Moto Mod JBL SoundBoost 2 Speaker Test! Wow!! FHD 60FPS

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“What s going on everybody. This is now anthony from folks like i work and and today. We re doing a little speaker review of the jbl boost 2 for moto mods for any type of mobile device. Including the auto z to play and any modal device that s being announced this month.

I m not sure if it ll work on the original one. But we could definitely try on this one. So let s start a video..


I ll show you what i m talking about so on the moto g to play. It s only warm speaker and is right in the front. But it s right on there on the top. But it s really not that loud so i m going to show you guys what it sounds like without any modal mods and just laying down on this back on a table.

So. Here s an example of some non copyrighted music. I will let it play and i will stop it as soon as would be drops alright guys..


So that s the moto z to play only by itself so let s do it on the iphone 7 plus and on the iphone 7 plus you do have a speaker in the front and you have one on the bottom as well so let s see how this sounds alright guys so as you can see the iphone 7 plus is definitely louder than the moto z to play only by itself only because there s two speakers on the iphone 7 plus. And only one and the front of the moto g to play now. Here s where the game gets serious and here s where you pull out your curve ball and you just slap on your moto mod sound boost and you connect it and you do also have an app. If you want to adjust anything else.

That s included with the modal mod and it s only available on the sound booth. I m going to play a little bit of it just actually laying flat and then i m going to flip it around and you ll see how loud it actually gets alright guys so that makes a huge amount of difference. But let s see what it sounds like if you do it the way that it should be and you have it facing towards you so i just wanted to be fair with that but let s see exactly how the sounds turn your volume up you know aloud it actually gets when i click that it s still phlegm..


It s not really that bad we go you alright guys so that s about it it sounds rich. I definitely hear the bass. You definitely see how it s popping through the speaker well i i mean i see it um. It s definitely something that i never thought would actually happen with the device.

It s my first time actually having a moto. See anything so i m very very impressed guys. I mean like given the finish of this it just looks gorgeous..


It s in that candy red color looks absolutely gorgeous and matches my iphone and my pedal as well but this is amazing i m trying to figure out why would they make that but that s probably to actually make like a echoing full sound just actually popping off or something like that alright guys. If you guys want to buy this jbl. I will have the link down below to where you can get it so. If you guys like this video.

Please give it a thumbs up and follow phones like i ve worked for more videos like this of the moto z to play in the modal. ” ..

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