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“Is up guys jack here. Honestly. If you have a review of what i personally personally believe is the most useful app on the apple app store at this current. This is moves and what it does is it tracks the amount of steps you do in say a week or a day just a day or so if you want it tracks up a day and i ve been using this for three days.

And i really like it i did a quite a lot of steps yesterday got a lot of use out of it and it s just really really useful. I really quite like it and i was been looking for an app like this quite long time she can measure it in different units. As you can see you can have minutes kilometers..


I just do it in the amount of steps as it s much easier then you have the couple of settings. I choose battery saver. But if you want accuracy then you can do that for better accuracy of the amount of steps. But i tend to be away from a power source quite a long time so i want to at least have a decent and a battery left on my device.

If we just go for us. A little bit of a walk now and it s build up some more step so i can show you how it works and how it tracks it tracks all of your steps. It was your connect to an infinite source or not but it will only update the application when you connect the internet for some reason..


So what i tend to do is when i m on a lunch break. I just connect my device to a 3g network and just download all of those steps onto the app. So it brings it up as you can see i ve got some more steps now you can see you have a timeline of the events. You have done.

Which is really nice to see where you do the most amount of steps. I ve been at home or asleep for the duration of recording this video. And that s where i ve done all of these steps..


So it shows you where you spent the most amount of time and whether you should be somewhere else. Doing more steps you can also see that you have our whole sort of diary area you can set different days of when you ve done certain lines steps. There s really useful for being at the track. The amount of steps you have done and like yesterday.

I did over seven hundred steps today. I haven t done that many but it just really easy to see which days needed a bit more exercise and whatever or not you re on target. So you have a target you need to be aiming for but anyway..


I think it s available for one pound 49 in the uk app store. I actually pick this up when it was available free as i wanted to try it out i d say it s worth. The one pound 49. Or less you don t need it then wait until it becomes either a cheaper price or is available for free because it s definitely worth it for say 69p or something i d say it s worth for the full it s got really nice design really really easy to use and it s just really a nice app and something which i would say is a necessity on a device.

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