My Favorite Disney Shoes

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Not really. But everybody knows that you walk a lot in disneyworld like constantly you walk miles and miles and miles every day that you re there so it s really really important to make sure that you are taking care of your feet. While you re at disneyworld so today i m gonna share with you it some tips when it comes to your footwear as well as i m going to show you what shoes. I like to bring to disney world so let s go ahead and get started okay so first.

I m gonna go ahead. And i m just gonna show you all of the different shoes that i like to bring and that mark alyn will bring i m a little crazy because i like to have options so i have a lot. But i ll should go ahead and show you so my first one is these i got these at target. They re their champion brand.

I believe i got these a few years ago. I ve had them these were my normal just like tennis shoe. This is actually my second pair of these shoes cuz they are the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes. I have ever owned in my life and i spent 30 on them they have like that micro foam or memory foam insole so they re very very cushioned they re super super lightweight which is why i like them i really i m not crazy about shoes that are heavy or clunky so very particular when it comes to tennis shoes.

But these i love and i think they re cute they have a few different patterns. These ones were the ones that i liked the best. But they kind of i don t know they feel a little cuter. I guess more cute with my outfits than just like a normal tennis shoe.

I just you want to be comfortable. But i also like to be cute when i go to the parks cuz. I know we re getting my picture taken so i don t want no like jank any tennis shoes. But you know it s not bad to have d tente issues.

Because sometimes those are the more comfortable once that s more important than fashion. But these guys are definitely a good bargain. But also really really great i remember our these basically the whole week last time and my feet did not get tired or we re hurting our blisters or anything once at all like they were grateful so champion tennis shoes good old target 30 bucks..


I don t think they have these exact ones. But i know that they have some of the same brands. The same kind of shoe. So definitely check those out the other tennis shoes that i am bringing because it is good to have multiple pairs are my nike black nike shoes.

These ones. I like they re not the most comfortable on market ally. They don t have as much arch arch. Support.

So they they do make my feet a little more tired after a bit with my job that i have i wear flats. And i stand on terrible floor. All day long. So honestly it doesn t take much for me to be comfortable.

So i m used to that but with these if you do have a little bit more sensitive feet or you need better arch support. I would not recommend these. But if you just need something that is a nice tennis shoe that s neutral. It s easy very lightweight easy to move around these ones are also really really great all right and number three my don t judge these are a little dirty i need to clean them.

But my adidas i really like these shoes. I got these for christmas because i was really wanting something that wasn t a tennis shoe. But was a tennis shoe that way it would look a little better with like dresses and things just in general not just disney world. But just in general and so i really wanted a pair of these and oh my gosh these things are so comfortable.

I understand why everyone and their mom has these now so these also have the foam insole so they re very very cushioned now when i first got these shoes. They were really really stiff. Because it is a little bit thicker like a leather shoe. So they did take some breaking in but now i have broken them in i ve worn them enough that they re very comfortable.

And i can wear these things all day long. They are a little heavier so if i m wanting something that isn t as heavy. I probably won t end up wearing these. But they re not they re not too bad so these are also a really great shoe option okay and my last shoe that i like to bring these are gonna be an experiment.

I m not totally sure how i m gonna feel about them in disney and i ll tell you why here in a second and that is my chacos now. I do really like these shoes. They re really great and i know a lot of people have the tacos right now they come in all different colors and styles..


And you can customize them and they have different straps and yadda yadda. The they are they do actually have a really really nice arch support. Which is really great for a sandal a lot of sandals have those really terrible like super. Thin like soles of them.

And so they do hurt your feet really bad. But these ones are nice. I ve noticed that with like the the sole of my foot. I ve never had issues with that now let me tell you where i do have a little bit of an issue with this shoe.

And i think it might just be the particular either pair of shoes that i got or the style. I ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about chacos in this aspect. And that is with the toe tightening now when i walk so i ll wear. I m pretty not super loose.

But somewhat loose. But as i m walking and it s bending. It pulls on this strap. And so it slowly will tighten and tighten and tighten around my toe.

And i ve noticed that it s gotten better the more i ve broken them in but it does still do it on occasion so it s bearable. But it can be kind of annoying. So i i probably won t wear these for like a full part today. But maybe like on our travel day.

I ll probably wear it where i know we re only gonna be in the park for a few hours i wear these to the zoo. The other week and i was fine we were only there for a few hours so they re definitely doable they re not terrible. But it s one of those things you kind of have to play by ear. So on that note.

