Moto G5 Plus vs iPhone 7 Camera Comparison

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“Guys i am sagar from tecworkz in this video. I ll compare the camera of of nthe moto g5 plus with that of the iphone 7 now i know that these devices fall in na completely different price range and cater different audiences. But when i made a similar nvideo last year. Comparing the camera on the moto.

G4. Plus and the iphone 6s it got about n115000. Views. So i know you guys do want to see comparison.

Nvideos. Like these as we saw in its dedicated camera review. Nthe g5 plus is capable of taking some amazing images. But does it stand a chance agains nthe camera of apple s flagship device is something i am really exited to find out before we get started make sure to hit the nsubscribe button.

So you don t miss out on any of the amazing videos coming up on the nchannel like always let us start with the specifications nof. The camera on both these devices. Moto g5 plus comes with a 12 megapixel rear ncamera with dual autofocus pixels. F.

17. Aperture and dual led flash while the iphone 7 also has a 12 megapixel rear nfacing camera with f. 18. Aperture auto.


Focus with focus pixels optical image. Stabilisation. Nand. True tone.

Flash. Moto g5. Plus. Comes with a 5.

Megapixel. Front nfacing camera with a wide angle lens and f. 22. Aperture.

Whereas the iphone has a 7 megapixel nfront facing camera with f. 22. Aperture. The interface of the camera app on both the ndevices is pretty basic and intuitive moto offers full manual controls in the pro nmode of the camera app.

Which the iphone 7 doesn t if you want a better look at the interface nof the camera app on both these devices then definitely check out my dedicated camera. Reviews nof these devices. I ll leave card to those videos on the screen. Nand also link them in the description section.


Now let us take a look at the images and nvideos that i took with these devices images from both these devices turn out really ngood in bright lighting conditions. But the colours in the image from the iphone look nmore natural while the once from the moto g5 plus are bit more saturated when post processing. The g5 plus tends to nover sharpen some of the images. Although both these smartphones have 12 megapixel nrear cameras iphone ends up capturing a lot of detail in the images.

This is very clearly visible when we zoom nin on the images. While taking the images against the sun hdr nmode on the iphone does a better job at preserving the highlights and bringing up the shadows. When taking a normal hdr shot. Both the phones ndo a good job before we move to the close up shots.

Here nis. A quick test between the focusing speeds on both these devices. Iphone. 7 latches.

On to the focus much faster nwhile. The g5 plus needs a few extra moments. While it hunts for the perfect focus. So you might need a few attempts to take a ngood closeup shot with the g5 plus due to the wide aperture background is very nwell blurred out in the images from both the cameras.

But again the images from the iphone nare slightly more detailed and show better contrast even in lower lighting situations speaking of lower lighting situations. The nresults are a bit different here the colours again are more natural in the nimages taken from the iphone 7 while the g5 plus tries to capture cooler tones in nevery shot which sometimes doesn t show the actual colours of the scene. Iphone handles the exposure of the light. Very nwell and also captures better dynamic range.


It also has optical image stabilisation. This nway. The sensor can capture more light and details while keeping the images sharp. When we zoom in to the images.

We see the niphone capture a lot sharper and detailed images than the g5 plus front facing camera on the g5 has a much wider nlens compared to that of the iphone 7 again zooming in we see the images from the niphone being a bit sharper front facing camera of the iphone also captures nbetter skin tones in this comparison. Low light selfies from the moto g5 plus. Have na lot of noise. So they are just not usable for the rear camera.

I would say that the niphone takes better overall images. But the difference is not very easy visible to a naked neye when you are looking these images on the screen of a smartphone. This is a huge ncompliment for the moto g5 plus considering the price difference between these device. But once you transfer these images to a bigger nscreen you can easily see the difference in the image quality between the two now when it comes to taking videos.

Iphone. N7 has optical image stabilisation and the video is extremely stable and smooth moto lacks ois. But the software stabilisation ndoes a good enough job in keeping the video stable for some reason g5. Plus keeps on hunting for nfocus after a few intervals.

And the video is also a lot sharper than it should be which ndoesn t always look good. So. The iphone is a clear winner at video nand also has a better overall camera. It delivers great results in most lighting.


Nconditions captures better contrast and dynamic range and the video. It produces is amazingly nsmooth. All of this is expected from a flagship device. But the camera performance of the moto g5.

Nplus is also noteworthy specially for a. Device which comes in at around 15000rs. I think that moto should have added laser nauto focus to assist this camera like we had on the g4 plus last year which could have nmade this years camera even better all being said. I am.

Happily surprised at nthe camera performance of the moto g5 plus definitely check out my other videos. Where ni compare this camera with that of the oneplus 3t redmi note. 4. And also keep an eye out nfor its comparisons with the moto g4 plus and the s7 edge.

Which are coming very soon so. What are your thoughts about the camera non these devices do let me know in the comments section. Please hit the like button. If you enjoyed nthis video.

And also subscribe to the channel for more quality. Tech videos like this you can also check out some of the other videos non this channels. ” ..


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