Must Have Essential GoPro HERO 3+ Accessories (Travel Case, Batteries, LCD BacPac, Tripod) Part 2

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“And welcome to digital tech reviews and tips guys in this video. I m going going to be telling. You what i think are the best and the most essential for the gopro hero 1 2. 3.

And 3 plus cameras of all the editions black silver white. You know it anyways let s get right to it. It s gonna be a long video. So strap in hold on tight oh and by the way guys links to all the products.

I mentioned in the video are down below down. There so you can find them there ok. The first product that i want to talk about is the joby tripod. Now it s a flexible tripod allows you to bend it in all shapes you can wrap it around something you know and mount your camera there it runs for about 38 and honestly guys.

This is if you re only gonna buy one accessory that i mentioned definitely buy this it is so versatile and you can just come up with so many uses for it for example you know you can film with your camera on it like this and it ll stabilize it a little bit or you know you can put it like this and use it like to extend a little bit like kind of like a like extension pole. You know or just it can be a tripod like this or you can wrap it around something honestly. It s endless. I keep coming up with new uses for it every day basically not literally every day.

But yeah now i don t want to guarantee that you re gonna love this product. But i m gonna say it s pretty certain that you re gonna definitely thank me for suggesting this or maybe not i don t know i m not gonna guarantee it don t sue me guys disclaimer did you get it the next product. I want to talk about is this case right here now if you re buying a camera that costs like two hundred to four hundred dollars. You obviously want to protect it and this case does a pretty good job.

It s the pov case and it runs around 40 you can get different colors different sizes. But this is i think the medium version and it s not very roomy. But it s definitely. It s compact which is nice and it protects your essential stuff like your mounts here back you know your different case your batteries your lcd bacpac your covers all the different things that you need for your camera itself not the tripods not the poles not the you know all those little bigger things.

But this is a very compact setup for just putting all your essential gopro stuff in here and carrying it around you can drop it won t break stuff inside. And yeah. 40. It s a pretty good deal.

There are some other cases out. But this is personally the one that i really like and i would recommend the next product. I want to talk about are some backup batteries that i purchased there from wasabi and if you ve ever bought any backup battery for a camera. You ve probably heard of this company.

They re pretty well known they make a ton of different stuff from dslr batteries to camcorder batteries to little point and shoot batteries to i think cellphone batteries and stuff. Like that very reliable. It is a very good deal also because you can pay like twenty three dollars and get two of these a charger and if you were buying a gopro product you d pay 18 dollars for just a single battery..


So yeah i d i mean weigh your options. But personally i think two batteries even if they re not as good as the gopro battery are definitely worth it. And it s a good deal so asabi batteries. Now the next product.

I want to talk about is a pretty cool product. It s by this company called ram. And it allows you to mount your camera to a window or any really smooth surface via the suction cup. It has here now it s pretty cool i love it for doing time lapses down the road.

You know put it on your windshield. And put your camera up there on a time lapse really every five to 10 seconds two seconds. Maybe if you re going a little faster and it just snaps away in this hold. It s nice and still you can also use it what else have i used it for i think i ve used it just to film out windows take pictures anywhere that you can mount a suction cup.

You can mount your camera. It s stainless steel or some type of steel. I don t know very sturdily built runs around 35. It s a good deal even though it s not the gopro brand.

One yeah. I think. It s a little more stable and you can also use it for your dslr. Which is an added bonus now the next product.

Which is pretty important even though. It s very small is the tripod mount this is important because if you want to use the gorilla pod or the last product. The suction cup mount you need this to mount your gopro camera to it see it just catches your gopro like everything else and then it screws into the bottom the four quarter inch mount right there. And it only is five dollars you can get another version of this for ten dollars.

But this honestly does everything you need and it s five bucks. So it s a quick thing to pick up and allows you to attach your gopro to any tripod or other camera mounting option now the next product. I want to talk about is the gopro backpack lcd touch thing which allows you to view what the gopro sees and also mess around with the settings. Yes.

I know the gopro has wi fi and you can use your smartphone. But honestly it is kind of a hassle em you know you re dropping stuff everywhere. It s too much for me so i went ahead and purchased this it runs 80. Though so a little expensive and one thing to note is if you do have the three plus camera like i have the lcd bacpac will work.

However the backs that come that allow you to use this with the waterproof housing actually don t work yet on the gopro hero 3 plus. Smaller housing. So i don t know maybe email..


The gopro support see if they fixed it they are working on an update and your other option. If you want to buy it now is to either use the camera without the waterproof housing or by the slightly bigger three housing as that will accommodate this backpack thing. The next product that i have here is called the bobber and it s by a company called gopole not gopro go pull yea. They obviously with some clever marketing.

There this is a very cool thing for if you re into snorkeling swimming anything in the water really and you don t want your camera sinking to the bottom. Because not many people want that especially if it s like 30 feet. Deep or something yeah. You don t want that so this is cool.

