first into the slots soon it goes so they go in in that way yeah. ” ..

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