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“Black red hollow. One busted onto the scene during pro tour rivals of ixalan nwhere. Nwhere. It notched a top 4 finish and it s been awesome ever since more mike sigrist scored a top 16 finish with it last weekend at grand prix las vegas the deck is sweet really.

Unlike anything else in magic faithless looting is the nbackbone to countless modern decks and this one s no different what sets this deck apart. Though is that it s so thirsty for that kind of effect that it also plays burning inquiry and goblin lore this trench maps players willingness to take risks. According to their skill level in magic over here to the left are new players they take risks constantly because they don t even realize they re risking anything because magic is really hard. And it s dense and it takes a while to figure out what a good play versus a bad play looks like here in the middle is where most players reside.

They re able to see the lines of play their opponent can take in response to theirs and identify the risks involved in each decision. They make so they tend to make less risky plays. Because taking a risk opens. Them up to losing over to the right are the really good players and the difference between the players nall the way to right and the players all the way to the left is the really good players.

See the risks. See the rewards and are able to correctly nanalyze the cost versus the benefits of given lines of play they re not risk averse..

Which brings us back to burning inquiry and goblin lore. These two cards have an important phrase on them random a lot of people. See the word random and the nworst possible outcomes immediately spring to mind what if i discard all my lands. What if i discard all my hollow ones.

I m here to tell you that nthe odds of those things coming to pass are low. Here s a decent opening hand. Let s assume we re starting on mountain into flameblade adept because we want to craft na game. Where we dump flamewake phoenix and get flameblade adept big enough to trigger flamewake phoenix s ferocious ability and if we burning inquiry on our second turn flameblade adept will trigger flamewake phoenix alright so turn two we draw goblin lore.

We play bloodstained mire and crack. It ngrabbing an untapped blood crypt. We re just trying to get cards out of our hand now to maximize the chances that nflamewake phoenix will hit the graveyard off the burning inquiry at this point may have noticed that i m talking a lot about upsides and it may seem like i m only acknowledging the positive possible outcomes while ignoring the negative ones. That s kinda true.

But at the same time it s hard to deny that this deck is literally built nfor cards to go flying everywhere. When cards are getting discarded..

That s when this deck s at its most powerful getting free ntwo ones. One mana five fives and everything in between okay. We re ready to fire off burning inquiry by my count. We have one card in our hand.

We definitely don t want to discard none card we definitely want to discard one card we kinda wanna discard and one card. We kinda don t want to discard half of the cards in our hand can still impact the game from our graveyard. But we have to factor in the three random cards and given nall. The cards in our deck.

That all do stuff from the graveyard. Something as efficient at moving cardboard from zone to zone. As nburning inquiry. Suddenly makes a ton of sense.

Let s keep burning inquiry cards unknown for a minute. Okay..

So the odds of us discarding at least one of the two cards. We re cool nwith discarding is seventy one percent that s the same as the odds that we discard at least one of the two cards. We d nrather not discard. But there are degrees to these things we don t wanna ditch gurmag angler.

That s a threat threats are good. But ni think we re okay with discarding goblin lore. Especially considering that after the burning inquiry resolves. We re guaranteed to have a faithless looting kicking around in some capacity either in hand or in the graveyard to keep the spice flowing.

But there s still the flameblade adept in play to reckon with no matter. What the outcome of the burning inquiry ends up being that flameblade adept is going to be a four two with menace hitting for four damage on turn two is really good even in a breakneck format like modern. So there s that also like i said before the deck is full of cards that actively want to be discarded. So let s take a peek at what we hit off the burning inquiry not the spiciest three cards ever but we ve got another potential flamewake phoenix to dump and more importantly more cards to buffer against losing our gurmag angler.

Let s reassess our position given this new information. We have two cards we actively want to dump one we re fine with either place it ends up one..

We actively don t want to discard and three that don t have any upside in our graveyard nbut also aren t huge losses. If they get discarded thanks to that wonderful illuminator hindsight. It s clear that nburning inquiry was a genius play the entire time there s only one card here out of seven. We don t want to lose.

Which gives our burning inquiry a fifty seven percent chance at being a success that may not sound that great. But there s a seventy one percent chance we dump a nflamewake phoenix and go to town the point is those are all the factors that go into casting one spell from this deck nthat s bonkers playing this deck does something no other deck explicitly does it forces you to continually calculate odds and assess risk and only focus on what nplays give you the best chance to win the game every magic deck that s ever been made and ever will be made is inherently random this deck just puts the variance right out in the open magic s a math game. Invented by a grad student in the early 90s who had a npenchant for mismatching socks this deck with its wild swings and broad ranges of experiences is the nlogical ending point of that man s vision and that is a fact black red hollow. One is the best deck ever and i d tell you to chime in in the comments and tell me what deck you think best nrepresents.

What magic means to you but i m right so there just kidding please pretty please let us know what deck you think best represents magic in the comments and while you re at it like the video and subscribe to the channel. ” ..

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