My experience with Borderlinx… Big surprise!

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“This is mohammed. I m an egyptian living in germany and i m making this this video to talk about my experience with border links both the links is an shopping company. If i may say and they give you two free mailboxes one in the us and another one in the uk and you can use these mailboxes to ship the items you buy online from amazon for example to these mailboxes and then both the links will ship the items collectively to your address in egypt in my case or in germany. Or to any other country.

The attractive feature about border links. Which encouraged me to register online and use the service is that the promised. No surprises regarding..


The shipping costs and the to facilitate this they had a section on the website. Where you can calculate the shipping cost by entering the the weight and the dimensions of the package or the item you re buying online and they which country you re shipping to and they calculate the the the shipping cost. And we calculate the taxes and everything and you have the total shipping cost and ha. They have promised no surprises or at least no big surprises that was not the case with me that was not the case.

I had a very big surprise when i saw the shipping cost they are asking for because it was six times. The shipping cost that i have calculated using the tools on their website. And they have lectured me so many times about the volumetric weight concept..


Which is used by airfreight companies. And i told them that i have used this also i consider this and calculating the the shipping cost of still. It is six times higher at six times dv the cost that i have calculated and when i revise the items with one of the agents of the border links and this is feature it about bottling switches. We have this live chat section.

You can use it to chat with one of the agents. 24 hours and they are very useful and they are very helpful and so i revised with him that the shipment and the items and i discovered that one of the items is has been shipped to border links in a box that is much larger than the original package itself. And this one is actually the one that was causing the problem..


So i simply asked him to remove the shipping box and ship the item to me and its original package or maybe in a smaller package or something to save money. So. He told. Me that both the links used to provide the service before but they have changed their policies and they are not making this again for not making this anymore.

So is this to make more money by shipping larger items or items in larger boxes. And make the client pay so much money and shipping boxes that are useless. And that are going to be thrown away after all i don t think..


This is logic or this is a criteria for a high quality service. So and for me that actually made the whole deal worthless and maybe. It s a waste of money so that s why probably i would not be using the service of border links. Anymore and i thought of sharing this experience.

So it might be useful to other people that they should be aware that there might be big surprises when dealing with both of ” ..

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