I ll show you mark alyn shoes. So he is also bringing a pair of chocos. However his are a little different than mine. So his are not they don t have the little toe strap his just have the band which that s why i told him to get this one was so that hopefully it wouldn t tighten on his foot and not at all and he said that he has had no problems with that he will honestly probably wear these as much as he can because he does not like to wear tennis shoes.

But these are the ones that he is bringing the straps nut. It doesn t have the double strap. It s just that thicker band..


Which is nice so he said it ll tighten a little bit. But it s not like it doesn t bother him at all so that s number one pair of shoe for him the second pair of shoes. That he is going to be bringing. He also has a pair of the same nikes as me he has the boy version and his are gray.

So those are gonna be his main pair of tennis shoes. That he s gonna bring. He has a pair of old red nikes that he has had forever that he ll probably bring his a backup pair. But like i said honestly he loves those chocos and he will probably wear those most of the time okay so that is all of the shoes that we are bringing on our trip.

Those are my recommendations like i said probably my number one shoe is gonna be these champion tennis shoes from target. They re just super comfortable. But what i will probably be wearing the most is my adidas because they re cute and they re still really comfortable. Then honestly.

That s one of those things i just kind of play it by ear. And see what i m feeling like for the day. But those are all the shoes that i that mark allen and i are bringing. But let me give you a few more tips on how you can take care of your feet.

While you re in walt disney world first of all make sure your shoes are super broken. Do not bring a new pair of tennis shoes or any other type of shoe to disney world. If you do not have them well broken in if you do make sure you re not wearing them the entire day so that you can avoid blisters or rub spots. But if you do end up getting some rub spots that brings me to tip number two and that is to bring some moleskin you can find it at walgreens or the drugstore or anything.

It s basically just like an adhesive pad that has like kind of a softer like fabric on one side you can stick them to your shoe. I ve also seen people like stick them to their foot. Which i mean you do you but usually you can just stick them on your shoe cut out a little piece and put it where it s rubbing you and that s just gonna help soften that so it s not it doesn t give you blisters quite as bad. I always recommend maybe doing something like a zoo day or walk around the park for a while just to kind of test out your shoes before you go to kind of be able to identify where those rub spots might be so you can plan ahead.

But definitely bring some of that mole skin with you now if you do get some blisters. Another really good way to kind of help with that is to bring waterproof band aids. Now a lot of people will put just like band aids on blisters that s just kind of a normal thing. But if you get the waterproof ones.

They re gonna stick a lot better because you will be sweating. You re gonna be moving around you might be one going on water rides it might rain there s lots of opportunities that you will probably get a little wet and you re bent a normal old band aid band aid will probably fall off fairly quickly. But those waterproof ones those suckers..


Me and they just stay on so good they do not come on so think about getting some of those just to throw a couple in your park bag that way if you get halfway through and you re like man. This is really hurting stick a bandaid on there you ll be fine another really good tip to think about is to bring some good socks with you now i know there s all kinds of cute socks and whatever and people wear all kinds of stuff. But honestly if you get a good pair of athletic like almost like workout socks to wear in your tennis shoes. They re gonna give you better arch support.

They re gonna be better a lot of them are kind of like a dry fit soft anyway. Which is great because your feet are gonna get hot and sweaty and those are just a really good investment to have for it those days walking around you re gonna feel better. It s just gonna the they re just they re better for you just take my word for it they re they re better to have i do have some no show ones. Which are really nice they re still the athletic kind of build they re the dry fit whatever i think they re adidas brand or something.

But there s lots of different ones that you can find. But those are really nice so that i don t have socks kind of being bulky out of my shoes. But i still get the comfort of them so there s lots of different options they re basically just kind of look up and or go to the sports store and kind of see what what you re liking okay and my last tip for you guys is to think about changing your shoes halfway through the day. It honestly will make your feet a lot better even if you re changing from tennis shoe to tennis shoe.

Just having something that s a little bit different insole. A little bit different materials. Something that s dry changing that up is going to make your feet feel much better versus wearing the same pair of shoes for the entire day. Now you can definitely do that and that s fine.

But and sometimes you don t have that option to be able to get all the way back to your resort change shoes and then go back and that s okay too. But if you do find yourself at your hotel at some point in the day think about just slip them on a different pair of shoes you re gonna feel much much better alrighty guys so that is my tips on how to take care of your little toesies when it comes to walking around at walt disney. World. What are your guys s favorite shoes.

That you love to bring to the parks are they do you use any of the same kinds that i do or do you stuff. That s totally different please let me know down in the comments below and if you liked this video and found it helpful. Please do give this a big ol thumbs up and if you like me please do consider subscribing. If you are not already and make sure you hit that little bell notification next to the subscribe button that way you re notified every time.

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