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“Guys thundery here and what you re looking at is not the question. But the the moto g. Play the g play is the latest in the moto g family for just 99 bucks. If you get it off amazon as amazon prime member again i m liking the way amazon and of course.

Its partners. But this case. Motorola is really reaching out to make devices cost effective. Now the g play comes with a snapdragon 410 processor.

You ve got an 8 megapixel camera at the back right. There. It has of course a sim and a microsd expansion up to 128 gigabytes. I m going to complain about the sim trades.

Because it was a little hard to put a sim in there you ve got a nice 2100 million battery. Now the package. Just has a power plug and that s it i know they want to be milling melissa. But could you please give us a power plug with in my few sb cable.


But that being said that you ve got a hd displays the 2729 720p display really nice display works of course with certain wallpapers and if you guys looking for the question wallpaper it will be up on my pinterest page functionality is really fluid and fast running android 60. On here really nice performance altogether. I think a lot of people will like the way this device actually functions and i think just in general that is something that motorola has done well with putting android on their devices. And of course.

The settings menu very simple basic not much in terms of added software. Though that s one thing you ll notice with most mobile devices especially the moto g line making it very lean and effective battery life is really good at this device. You should get over 24 hours. Really you should get over 24 hours on this device.

Which is very nice now in terms of functionality camera does not have the twist function. So you don t have that built in here. But you can access the camera of course with the camera app. Very similar camera app.

As other motorola devices. It records. A 1080p just really nice job in taking some photos in daylight. It s really nice sharp a good solid camera overall nothing fantastic here now in terms of gaming of course.


You can play pokemon girl. You ll be fine. So if you re looking for something is cost effective that does that this will do the job for you the moto g g. Plays.

Snapdragon 410 processor. Does a really good job also the games that are a little bit more tasking. It still handles very well some some games may feel a little sluggish over the others. But that s something that you know just depending on the game.

But you ll be able to play most of your games. Well on this device overall. I do like the moto g. Play.

I think model has done a good job here and the pricing is really good at 99 bucks. I definitely have to see say that this is one of my best and low budget devices and i ll love to see how it compares with something that will blue r1 hd. So i might do a video comparing both budget devices. But in terms of low cost devices.


This is up there. And i think if you re looking to pick one up this might be the device for you so. If you guys have any questions. Or any comments.

Let us know don t forget to like and share this video subscribe to the channel and always enjoy your entertainment. Such as the studio 69 dlc coming to the game. It s said to have yakuza like minigames within it at some point as that grants players access to a new type of currency. The mini currency as put by them only grants access to funny stuff.

That has no effect on gameplay. No doubt this will lend players access to cosmetics throughout the game. Or maybe something exclusive straight to the studio dlc well that s just my guess let me know what you guys think down below. The blog continues by diving deeper into the progress of the other models of white foods come to the game allegedly being the white foods that you ll get access to at some point in the late game.

The blog. Even goes on to talk about the curious colonists here and how that s gone so far. They ve enjoyed the process of creating the plants for others. But will probably not be doing this again in the future.


As this was a huge undertaking for the team no doubt. My plan has popped in their minds. A few times after that the blog talks briefly about the other banker tiers and how they ve enjoyed how the tears have turned out so far. Although if you re curious to hear more about them i ll leave the kickstarter update.

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If you mate to the end of the video. I want to thank you all for watching a long time. But a hard time now see you guys neck time ” ..


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