I used it recently when snorkeling it s very nice its visible. If you drop it it does have a wrist strap as well so you can attach to your wrist. So it won t float off and yeah. It s cool for just you know jumping in the water taking a selfie or filming.

People you can even let it float upside down and film. You as an added bonus. So it runs for about 30 dollars as well. And it s a good thing to have because it protects your camera from glug glug glug sink.

It to the bottom. So check it out now this next product. I have is a backup battery by a company called anchor now it s not really a very necessary thing if you re definitely shooting video and pictures. But if you take time lapses longer than the built in battery allows.

This is a cool thing to have because you can plug it into your camera. Actually and it will give you like 9 hours of extra runtime at least actually i haven t gone over what this thing can do yet because it has so much capacity in it you know i ve only gone like 5 hours. And it still been like fully charged so it i ve never hit the limit of this thing basically it runs you about 35. And if you do like taking time lapse.

Or just used your camera a lot on the go. And you don t have time to charge. It i definitely look into this because it is a cool investment and allows you to charge your camera and also really anything that has a usb charger. While you re on the go now here the next product.

I have is by gopro. It s called the frame and you ve probably heard of it. It s just a cool product to have if you want to use your camera outside of the waterproof housing like if you want to capture better audio or you want a little slightly. Smaller mount or the camera does run kind of hot when it s in the waterproof housing.

So this will allow it to cool down. If your take me like longer time lapses or 4k video stuff like that basically if you want to get better audio or need. A smaller mount or want to use your backpack..


Here. And you re not gonna get the camera wet and don t care about it like breaking this is the thing to go with now the next product. I have here is by gopro and will run you about ten dollars. It is the head mount and guess what it allows you to mount the camera on your head.

Yeah. It s pretty self explanatory. I ve used this to film when i was swimming in the water or just running around and you know wanted that first person view of like you re in a video game you know like the balance is bad. But modern combat you know or modern warfare cod.

You know you get the idea if you really thinking. It s a pretty cheap or you can pick up the updated version for i think nineteen dollars. The next thing is another type of body mount it is the chest mount and this one here actually isn t by gopro. It s by a company called velocity clip.

They re a small little company probably haven t heard of them before but this one will run you about 30 and so far. It s honestly i think a little better than the gopro product because it sits up a little higher on your chest as you can see right here this one will sit up here and the gopro. One is usually actually around your stomach. Which can be a little inconvenient in certain situations.

And it also gives you a better angle as far as where your arms are you know it will give you a better angle and it s stable sturdy yeah. I check this product out also check out the other stuff by velocity clip. They re pretty cool company just starting up supporting guys. I m not getting paid by them or anything.

But i just think they re a cool company the next product. We have is only part of the larger kit that it came in but this is a lens for the camera and it came in the lens and doors kit by gopro this will cost you around 20. But what you get in it is lenz. Which goes over your camera.

If you take it out of the waterproof housing. And it also gives you some backup doors. You know like the camera battery door and the plugin. I don t know what you call that door so in case you lose it you can just replace it.

And you don t have to find some duct tape and put it over or something like that or you could just do that diy guys you know that s the way to go anyways you have twenty dollars for this kid. It s a good bundle of stuff i check it out it s definitely you soon we ll have backup stuff and also to protect your lens with this or another lens cap and the last product. I have here is a very tiny thing. Which looks like a piece of paper or something.

It s actually pretty important though when you go snorkeling or when you re swimming in the water or even. When you re like snowboarding or something that any place where there s moisture. It is a good thing to have these anti fog inserts in your camera..


As they stop your lens from fogging up. And honestly ruining your picture pretty much you know i mean it you could maybe sit salvageable. But it degrades the quality definitely. These are really cheap actually and these ones.

Which are by the accessory pro brand. Me for less than ten dollars for eight of them. Which you can use over and over again just by remaking them in the oven. And though.

I hadn t actually used my gopro underwater before without them i can honestly say that with these in nothing. There was no fogging. No yeah. They did their job basically as what i can say and go probe does make their own version of these.

But these were nine bucks and i was like yeah they they work they re not in a pretty case or anything. But they work and they do their job and they re reusable and that s all you can ask for in a product really and they re cheap. Now that s all the products that i have now that i ve purchased. However if you want to stay up to date with new gopro products or new accessories subscribe there.

I know one thing that i definitely want to get now after going on my vacation is a go poll like one of those long extension. Poles. So you can get that yeah man view and out for our way or you can also get stuff that s a little further away that you can t quite reach. And you can get your camera out there and film it close up.

So yeah subscribe like comment down below. Ask me questions guys i love. Answering your questions on facebook and twitter. If you need to me a little quicker and so there s a little faster and yeah use the links guys that actually if you don t know helps me through amazon associates.

I get a little back of what you spend and you know it helps me do the show helps me do giveaways and helps me you know feed myself i m blessed so i don t have to struggle to get food and honestly. But helps me just you know get a little return for what i all the work. I do so yeah. Thank you guys for watching.

I hope you have a good day. I hope you can help run this video. And that s about it ” ..


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